Abrams Confirmed To Direct Star Trek XI – Expected To Be Out Christmas 2008

For weeks TrekMovie.com has been telling you not to believe everything you hear and to be patient…well now that patience has paid off. According to the Hollywood Reporter J.J. Abrams finalized his deal to direct Star Trek XI on Friday. TrekMovie.com also learned earlier this week that Paramount have slated Christmas 2008 for the release of Star Trek XI. It is also likely that Abrams and the studio have agreed on a script. When we last spoke to him, Abrams told TrekMovie.com that his decision to direct would not be made until the script was finalized and he felt he was the right man for the job. The director deal is one of the last steps before an official greenlight and it may be that this has happened as well.

One Man’s Vision
Star Trek XI will be Abrams second time in the directors chair after Mission: Impossible III, which was the film that got Paramount’s attention focused on Abrams. When Paramount CEO Brad Grey signed Abrams to a multi-picture deal last summer he described JJ as ‘a triple threat’. Apparently for Trek XI he is going to make good on that, acting as (co-)Producer, (co-)Writer and Director. One of the reasons Abrams chose Paramount over other studios courting him was because Paramount had something no other studio had…Star Trek. It was Abrams clout with the studio that got them to bring the somewhat troubled franchise back to the front burner and this deal shows that he plans to see it through all the way. It is worth noting that Abrams’ deal with Paramount gives him final cut. Past Trek films have often suffered from too many cooks and corporate interference. It appears that for Star Trek XI we will see how the franchise can be handled by a new team (Lindelof, Burk, Orci, Kurtzman, Chambliss, etc) with a leader with a clear vision.  

…oh and about the plot
The brief article in the trade paper also repeats the summary of the film first reported in Variety almost a year ago: "a young James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, chronicling their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and their first space mission." It is unclear if Hollywood Reporter is confirming this or just repeating Variety’s summary. TrekMovie.com have been told that the film will jump around time within Kirk’s life and may include scenes at the Academy (and earlier) but will also deal with events later in Kirk’s life like (such as his time on the USS Farragut and possibly his first mission in the USS Enterprise).  

It is too late to get any more info out of Paramount, but next week TrekMovie.com should have more on the next steps for Star Trek’s return to the big screen 

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Hell yeah first one to comment!!!!

Come on was there any really doubt if Abram was going to direct or not? I bet the studio wanted a big name director and producer to be involve with this project and that is probably one reason Abram was able to get this project. I can still kind of see Matt Damon playing Kirk.

Wow, Its really going to happen!!!!! I think I am starting to get excited now!!!

Oh, yeah baby!! Let the Trekfest begin!! If it’s great, then a fresh reboot. If, by chance, it’s not, c’est la vie!! (I love that line from STIII!)

Excellent news…behind every revolution, there’s one man with a vision! :)

Still not excited about the Prequel….

But, if his script is going to be used, I’m glad he’s directing it.

I was really excited about there being the possibility of another Star Trek feature film, but I got even more excited when I heard that J.J. Abrams might direct. I have been hoping for months that he would, and now the day has finally come. I couldn’t be more excited and it is so awesome to know that this bold new vision of Star Trek finally has its captain. J.J., you are the man!

Good news. I’m encouraged by a lot of what I’ve heard so far, and kind of like the idea of “jumping around” chronologically. That could be done lots of ways, from a few flashback scenes to an all-out “Citizen Kirk” format. The latter, actually, might be the only way that Shatner as the older Kirk could make sense without stretching cheesiness to the breaking point. Either way, I’m glad Trek is finally going forward by returning to the core (Kirk, Spock), and that it’s apparently in solid, professional hands rather than the last gasp of the TV franchise.

Awesome news! I look forward to all the details we can expect to leak in the coming months! Trek really IS back!!!

Star Trek XI will own you.

Captain Kirk and Mister Spock are back Baby, let the merchandising commence.

I think in honor of this glorious news I’m going to bust out the K’tinga model and work on it some more.

Now we just need to get those corporate bastards at RC2 Ertl to renew their AMT Trek model license instead of CANCELLING it as was recently announced, the peice of shit corporate hacks.

Why don’t some of you guys send them an E-mail? The AMT Trek model property has been a staple of model shops for 30 plus years, and now on the fricking EVE of a new Trek film, and the resurgent Remastered series, these redneck, farm machine loving trisby 21 chromosome lacking inbreds in redneck middle America cancel the Trek property to focus on Nascar. Nascar.

I’m perturbed to the Nth degree.

I am not at all excited by the new movie, but I will join Josh T. in being perturbed by Nascar.

It’s just like comfort food Stanky, I’m 33, and all of my life regardless of where I was or what I was doing, I could always go into a hobby shop and grab an AMT Trek model kit. To non-modelers I guess it isn’t a big deal but, it’s the principle of the thing. NOW they cancel the damn thing.

