Star Trek Auction Update: Week 10 new record for an item on the It’s a Wrap auctions was set when the Spock Space Suit from Star Trek: TMP sold for $ 10,100, almost $ 4,000 more than the Captain Kirk Commando uniform from Star Trek V sold for two weeks ago. Apparently the buyer wasn’t worried about the fact that there was a hole cut in the helmet and had no boots.This week’s total was $67,605, up from the dismal previous week total of $ 45,155. I am sure It’s a Wrap was hoping for some plug during the Star Trek special on the History Channel, but unfortunately (or fortunately for us bidders) it didn’t get mentioned. 17 items sold for over $ 1,000, but 64 items went for under $ 500. That is a big disparity and reflects an overall poor product mix. Last week was a poor week as well, and next week the auctions look down right awful.

Surprising prices
I think the absolute worse buy I have seen so far was the Warp Plasma Regulator for $ 3,050. This means TWO people thought this was worth over $ 3,000! Give me a break! It is a hunk of metal and not even a significant prop. The winner was a relative newbie to these auctions too.
$3050 for this? female Off Duty Tunic and Pants was also a surprise at $ 3,000. It is similar to the Lt. Ilia costume in Star Trek:TMP and may have been made for Star Trek: Phase Two. However, it has no rank insignia or Starfleet badge. I think it is way over priced at this level.

The Chekov Uniform Jumpsuit went for $2,700. It is a nice piece but it seems it may not have gotten on screen. If anyone can find a screen cap, let me know. None the less, a nice piece. I really think the better ST:TMP costumes are WAY underrated.

The Star Trek: TMP Security Armor was a great piece at a good price. It will be interesting to see if another pops up. The Sulu Class C uniform from ST:TMP went for $2,551 which was considerably more than the $ 1,600 it went for at Christie’s. In addition, the Christie’s version had the built in boots, which this version did not.


Alec’s Awards of the Week:
Best Item of the Week: Spock Space Suit – yeah it cost $ 10,000, but kind of iconic.

Best Buy of the week: The Star Trek:TMP Security Uniform at $1,533 is a great deal.

Worst Buy of the week: Warp Engine Plasma Regulator at $3,050 for a simple prop is INSANE.

Sleeper of the Week: 24th Century Style hand Lamp at $ 860. A beautiful prop at a reasonable price.


Week 11 Preview…not so good

OK this week is pretty lame. It is the worst week yet as far as selection of good items goes, and there are no hero costumes. Only a few good items at all, but some bargains to be had in main actor stunt and civilian costumes as well as guest costumes. Now, I am not complaining. I need some time off. My Satan’s Robot and Admiral Janeway costumes arrived Saturday. Both beautiful, but they were not cheap, and so breathing room is most welcome.

There are only a few costumes of note this week. The highest priced costume right now is the Star Trek III Vulcan musician’s costume, which is actually quiet nice. One like it sold a few weeks ago for $ 1,325. I think it is a good piece that will display well, and at a reasonable price. I think overall, the good values in these auctions are in the $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 price range, where you can pick up nice costumes that will display well, and hold their value.

I think the best costume in the lot is the Star Trek: TMP female cadet jumpsuit. I really like these, and they display very well. I have two on display, my Kirk and my Decker. I think this is well worth $ 1,000 -$ 1,200 if you can get it at that price.

The Admiral Jameson costume was another that did not hit reserve when it was on auction a few weeks ago. It failed to hit reserve at $ 725 and so is up again. At least It’s a Wrap has started to use reserves sparingly. My guess, based on the previous high bid, and the Admiral top that went for $ 600 a few weeks ago, is that this is about the price this one will go for. Without pants, I don’t think it is as attractive. If I were to win a piece like this, I think it would be best to either find the pants, or have some made to go with it, then I think it will look sharp.

The Trip Tucker costume is pretty boring and already over $ 500. Not sure about that one. Yeah it is Trip, but pretty boring. I think much higher and it is a bad deal.

The Picard Racquetball costume is pretty fascinating. I think any Picard costume will be attractive. This is the type of costume that will look best on a mannequin.


Where are the bargains in the costume selection? at the Enterprise Klingon Costume, which I think could be a steal. Basically this is the predecessor to the Klingon costumes we all have come to love. A nice item which will probably go well under $ 1,000, so very affordable.

