G4 — Attack of the Show’s “The Loop” on Trek XI

Our buddy Kelvington captured today’s The Loop and there was a little segment on how geeks David Ewalt from Forbes.com, Eddie Schmidt producer of "This Film Is Not Yet Rated", Peter Grumbine author of "Giant", and AOTS host Kevin feel J.J. Abrams will do, talk of the casting rumors, and more. Click on to see.


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These guys are hacks

These guys and their inane observations are why TV rots your brain. There is nothing sadder than someone trying to be clever who is not. Several minutes of talking but nothing said. To quote Worf speaking to K’Ehleyr, “There are those who speak much but say little.”

Why would a young Khan be in the film? Sheesh!

To quote Spock’s Brain “brain, brain, what is brain?” Well there’s no chance of finding any there.

Wow, who are these chuckleheads? I wish I could get paid to spout inane crap on TV. Where do I sign up for that gig?

> “Can Star Trek be saved?”

Can G4 be saved??

Say, A.P., have you got any video (or audio) from Wondercon?

Can I go off-topic now?

Scroll back down to the “Academy Remembers James Doohan” story
and see comment 34 … Wait, I’ll save you the trouble and repeat it here:

A memorial is planned to open this summer at Linlithgow,
the town DC Fontana chose as Scotty’s birthplace:
“The tribute … will feature Doohan’s original Star Trek costume,
personal items donated by his family and a specially-built
scale model of the Starship Enterprise.” (Click link for details)

These guys obviously weren’t serious. I don’t think they realize that women are a bigger percentage of the audience than men historically.

#7 – he doesn’t count geeky women as “real” women.

Hey there is a saying… Any press is good press. Word will spread and this is what we want.


Matt you did watch the video? Maybe you forgot
the part that “Still Kirok” was talking about.

(Quoting the video)
“Would Matt Damon actually be a draw for you though,
if you heard that he’s in it, he’s playin’ it?”
“Naw, I think he’s gonna be a draw to … I don’t know
if they’re tryin’ to really actually get women in to see it
for a change, if that’s a marketing angle they’re gonna
dip their toe into, and that may be behind that …”

“Still Kirok” claims “women are a bigger percentage of the” [Star Trek]
“audience than men historically.” I see that there are some references
purporting to support that claim, but I don’t see proof.

S.K., would you go so far as to claim that women would
outnumber men in an audience breakdown for ANY of the
past Trek movies?

Ladies and gentlemen, everything that is wrong with Hollywood, right up on a short clip.

What a bunch of choads.

Are you aware that it was the women demographic that spearheaded the campaign to get TOS that 3rd season and stopped the cancelation? I’m not talking about G4, I’m talking about Star Trek. The geeks in their parents’ basement thing is a stereotype. Women showed up to the early conventions and organized them.

Even as I was capturing the video, the Khan thing really, really bugged me. Even a casual viewer knows Khan’s back story, it just shows their ignorance when people say stuff they really believe but are totally wrong.

As much as I have loved ZDTV and even TechTV, G4 has strained my tolerance to the limit. They day they fire Morgan, I delete the channel from the guide.

These guys are the poster boys for birth control!

Don’t forget that unproduced second season episode of “Enterprise” where Archer found the Botany Bay, revived the young Khan, fought him, put him back in suspended animation, and then never mentioned it to anybody. ;)

Honestly, they should make a Captain Pike movie. Show the Enterprise being built and why it was built in the style it was chosen to be in compared to the Archer Enterprise. Sure Kirk and Spock are the best but how can you replace their charactors with new actor’s? I love Star trek but I think it’s time to get away from the charactors we love and move on to the loose ends that need to be tied up, and why not start with Captain Pike.

Hate to be picky but if the movie was about the launch of the Big E it’s captain would be Robert April, not Pike.

never heard of Robert April…. hmmm

Still think the way forward for Trek is to actually go forward, not back i mean the moto is to “Go Boldly Where noone/man has gone before” not GO BACK!!! argh

Anthony, I see one of my comments for this post was erased. Were you offended by my crack about Fox News? Are you affiliated with them?