“The Paradise Syndrome” Screenshots and Video

Kirk goes native in all its’ remastered glory!


FX Video


New and Old

Orbiting Amerind
Approaching the asteroid
The asteroid on the viewscreen
The Enterprise tries to deflect the asteroid
The Enterprise in front of the asteroid
Firing at the asteroid
Phasers hitting the asteroid
The obelisk fires its deflector beam
Sucessfully deflecting the asteroid
Leaving orbit


Assorted Shots

The trio enjoy the tranquility

Kirk’s memory is zapped

The lovely Miramanee

Salish — The former medicine man

‘Kirok’ and Miramanee

I am Kirok!

Spock mind-melds with Kirk

A last tender moment with Miramanee

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Looks very impressive. I love the shot of the deflector beam coming from the Enterprise.

Looks pretty cool! I think that picture of the obolisk deflector and it hitting the asteroid look nice. Someone mentioned though the line in the ep that refers to it as a “blue flame”… eh can’t wait to see the vid!

Looks like another home run from CBS-D!!! Great work guys!!!!

“Looks pretty cool! I think that picture of the obolisk deflector and it hitting the asteroid look nice. Someone mentioned though the line in the ep that refers to it as a “blue flame”… eh can’t wait to see the vid!”

Those damned color blind natives! ;-)

#3 This is a HUGE mistake made by CBS Digital. The deflector beam from the obelisk should be blue! This is just shoddy work . . . simply inexcusable.

I hope they correct it for the DVD release.

Way to go Okuda. How did he screw this one up?

Is it just me, or did they remix the theme to tone down the singer?

I have a problem with the word “inexcusable” in your post.
Someone made a mistake on the level of not examining dialogue and how it compares to FX. I cannot recall too many instances where dialogue describes an effect such as this, thus a mistake was made. It’s on par with McCoy saying “Jim, my phaser shoots a red beam”. It doesn’t happen often.
Note the word “mistake”. It’s human error, someone will hear about it at CBS D and something will decided.
I think they’ve done fine work overall despite a steep learning curve.

It is an excusable mistake, after all the bragging they do about how they check things.

re: 9. Xai
I agree. Well said.

Here we go… another “R” contoversy. This will dominate the thread

thanks Stanky

10. Chris, how’s things in your perfect world?
Are you saying excusable or inexcusable?… your sentence conflicts what I think you intended.
You are excused.


Absolutely magnificent and I didn’t have to sit through a Dennis Bailey diatribe to watch the show, or see the lovely shots.

We need one of those “blue” asteroid deflector things for that big rock moving into earth’s neighborhood in 2036.
Wal-mart got them?

#15 Mysterious… this was a screenshots and video article, not a review. Perhaps you should volunteer to Anthony to be a reviewer?

I can make a blue flame come out… wanna see?

Re: 16
I hope Chris is there in 2036 to let them know if the deflector beam is the wrong color. :)

Hah! They did it! The beam came from the dish!
It’s canon now!

Now I ain’t gotta spend 2-3 paragraphs breaking the scene down whenever someone says the old Enterprise never did that trick.

#19 Stanky… no doubt, Someone has to be sure things go perfektly.

I’ll likely not care by then, I might be dead or in a retirement home muttering to the nurse..”I am Kirokkkkkk!… wanna see my blue flame? I learned it from CmdrR before he set his pants on fire.”

Like I said I think it looks cool but I wonder/hope they fix the color for the DVD release(or future airings like the mirror mirror shot) but I guess if they don’t I guess maybe it was just a higher/stronger setting….like the green stun, red kill.

I’m wondering? Why again did the phaser fire blow out the warp drive?

Yes, they have to change the beam from red back to blue before this goes any further than this broadcast. We can all make mistakes, but it is not OK, in my opinion, to just let it go and not correct it. THAT would be inexcusable. The script clearly says blue flame, so c’mon. Change it.
Other than that a very good job, CBS.

Fantastic episode, absolutely fantastic.

The Enterprise appeared gallant and majestic as she should.

The asteroid appeared threatening and sinister.

Miramanee had some smoking ass hot legs.

Salish got owned.

Kirok had some funky Elvis sideburns.

That’s all.

Red? I saw Sky Blue Pink.

Actually, the simulated appearance of the particle beam weapon emanating from the Preserver shrine/temple oscillated between the narrow band ultraviolet and infrared spectrums facilitating a rather curious phenomenon within the realm of human rod/cone cognitive perception.

The annihilation of free hydrogen atoms contributed to the faux red appearance when in actuality the weapon was blue.

Additionally, you may conviently adjust the tint on your primitive 21st century viewing device in order to promote a more acceptable and satisfactory visual perception.


thanks matt, five times over

Looks like the red/blue beam is actually ok, there is an additional scene cut for syndication that shows the color selection…. the team tried to make the new shot fit with the tech of the day :-)


Matt, Dude you are a god. Much more so than Kirock. Any way, I was kinda hoping for a shot of the asteroid realy dwarfing the E. Spock said it was the size of earths moon but I didnt really get a sense that it was anywere near that big with the angles thay chose. Other than that. Great episode.

