Academy Remembers James Doohan

At the 79th Academy Awards James Doohan was among those who were remembered during the ‘in memoriam’ section of the show. Doohan got a bit of special treatment as his brief segment was the only one with any dialog.

Doohan actually passed away in 2005 which makes the appearance seem a little late. Doohan’s son Chris tells he actually contacted the Academy after the 2006 telecast and they were told that there just wasn’t time to get Doohan added. But Chris was pleased that his father got honored and even noted how it was the only one with dialog. "I’m glad they did it, and they made up for it in a good way," said Doohan. The original Scotty is also being remembered by the the town of Linlithgow, Scotland (aka ‘the future birthplace of ‘Scotty’). Plans are being drawn up for a memorial at a local museum (story). Chris Doohan tells TrekMovie that the family are planning on providing some items to help out.

Thanks to youtube member trexxvrrrm for the clip.  

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It’s a shame they couldn’t retroactively add DeForest Kelley to the list, since they forgot in the telecast after he died.

Well, we all knew him as “Scotty” through the make believe world of TV ,but without knowing him personally one can plainly see how James Doohan’s goodness came across in the character He created.

I had the chance to meet him in 1994 in Miami. He was very entertaining and such a nice guy.

It was a touching tribute and really an honor that his stood out as the only one with dialogue.

I agree, it was SHOCKING when the Academy forgot DeForest Kelley. I couldnt believe that gaff.

What an incredible life Doohan had. WWII and D-Day (where he lost a finger — which I’d never have known if he didn’t reveal it on stage) to Trek… and not a few pubs along the way. I only met him once at a Trek convention, didn’t really get the chance to talk. Others said he kept people up late telling tales at the bar. Wish I had been there.

they didn’t forget. I seem to remember them showing DeForest Kelley that. year. I remember because his image seemed to have got a bigger response than the others that passed.

I met James Doohan at a convention once. He was the only one of the original actors that I’ve met, who genuinely seemed interested in meeting the fans. I toast to him. (raises glass)

Missing DeForest Kelley was just about unforgiveable. Long before Trek he was a film actor during the heydey of the studio system, so his connection’s to Hollywood’s past alone should have warranted his inclusion.

There was another one or two tributes that included dialog IIRC, but Jimmy’s was the most prominent. I wonder how he’d appreciate having to share it with Bill Shatner?

Kirk – “Thank You Mr. Scott.”
Scotty – “Aye Admirrral”

Ross, not only didn’t they honor him at the Oscars that year, but they missed him at the Emmys, as well.

Pike: He didn’t share it with Shatner; he shared it with Captain Kirk. By all accounts, Doohan admired Kirk a great deal. ;)

I was so happy to see James Doohan on screen… and hearing him speak,,, WOW! That was so sweet to see.

As for DeForest.. no… he wasn’t mentioned at the Oscars the year he died, which was a shame. I’m sure the academy receieved complaints about that, and kept that in mind when James Doohan passed away.

Do I ever miss that man.

Re: #9

You’re right.

They also had an audio clip of Darren McGavin (“Kolchak: The Night Stalker”) from “A Christmas Story” when he said, “It’s a leg!” :)

He, too, was a very talented and memorable actor.

Thats terrible about Kelley not getting a mention. Thank god Doohan got one though, he seemed like a great guy

I was at the “Fan Appreciation” special Grand Opening of Star Trek: The Experience and was in the first group of fans to officially go through, and actually got to go through it a couple of hours earlier with a bunch of Paramount execs who had probably never seen an episode of Trek. At one point I was a few feet away from James Doohan playing a slot machine. Sadly, he looked pretty out of it – slow to respond to people when they talked to him. At the time I said to some of the people with me, “I don’t think Scotty should go on the ride.” He was a cool guy, and it was sad to see him like that.

Wow, even the applause sounds pretentious. I strongly dislike Hollywood.

“There was another one or two tributes that included dialog IIRC, but Jimmy’s was the most prominent. I wonder how he’d appreciate having to share it with Bill Shatner?”

Actually, William Shatner and James Doohan are the first and last TOS actors to share screen time in the Star Trek movies.

Scotty was always a favorite. I got to go to the 1976 “Star Trek America” con as a kid [mom and dad rocked!] and thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

My most vivid memory of the show came when I happened upon Doohan trying to make his escape from some signing or other (poor man probably had to take a leak) and stutteringly asked to take his picture. I fumbled around in a panic trying to attach a fresh “MagicCube” to my gigantic Polaroid. He stood there waiting… and waiting… and waiting… till finally he’d had enough and burst out “Kid are you gonna take the picture or not??” I pushed the shutter just before he turned and fled.

No flash. I prayed to the trek gods that something would come out anyway. And it did, sort of. I was both thrilled at crossing paths with my hero and devestated at the thought of having ticked him off. I’m sure it was all vastly exaggerated in my tiny ten-year-old brain, but made for a good trekkie tale as “the day I pissed off Scotty.”

Ah those were the days…

Mister Scott is just wandering around the cosmos fixing things for Pakleds and technology impaired species using the borrowed shuttlecraft from the Enterprise D which he pimped out to enable him to NEVER need layover time.

Here’s to ya Laddie’.

Thank you James

Yes–great to see Jimmy, but it was a real bummer that De was overlooked. In fact, last year when Jimmy was passed over with seemingly enough time to be added, I just thought they had it in for Trek. Now I see it’s just Academy carelessness from one year to another–or an old out-of-touch bias that they don’t “get” how beloved these guys are.

18. That was funny as hell!

We met Doohan at a convention back in the early 90’s when he was still quite spry and animated. True class act and a gent.

RIP, Jimmy!

The Oscars may have forgotten DeForest Kelley but the Emmy did not. At least one award show got it right. :)

It was a nice little tribute

And Sherry Lansing was very instrumental in getting Trek to the Screen

So was Star Wars

Hearing shatners voice for a second when I watched this on TV, sent a brief shuuder down my spine, until it became obvious it was a Scotty tribute. It was only 0.6 seconds, but for an android almost a lifetime.

I could have swore I saw De Kelley honored at the oscars. I swear I did. I’m not sure I know what everyone is talking about.

“He’s really not dead, so long as we remember him.” – McCoy, Star Trek II

Had the awesome fortune to meet him twice. Got my picture taken the second time, and he autographed one of my books.. *sigh* :)

Definite favorite, too bad Trek actors are overlooked during these memorials. I remember getting really upset about that Mr. Doohan was not mentioned that year.. I seem to remember writing an email and actually getting a response. couldn’t quite get into any award shows after that.

Just don’t like it when people don’t get proper credit, you know?

I definitely remember a tribute to De on an awards show. Maybe it was the emmys.

A new memorial museum is planned at Linlithgow:

“The tribute … will feature Doohan’s original Star Trek costume,
personal items donated by his family and a specially-built
scale model of the Starship Enterprise.”

(“It is believed [D.C.] Fontana chose the town as Scotty’s birthplace
after enjoying a holiday in the area in the early days of the series.”)