The Klingon Augment costume is a beautiful piece! It is made of a leather look material with beautiful accents. If I didn’t have so many costumes to display already I might go for it. I think this is a great deal in the $ 600-800 range

How about the Harry Kim baby costume from "The Thaw"? Kinda cute, and if you have a kid you can dress him up for his or her first Hallwoeen in a real Star Trek costume!


As far as props go:

The high item now is the Enterprise Medical Supply Containers from Phlox’s sick bay. These are already over $ 400, but I like them. I think they make a cool display with the Star Fleet graphics on them.
The Half an Enterprise Missle, actually a Torpedo, is quite nice. The last one went for $ 1,503 the first week of January. I think it would look great mounted on a wall.

TheVoyager Ping Pong Set is pretty cool. How about playing Ping Pong with an actual Star Trek prop! Right now it is less than $ 200.

This is a good week for bargains I think. Pay attention to the items currently under $200, especially the costumes. This is the week for you collectors on a budget (or with a wife!), as you can get some beautiful costumes at reasonable prices I think.

 Click here to see the full list of week 11 items on Auction 

For more check out Alec’s Trek Auctions Blog

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Some of it’s fun. But, FUN, not investment level acquisitions. It would be nice if they’d keep the prices within reason. Let them gain value over decades, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Those medical supply containers are hilarious. I spotted them in the background of the show…looks like the set decorator went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, bought some silver food storage cannisters, and slapped stickers on them. See item second from the right here:

Still sucks Paramount is getting rid of this stuff, and I agree about the TMP uniforms being underrated.

Another excellent roundup, Mr. Peters. I really enjoy your contributions to the site. And I was stunned when such a cypher of a prop like that plasma regulator thing went for over three grand. Yikes.

Jeff… that would be the ‘beyond’ part.

Maaaaaannnnn….let my stick my gooseneck into this!

Get your facts straight! That Ilia costume is the off duty costume the Illia probe wore! There never was a Starfleet badge on that one! GEEEZ!!!! It was not created for ST:Phase II. Every time you say something is from ST:Phase II it’s not. Damn.

Only screen tests were shot for P2…and in those they either wore TOS uniforms or some Logan’s Run City of Domes citizen-looking costumes.

Do you need someone to verify your stuff before you post it? I would gladly volunteer my services. LOL

WOW Gooseneck, quite the anger I see. Chill out. If you are going to go ballistic, at least quote me correctly. I said:

“It is similar to the Lt. Ilia costume in Star Trek:TMP and may have been made for Star Trek: Phase Two”.

You obviously didn’t read the auction description. That costume was NOT worn by Persis Khambatta nor was it made for her. If so, it would have had tags as such. It did not. Read the description of the auction. You just saw the photo and made conclusions that are wrong. If it doesn’t have tags, it has no provenance, and cannot be assigned to anyone.

I also said it MAY have been for Phase 2. No one knows for sure. You certainly don’t. And if you saw the Christie’s auction catalog, you would see that there were a bunch of costumes made for Phase 2 and some of them were believed to be used in TMP. Many were similar to TOS costumes and some were similar to TMP costumes.

Do you need someone to edit your posts for civility? I will gladly volunteer my services.


Sauce for the gooseneck!

Game, set and match to Mr. Peters

well said steve

You people are so stuffy. Are you a bunch of humorless Engineer types?

Lighten up.

True, I did point out the that costume was NOT from Phase 2 (because it clearly wasn’t). Maybe it wasn’t but keep in mind, more than one costume is created for a character per scene. Maybe Persis Khambatta didn’t wear this one…maybe it was an extra? Maybe it’s fake! LOL But did anyone notice the “LOL” at the end of the post? That means what I was saying was said in a playful way.

Don’t get your goosenecks all bent outta shape!


And I was serious about helping with the research. I wasn’t being snide.

“Sauce for the gooseneck! ”

ROTFLMAO!!! THAT, my friend, was FUNNY!!!! But, erm…you forgot the “™”


*waves hand over keyboard, hears the weird 60’s sound effect, and leaves to return another time*



I am in the process of creating a Star Trek Props message board that should be up by this weekend. Great place to discuss these things then Gooseneck. It will be a resource i hope to share info and such.

As far as Stargazer goes, no, I haven’t heard a word, but that will be a keeper!


Look forward to it, Alec! :-)


I have a STII photo screensaver of Terrell and Chekhov wearing the TMP space suits. It looks like they just wore shoes, the legs of the costume acting as spats. So maybe there aren’t boots, just shoes?

There were boots in the long shots though, of them (or whoever was in the suits) walking through the planet set toward the Botany Bay site.