Trek XI Still Has No Name – Still Not An ‘Academy Movie’

One thing is fairly certain, it is unlikely that Star Trek XI will actually be titled "Star Trek XI" when it hits theaters on Christmas Day 2008. Some have speculated that Paramount have already picked the simple name "Star Trek", which is how the film is listed at Box Office Mojo. has confirmed this is not the title and that no title has been selected. "That will be a big decision that will go through a lot of debate," said a studio source. The suggestion of the simple "Star Trek" however does seem to be picking up more and more support amongst fans. One issue is how Paramount plan on marketing the film as a new and different kind of Trek film. Perhaps Paramount may take a page from Bond and Batman (the next film to be titled "The Dark Knight") and not even us "Star Trek" in the title at all. It is certainly something to debate. 

and again with the Academy thing
Since last August has been reporting that Star Trek XI will not be an ‘Academy Movie.’ The rumor started last April when it was mentioned in Variety, and came back to life when the Hollywood Reporter lifted Variety’s description of ‘a young James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock, chronicling their first meeting at Starfleet Academy and their first space mission’ for their article confirming Abrams directing deal. still stand by our many previous stories saying the film will cover the ground before and between the Academy and Kirk’s time on the Enterprise (and possibly on the Enterprise). IGN are now reporting the same thing. Possibly they realized that their rumor about 30 and 40 something actors playing Kirk, Spock and McCoy wouldn’t add up if it were an Academy movie. IGN states a source claiming the film will focus on Kirk and Spock’s ‘first adventure’ which is similar to the rumor we reported last August that the film would focus on Kirk’s ‘first mission on the Enterprise.’ However has also reported that the film will have scenes before that time (possibly as flashbacks) including Kirk’s time on the Farragut as a lieutenant and as early as Kirk before the Academy in Iowa. IGN is also reporting that McCoy will have a lesser role in the film, something can confirm. In addition to being the first site to report McCoy would be in the film, we have also reported the film will include Pike, Scotty, Capt. Garrovick and George Kirk. As more reports and details emerge, the will be reported here. 

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first ?

Not using “Star Trek” in the title might be appropriate since it will not be.

Reading these speculative reports you can certainly get the impression that the character of Gary Mitchell (Ron Livingston?? — a casting rumor started early here at may either be a minor one or ignored altogether. The writers probably regard him as a stumbling block between the Kirk/Spock relationship. I certainly hope not, we already know how important Mitchell was to Kirk personally/professionally.

Personally, I like just “STAR TREK”. Or maybe:

“To Boldly Go…”
“The Final Frontier” would have been great.

#2 **sigh**

In any event, I don’t care what it’s called just so long as it is good.

They tried that with Enterprise. It didn’t work. If the name Star Trek is seen as a detriment, they shouldn’t make the movie. That said, I would think it will have those words in the title. They need to embrace Star Trek, not hide from it.

*off key* Star Trekkinnng, across the universe…

Star Trek: Electric Boogaloo! Yes!

If it’s Kirk’s first mission, how about:

Star Trek: Shakedown
Star Trek: Captaincy

# 2 You should not be on this site if you are just going to be so negative toward this movie. After all the site name is trekmovie if you don’t think the movie will be Trek why be here? I think the title needs to have Star Trek in it as always. I think if they can’t come up with a very simple very catchy movie title they need to just call it Star Trek… Sounds great and better than something like “the early years” or “first mission”


Ignoring the history of Mitchell and Piper, or advancing Kirk and Spock’s relationship beyond what we see in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” would be a mistake. The market may want Kirk/Spock/McCoy but if they’re going to claim to respect canon they’d best not undermine the premise of one of the best episodes of the series.

They need to make a film that’s good and successful enough to start a new franchise, and a sequel can get into post-TOS/pre-TMP territory, where this new film series could park itself indefinitely.

Ok the perfect titles should be…
Star Trek – The Adventure Begins

Which will shorten down to ST-TAB which will be ahead of ST-TOS.

Of course the film’s title should be Star Trek XI – The Apology.

This is also is not a place where anyone involved with the film will come to look for titles so why bother. Not only is is a waste of time, but the suggestions are horrible. I mean, Star trek: Shakedown??? What is this a video game or a film?


to #14 Shakedown as in “shakedown cruise.”

14 It’ll be both. Of course.
Any short, sweet title will do. There’s nothing magical about “Batman Begins,” which is a truly great film. There’s nothing inherantly wrong with “Superman Returns,” which is a bloated excuse for showing the six-figure super suit more than the actor.
Must Trek XI respect canon? No, not if it’s good.
Must Trek XI be all things to all people? No, not if it’s good.
Must Trek XI obey its own rules while tipping its fedora to TOS? Yes, most likely.
But folks, let’s let JJ have his shot. Don’t put magnetic boots on the man. If he’s ready to Boldly Go Where No Trek Has Gone Before… great. Let’s beam on and go with him.
Let’s show support as fans, until and unless he blows it.

“Star Trek: Shakedown” (PG) – Money-hungry Paramount executives visit a Star Trek convention with new and improved copies of all ten feature films.

Star Trek: “Insert funny subtitle here”

To #16… No kidding. I understood the reference to “shakedown cruise..” It’s still a terrible title for any film, including a Star Trek film. I just thank the gods that you’re not involved in the creative process. Now, in the immortal words of the Shat, Get a Life! Have you ever kissed a girl?

I like the title someone jokingly suggested on here the other day, “Star Trek: Lost in Space”. :D

Seriously, I think “Star Trek” would do fine. This film looks like it’s going back to the franchise’s roots, so why not reflect that in the title? No suffix is necessary.

STAR TREK: It can’t be as bad as Nemesis.

