Paradise Syndrome Remastered Airs Today

Kirk goes native after not reading the warning label on an alien device and gets his memory wiped. Meanwhile Spock and the crew shoot at a big rock

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Well this 3rd season episode is an aquired taste, but has it’s moments. For CBS-D after doing a series of big episodes this one looks like a bit of a rest for them. Expect …

  • A few Enterprise shots
  • An asteroid for the big E to shoot at (with deflectors and phasers)

…thats about it

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thats about it.

What about . . .

Surely the biggest story of the day?


The original “Memory Beam” effect is pretty “dirty”. Though quick, perhaps we may see some “cleaning” of the effect.

I guess the preview answers the only ‘big’ question about this episode: Is the asteroid stock footage of the Yonada asteroid or not? Not. Yay.

It’s strange, isn’t it? The weekend of an intimate, small-scale Trek re-issue sees the announcement of an epic new Kirk film!

Talk about contrasts!!!!

Compared to last week this is what I expected as far as changes made. Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot this was going to be on. Last week should have been more of a rest as well.

Everybody calls this a “small scale” episode, but it seems to me it was probably one of the most “cinematic” and “epic” of all the TOS episodes. It had location filming, dozens of extras, lots of costumes, special Enterprise effects shots with the asteroid, plus they constructed a whole Native-American village and a large obelisk in the middle of the woods. Compared to the other third season episodes, this one looks like “War and Peace”.

#8 steve

I agree that this episode enjoyed a lot of production values that most 3rd season episodes lacked. And if you look at the design of the obelisk, it really looks like a centuries-old structure. Great art direction from a very talented and overworked crew.

I think the reason the show feels “small scale” is due to its dramatic shortcomings. The story doesn’t stick to the ribs like the “great” episodes of the series. You had a lot of potential here for compelling drama (Kirk subconsciously wants out of Starfleet, he marries and impregnates a local girl, Spock loses his mind and breaks most of the Enterprise’s systems, Scotty is talking to imaginary friends in Engineering, etc.) but instead you got a poorly executed script that misses the mark all too often.

There are a couple of memorable moments (Spock’s comment after the Vulcan mind fusion being my favorite) but this episode is unfortunately goofy in too many spots to make a lasting impression.


I have to admit that this is one of my favorites of the series, even with the flaws you mention. I think it “reached” a lot farther than most of the other episodes did. And despite the dramatic shortcomings, you gotta admit to being a little misty-eyed at that ending!

Re:#8 and #9:

In my opinion:

Yes, Paradise Syndrome is goofy and has plenty of embarassing moments (Remember Kirk/Shatner hugging himself while stating “I have found Paradise!” and of course “I am Kirok”- a forerunner of “Khan!!!!!!!!!!””) and an overall overdramatic, maudlin script that provides such ammunition for those who dismiss Star Trek as folly.
But for this Star Trek fan, I can see past that and I really like this episode. A months long epic (a very unusual time frame for the series) a great love affair, a sad death, and even a deflector beam (which I hope is made even cooler in the remastered). And has also been pointed out also, a great musical score.
Let us all behold the god who bleeds, Captain James T. Kirk.

It’s just good. I don’t analyze why.

“My bairns! My poor bairns!”

#8 I couldn’t agree more. This is a great episode! It’s one of my favorites. I don’t understand why so many people overlook episodes like this one and “Friday’s Child.” These are major undertakings and have great stories. Flawed yes, but so are all the other episodes.

The only “bad” thing about this episode is Shatner overacting even more than usual. Maybe CBS Digital could edit out the worst of it and cut the “I am Kirok” lines. –Oh, and that last part was is a joke; so please no comments on how that would comparable to murder and the like.

#2 & #5
Look below. Anthony already posted about Abram’s directing

I suppose if the remaster team had done some CGI work to enhance the Griffith Park long shot sequences, we’d have seen them by now. That would be the only other area I would have thought they may put effort into. As it stands, the initial view of the village before Kirk looses his mind is serviceable.

re: 14. EBAR

I tend to overlook those few instances where Shatner overracts because he is so good and believable most of the time in the series.

OK so now to be a heretic here, I always found this episode to be boring and a bit racist: “space Indians” played quite sterotypically by, of course, non-native actors. Most of the actors I believe were of Italian descent!

Now I will make the disclaimer I that I haven’t watched this episode is many years because I found it lame, so I will be rewatching it tonight for the first time in years, and I will keep an open mind, the comments you all put forth may help shed new light on the episode for me.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for this one. Yes, it is pretty much as dopey as most third-season shows, and the condescending treatment accorded the “innocent natives” makes DANCES WITH WOLVES look like Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. But it is truly epic in its timeframe for a TOS episode, the musical score is wonderful, the FX serviceable, and the ending quite moving in spite of all the dramatic missteps and stilted line readings. This could easily have been a signature episode of the series had the talents of the screenwriter been up to the task of telling this story as it should have been told, but even though it falls far short of its potential, in the context of a season with disappointingly few moments (let alone episodes) that stand the test of time, I’ll take it.

“an aquired taste”, wow Matt, pretty strong stuff!

This is a top 30 episode for sure.

It did what every good 3rd season episode did which was get away from ‘Kirk vs the Computer’ or ‘Violate the Prime Directive on this planet’. A really good, off beat and imaginative story that was pretty powerful at the end. Only Edith Keeler was loved more by Capt James T. Kirk!