These morons need to go on Ebay 5 minutes and see what AMT Trek kits are going for, such is the HIGH demand.

It’s about time! I was beginning to get worried. Let hope casting news will follow soon…

Has JJ Abrams directed any GOOD movies? MI:3 was a cheesy action flick, yes?

And, if they really are going with the young Kirk/Spock pre-quel story, whomever they get to play Kirk will have his work cut out for him, as has already been said. I’d give that actor – Damon, or whomever – a one-in-ten shot at not delivering an insta-camp performance.

I can almost hear Damon slipping into that great Boston accent of his, whilst serving up his best honey-cue-ad She-atna.

P.S. – Nascar sucks.

Glad to finally get some actual news about XI rather than romur and speculation. It’s nice to see JJ will be directing the film, it means his vision is what we’ll get to see.
Now all we need is an official green light from Paramount and a cast list.
It’s truely a good time to be a Trek fan.
In fact for a change its a good time to be a SF fan with the amount of good Sf around these days.
Live Long and Prosper.

Also just checked out both startrek.com and trektoday niether have this news up yet.
Trekmovie.com rules.

I’ll be excited by this when the script gets out, until then its just another Berman/ Braga co production to me

Hey Lois Lane!
Like rapist, triple only has ONE “p”.

Young Kirk and Spock,FFS!! this is utter crap

Abrams is the chosen one, the chosen one, the chosen one… :-P

see the movie first, then decide wether or not you think its crap…

Which is great…IF the Movie proves to be great.

Lets just hope he can deliver an E-P-I-C come Christmas 2008 with a hopefully excellent cast, very high production values, and a satisfyingly involving storyline…. And a strong soundtrack score as inventive as the late great Jerry Goldsmith’s for the first Star Trek Movie would be welcome too.

“Past Trek films have often suffered from too many cooks and corporate inteferance.”

This passage is the key one for me because it’s very true. Unlike Lucas’s Star Wars, Trek has suffered at times from a lack of one single individual who could proclaim “the buck stops here”. – – Thanks, as always, Anthony for the info.

As an original 1966 Trekker…this news is exciting if Shatner, Nimoy and any references to the old Star Fleet Academy acquaintences are utilized (Gary Lockwood (MITCHELL), Bruce Mars (FINNEGAN), Shirley Bonne (RUTH). I hate it when writers start inventing too many new characters. Tie in known Trek canon and weave a story into the characters that has some references to the original personalities of these established characters.
It is funny to have loved this show for better than 40 years and it just keeps going and going. A great association.
I’m proud to be a TREKKER dammit!

You can all bet that Trek XI will be just as corporate as the others. Abrams on board simply means some more creative leeway for a known quantity in the director’s chair. I really hope that this gives our show a longer-term future, i.e. back on TV, where it belongs. By the way, I have yet to see anyone call the film “Star Trek XI: LOST in Space” (groan), so I guess I have just done it.

re 17

The thing about MI III, is that the franchise was chopped up with the first two movies. Abrams actually brought back the feel and character of the original series. I sat through that movie and said, “now this is more like it!”

I also thought he brought a nice balance between character and action. I think he “gets it”. Star Trek is in good hands.


I’m delighted at this news. This will hopefully be the fresh start that Trek’s been needing since the late 80s (it was mostly downhill after STIV:TVH in my opinion!)

And as for the model kits . . . let’s not get too steamed up. With a resurgent Trek franchise, someone’s guaranteed to pick up the licence. I’ve bought the old model kits before and they’ve been in the shop for so long that they’ve warped (excuse the pun!!) into uselessness!

I guess cast and crew announcements will be turning up in the next coupla months.

Exciting times! :)

I think this is great news. MI: III was a solid, enjoyable action flick, and considering it was his feature film debut as a director, proved he can cut it in the “big leagues.”

And say what you will about where Alias and Lost started to unravel, the pilots, which I think he directed, were taut, intriguing and fun enough to launch two hit series.

I just hope we don’t see anybody tied to a chair and tortured in ST:XI. I begin to fear JJ has a bit of a bondage fetish…

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s a bad idea! It’s stinks worst than my 3 week old under pants! I hoped and prayed that this would never happen! I think I want to cry!

People in Hollywood must be on drugs or least need to be on some kind mental health watch for there own safety.

For Gods sakes don’t do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is true Star Trek is dead :( :( :( :(

Im beginning to wonder if people who can’t live without Lost or think MI 3 was a academy award winning movie are going to follow Trek XI no matter what. Granted Abrams is Paramount golden boy (the only asset they have left to make any money).
If this film looks like nothing but space battles and things that blow up or things we’ve seen in past trek films or a script that nobody even the writers know whats going on. Its just going to be the same utter garbage. I would think people were a little more smarter than that..
Im beginning to wonder if your not a fan of the mans work will people bother?
I’ll bother if a trailer looks halfway decent and not a MI 3 ripoff.