Whatever became of the actress that portrayed Miramanee?

It seems she essentially fell off the face of the planet after her tenure on Trek.

I understand they needed to leave quickly to stop the asteroid, but shouldn’t spock have left a search party if they knew they were coming back in “a few hours”?

Matt, you are my kinda guy.

Re: the blue/red ‘flame’ – I think this is the first thing the CBS folks have done that I consider a genuine “ooops” moment. IIRC ‘Mirror Mirror’ had a misplaced shot that didn’t belong, that I think was described as an editing mistake rather than an effects mistake. They changed the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ shot ASAP, and I hope they will change the deflector beam shots. My gut says they will, if for no other reason than taking pride in their work.

And I am still pissed that DKY preempted the show for effin’ infomercials.

The edits were particularly brutal on this occasion, some key dialogue and dramatic moments were edited that disrupted the narrative a bit too much.

Ex. When Salish forces Miramanee to join Kirk on the platform and Kirk attempts to push her away fearing for her safety.

Also, I don’t recall the mentioning of Miramanee being preggers?

Got give mad love to CBS-D on this one… I’m not sure if you noticed but on the side view of the E as she fires deflectors… you can see interior features through the lower hull windows. Very very nice touch.

It is an odd mistake, but maybe when an asteroid or something bad is very far away, it’s blue and the closer an object gets before it’s shot out of the sky or moved it heads towards red, so this color corresponds to the energy level it needs to move it out of orbit, thirty minutes later and it would have been a red beam. I think the phrase, hanging a lantern on it comes to mind here.

I think the best news is CBS-D actually listens to fans and tries and fix their mistakes, the warp shot in “Mirror, Mirror” comes to mind, they screwed up and fixed it.

It’s also possible that the guy doing the effects was color blind, or there was a color correction issue. Perhaps a blue beam didn’t have enough contrast to it.

Of course, the fact it’s blue in the original and not in the update is puzzling maybe they wanted a visual way to make it look different from the phaser effects.

Either way, shots look cool, legs look great and it seems shatner finally found a way to keep his hair on outdoors, with the use of a headband.

It seems the much commented upon rear engine domes were far more illuminated on this occasion as well

As the beam looses power over time, it changes color from orange/red to blue. This takes 100’s of years. Therefore Tribal Chief et al would have come to accept the blue flame. Spock’s correction restored the obelisk to full power, hence the orange/red fully charged flame.

To all those who are “explaining, ” via scientific or other reasons, (some tongue in cheek, some apparently serious) why the beam is not blue in the remastering:

They are all exercises in rationalization. C’mon. CBS forgot (or perhaps never knew?) that the script said the beam was blue. Does anyone really think the CBS guys had all these scientific light waves, stun/full force color settings, human perception variables etc, in mind when they made it a different color? They screwed up, (but otherwise did great work) and hopefully they’ll fix it. The only human cognitive perception variables that I see at work is the defense mechanism of rationalization in such some comments. I hope we can get them to undo their error (I imagine it won’t be so hard to fix) and not explain it away.

So, um? Why did the warp drive get burnt out?

A red “blue” beam? On all of the shows I’ve worked on, a bunch of us (production staff, tech staff, etc.) gather for a Q.C. screening – quality control, where arguments over individual frames are not uncommon.

And nobody at CBS-D caught this? Invite five people (at random) from this board to the QC… they’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.

It’s just another example of “rushed.” This whole dang thing is rushed. And cheap. And I know TV wants it now, and wants it cheap, but damn it, this is Star Trek, one of the all-time great TV franchises, and for whatever reason — to get “another bite at the apple”, (or another byte at “The Apple”, for that matter), whatever harebrained moneymaking bottom line is driving this ship is in serious danger of jeopardizing the credibility of the project.

Anthony – is your site compiling a “master list” of “Things CBS-D has promised to fix for future airings or the DVD release?” Shouldn’t the need to compile such a list be a very serious warning that things are getting a little off track?

The red beam looks so powerful coming from the Oblisk. I really hope they don’t change it. That shot of it glowing as hot as the sun when it hits the asteroid looks stunning.

Arguing “OMG the color of the beam is wrong!” “It’s inexcusable that they didn’t change the ‘R’ to a ‘T’ on that headstone!” makes one sound exactly like the kind of anal retentive fan that Shatner spoofed in his famous “Get a life!” skit.

Oh, nice work by CBS this week. The enterprise continues to look exceptionally nice and the asteroid was well done.

It all looks good to me.
I’ve read loads of comments over the weeks about the ball whatsits at the back of the tube thingies being too big / small / dark / light or whatever was said, but looking at the original version of “Approaching the asteroid” shot above, it doesn’t have any at all. Can’t get smaller than that.

Anyway, I think they’re vastly improving what was there before. The effects always made me cringe on the original series.

A non-fanatic.