I’d like to hear the back story on how this episode was produced. With tight third-season budgets, they squeezed this episode through! Location shooting and big special effects… they must have borrowed from Peter to pay Paul (or was it the other way around)? :-) When I first saw this episode in the 1960’s, I was excited about the storyline. How would Kirk and company solve the problem? When the conclusion hit, I was saddened at the death of Miramanee. Very touching. It’s still hard for me to watch that ending.

Its currently being pre-empted on WDKY in the Lexington, Kentucky market by a program- length automobile dealership commercial.

I am *very* unhappy.

#22 ugh how lame

Yeah I am on the phone right now, rounding up people to march over there with pitchforks and torches.


If Dances With Wolves taught us that people were named after their most prominent trait, then instead of being called Kirok, why wasn’t Shatner’s behaviour recognized and acknowledged, with him being referred to as Flaps Gums With Vigour?

One question kids,
If CBS digital has to have ALL of the first season episodes ready for DVD release at the end of the year, why are they wasting time on 3rd season rubbish?

To my mind, the first season rocks the most and deserves the MOST attention to detail. The only redeeming factor about the 3rd season is that most of the effects weren’t too bad.

25… Or… Slaps On Mutton Chops with Gum.

#24 steve623 “march over there with pitchforks and torches.”

I’m with ya! and with you in the viewing area – – I must now wait till Midnight to see it on KWGN Denver (DISH).
There may have been a technical problem involved. The program guide shows 5:00pm Trek showing today as it does next Saturday on WDKY.

yeah Greg I remembered we are in the same viewing area so I figured you’d be about as happy as I was. I don’t have dish so i’ll have to try and rememebr to record it next Sunday at 4 in the morning or whenever it is they reair the show (and hope they don’t preempt it then too.


It’s a love story..bookended with Enterprise drama, like the core of City on the Edge of Forever. Not as well written but it has good bones, no pun intended.

I would have liked for the final shot, as the U.S.S. Enterprise leaves orbit, a homage to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and have the ship go into the “rainbow” warp effect.

Too bad they don’t have the time and budget to fix the sunshine in the sky.

Certainly one of the better third season episodes, IMO.

There is a HUGE error on the new special effects – Miramanee speaks of the “blue flame” that must come from the obelisk…and in the original it was blue – but now it’s RED!!!! How could they have screwed up – this is no joke like the “Consolation”…

It was yellow in orginal ( not blue ).

#29 steve623 – “i’ll have to try and rememebr to record it next Sunday at 4 in the morning or whenever it is they reair the show”

Yep, I’m with ya. KWGN does a fine job but they promo other things during the closing credits. WDKY lets them run through. Technically WDKY repeats are 4:00am “Monday” mornings but I still think of it as late Sunday night.
TiVo – – it’s the only way to go with these early morning hours.

Arrghhhh!!! The bug finally hit here! Pre-empted by high school wrestling on Omaha’s channel 15. Now I have to wait until tomorrow at 11 a.m when they will air it. OH NO! Chruch. Well, the blizzard that is moving through may save my butt-lol!

I’m travelling across country in my motorhome and I’m in a place now where I can’t pick up these remasters. What’s worse is that this episode is one of my favorites. Sigh….

Anyway, I hope someone puts up the FX video soon so I can see what I’m missing.

For the rest of you lucky people, enjoy tonight’s episode and don’t drool too much over Miramaniee! (And remember she probably in her late sixties or early seventies now anyway! hahahaha)

Mike :o

Salish is an A-hole. Shatner playing grab-ass with Miramanee You got to love our captain!!! Effects looked very nice. Although I’m tired of the stock phaser fire shot.

#25 How about “Dances with Wigs”?

I missed out on this one today. My wife was adopting her Indian name “Swims with Dolphins” for her birthday. Just call me “Forks out Money”. I’ll look for the repeat which should air here next Sunday.

Hmm… Red beam hits asteroid (remastered) or blue beam hits giant McNugget (TOS)… a dilemma – I tend to side with continuity though.

Sabrina Scharf plays Miramanee

“Originally started her career as a Playboy Bunny – later went on to become a California State Senator.”

Miramanee says blue flame comes out of the temple, the original beam was blue, and now it’s red. For those who consider TOS-R changes canon, good luck sorting this one out! They better change it back to blue on the DVD or it’ll be an anti-revisionist talking point for years: “This proves they ignore the script and do whatever they think looks cool!”

#38 How about “Dead Rat Glued On Head”?

On a further note…Sabrina Scharf went on to become a State Senator?? Hey,… what the f#%k! What’s next, Lindsay Lohan becoming a diplomat for the U.N.? Paris Hilton as a brain surgeon? The mind reels…

Ummm , Kirkosabee.

Big rock in sky coming….

Well, we are talking about California here after all.

yep, that’s Sabrina, sans luxurious onyx doo. I think she had a better deal with Kirk. In both cases, it appears she got stoned.

Good thing they didn’t get married or it’d be MiramaneeKirok. How’s that for a mantra for your daily chanting; MiramaneeKirok, MiramaneeKirok, MiramaneeKirok…..hmm, not bad compared to some.

Go ahead, try to get it out of your head now!

“Behold the god who bleeds! ” Who said gods can’t bleed, Salish?
Can’t wait to see if the blue flame is red. Hard to see how this one got by the Trek experts at CBS/Paramount.
Let’s see if the fly buzzing around Shatner is edited out by the CGI wizards! “It’s a simple technique…goes way back…”

They better change that red beam back to blue or I’m going to tell Mom!

#48 “the fly buzzing around Shatner”.

Now why do you suppose that was happening? What are they attracted to again? Hey, I love his acting, but still…