Craig – Trek is dead now (at least new Trek) so what do we have to lose by giving J. J. a try? I think this is the only way to give the franchise some much needed “buzz” otherwise if it was an unknown team or the same old bland Berman-Trek then I would envision a bigger box office failure than Nemisis.

“these redneck, farm machine loving trisby 21 chromosome lacking inbreds in redneck middle America cancel the Trek property to focus on Nascar. Nascar.”

Don’t mince words, tell us what you really think about those of us who also enjoy NASCAR :)

I’m certain that those ‘inbreds’ would have something cute to say about Trek fans, the assumed locations of their bedrooms and preferred form of coffee, worrying about the digital recreation of nacelle caps from a 40 year old television series… LOL

/Can’t we all just accept that not everyone is a Trek fan?

I’m glad Abrams and Paramount finally came around to see my way of doing things(humor).I ‘m glad Abrams is doing it all.That way we’ll get a clear vision.It shows he’s passionate.Considering that fact that there are so many muddleheaded ideas about where Trek should go(too many cooks spoiling the pot) makes it all the more important that just one man see a singular vision through.Gentlemen…may the wind be at your backs.

Glad this has been cleared up. Christmas is a good time to release a movie – Rick Berman was right about there being room for Nemesis at Christmas, but unfortunately Nemesis was piss poor and no one wanted to see it. If XI is good people will see it – oh and no Lord of the Rings this time.

Of course, although not ‘inbred’, I will acknowledge suffering from being one generation removed from a Middle America family that was providing food to our ‘betters’ on the coasts, the child of a career military officer who became the first head of NASA’s Astronaut training program (1958) and the Mercury project lead r/d officer, was born in “the South” (VA), and is a professional civil engineer in her own right.

Historically, it’s also quite cool that the same man is directing two movie franchises that are based on TV shows that were “sister” series at Desilu over forty years ago. What are the chances of THAT?


Nor, a “Harry Potter” movie coming out shortly before.


Hadn’t thought about that… only needs a “Mannix: The Motion Picture” to make it a trifecta! :)

I’m disappointed. I was really hoping for a “director” to helm the movie. Once again, as in the past, a TREK film is being lead by television personnel, actors and novelist, and not people with cinematic sensibilities. 11 movies and only one director–Robert Wise, leading the charge. I was hoping the new film would get away from the TV series look and feel. Not going to happen with Abrams at the helm. He’s just not a stylist. Good luck!

Now the announcements will be coming faster re;the creative team….Anybody else think Abrams is gonna make his buddy ,Tom Cruise,our next Spock?I’m expecting it.I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t happen.

It doesn’t matter, what the release date will be. There is always big competition in the winter season. But for now, Harry Potter 6 will be released on the 21th of november, enough time until christmas…

Did you not see M:I:III? Very well done, and that whole Vatican sequence was a great piece of “cinema”, I thought.

What do you expect? Neither Spielberg nor Oliver Stone will ever direct a Star Trek movie, sorry.

As for “TV people” directing movies, let me remind you that Richard Donner directed Gilligan’s Island before his movie career.

Confirmed? Suddenly, I can’t wait! Bring it on!

I don’t know, Mike, that is a such a bad thing.

ST:TMP was like throwing food to a starving population. I’ll acknowledge that — perhaps — some of the disappointment in the production was simply the production capabilities of the time, the on-again/off-again nature of Phase II and the need to (from a budget standpoint) reuse a LOT of the set design and costuming (into which, RW would otherwise have been able to provide his directorial input), and the dust-ups with RA&Assoc., rather than a ‘movie’ director’s ability to carry the franchise from the small screen to the large. But, I can also see that the TNG movies were, for the most part (I exclude FC), great episodes of the TNG, but not great ‘movies’.

Perhaps we are also part of the problem, however. IMHO, we do create ( through our own expectations) some of the limitations through our legitimate insistence (some would say obsession) on established canon. It is going to be the rare director who is going to be able to bring ‘sweeping’ movie Trek if there is going to be our “looking over his shoulder”.

Jackson did well with bringing fans of LOTR into the fold, and made a better product of LOTR than might have otherwise have been from another director, but, then again, aside from animation (or quasi-animation, iirc), there hadn’t been a TV/film version of LOTR against which to establish an expectation. He also had a s_it-load of funding from TWO studios, years to put the work together, and was far enough removed from the H’wood ‘suit’ establishment to put his mark on the production.

And, I don’t know the comparison between the number of hard-core “Trek” fans versus hard-core “LOTR” fans. Too, LOTR: FOTR also benefiting from coming out right after (within months) an event when people wanted to see something about ordinary people (Hobbits: the most-easily relatable of the characters in Middle Earth, by design from JRRT)initial struggle against a faceless malevolence.


This is certainly exciting news! Abrams knows exactly what he’s doing and seems to have solid ideas for Trek XI. I cannot wait!