STAR TREK: You might as well see it since there’s no Orlando Bloom Movie Opening this Weekend.

STAR TREK: It’s this or ReRuns of Voyager….

STAR TREK: NOW 99.9% Berman-Free

To # 17. I’m not speaking ill of the film before it even gets made. I have an open mind. I’m all for giving Abrams and his team a shot. I’m thrilled to see what they come up with. I was referring to the people how post here, coming up with uninspired titles and ideas for what the film “should” be about. Star Trek 11 should be about what JJ Abrams wants it to be about. It should be the movie he wants to make. And nothing more.

23 – Agreed. JJ is carrying the mantel Roddenberry forged. What he does with it… We’ll see in less than 20 months. OH Crap, I have to live with Voyager for 20 months? Please, somebody remaster some TOS episodes. Oh, they are.

It needs to be called Star Trek!!!!

What about Star Trek: The Beginning? I know it’s simple and I get the feeling that’s been mentioned before here but…that’s basically what it is – a back to basics approach, in the vein of what Batman Begins and Casino Royale have done for reinventing franchises. Not to the detriment of Enterprise or Capt. Pike, of course, but Kirk is where it all really began and captured our hearts and minds in ’66…

Oh, and d’you think there’s room for Finnegan and his practical jokes in XI? Just an idea…

How about simply STAR TREK: CHAPTER ONE? If it’s to be the start of a trilogy, maybe even more, than wouldn’t this suffice? If we’re lucky enough to get four or five films out of this, then have it segue over to WNMHGB, why not have it be Chapters 1 through 5, like the beginning of a good series of books a la the Hornblower series?

How about just “STAR TREK”, as others have suggested.

STAR TREK: THE BEGINNING has a certain charm. Easy taglines include “Go Boldly”, “The Beginning of the Final Frontier”, “The Voyages Begin”, “The Mission Begins”…

#20- Rick, if you don’t like my suggestion that’s fine. An opinion is just that-an opinion. But there’s no reason to hurl insults.
(And I’ve been married for almost 18 years.)

How about….

STAR TREK – Rebooted
STAR TREk – Reloaded (sure I’ve seen that somewhere before)
STAR TREK – The End (if it’s a pants film)
STAR TREK – A Brand New Day
STAR TREK – No Bloody A B C or D

All the above to be taken with a large tongue in cheek please :)

I think that a simple title of perhaps STAR TREK will do very nicely, thank you.

How about “Star Trek: Finally Cutting Canon Loose to Make a Better Movie?”

I’d see that Trek film!

How about we let the filmmaker decide what HE wants to call HIS movie? Personally, all of these suggestions are terrible, pedestrian, and adolescent at best. Whatever next Star Trek movie is, it’s JJ Abram’s picture. Just chill out and let the man and his screenwriter’s worry about all of this. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to pay to park your fat ass into the movie theatre seat and watch. If you think you have a grand idea, or title for Star Trek, become a filmmaker and pitch your idea to Paramount like all the other filmmakers in Hollywood.

And as much as I like Mr. Frakes as an actor and director, I really hope we do not end up with something like Thunderbirds as a ST XI

Hey, #32, how much do you charge to cross your bridges?

You’re not getting it. Star Trek has moved on from you. As it should. It’s time for Trek to dump the aging fanboys and worry about new fans. If the original show could start out with zero fans and build fandom as we know it, then a new Trek can and should strive to do the same. Fans didn’t make the last movie, in fact the fans have NEVER made a Trek movie. Nor will upset fanboys break this movie. Only bad writing will. Your time is over. You have your DVD’s, your novels and so on. Move on to something new. Trek has.

Enterprise didn’t fail, in any way shape or form, because it didn’t have “Star Trek” in the title. It failed due to piss poor writing and the sameness and blandness of Berman Trek. Had they started with “Star Trek” in the title, the outcome would’ve only been different in that we wouldn’t be wasting time talking about how eight letters can make a difference as to whether a show or movie can succeed without them.

“Star Trek” will certainly be in the title.

And I’m hanging with:

“Star Trek: You Can’t Kill It With A Stick!”

I wouldn’t worry to much about it at this point. I’m assuming the title will flow out of the major plotline.

Star trek: Lord Garth Rising…formerly of Izor. Anything else would be Lies!!! Alll Lies!!!

“Wagon Train To The Stars”

i wonder what kind of look the movie will have? uniforms, technology, gadgets… THE BIG E….
i doubt they’ll have the same uniforms as TOS. what about the bridge of the Enterprise? could they possibly just go with a bunch of lighted buttons?

as far as canon is concerned, they can ignore Enterprise. that whole series was a complete waste.

nice job braga/berman.

I don’t know about you guys but seriously concidered Hypnotism in order to forget the original Star Wars Trilogy because I was finding it so difficult to see Ewan Mcgregor as a much younger Obi-Wan… how am I supposed to cope with a different Kirk thats almost the same age as the TOS Kirk?

I hate to sound superficial but I’m really looking to see just what the art direction is going to be on this film.
How close to the original is it going to be,and are the uniforms going to be reminiscent of”Where No man has Gone Before”?

I guess “Trek XI” will be something like “Captain Horatio Hornblower”…

My suggestion: KIRK AND SPOCK

Make it a trilogy and concentrate each film on one of the big three characters.

1. Star Trek: Kirk
2. Star Trek: Spock
3. Star Trek: McCoy

Close enough titles. In fact, who really cares about the title? If its a good movie they can call it Star Trek: Projectile Vomiting and people will still go see it.

tag line – “The Adventure Begins…Again!”
Simply Star Trek in big bold font and maybe substitute the “a” in Star for the uniform insignia.


I prefer STAR TRACK.

And they should change Spock’s name to Doctor Spock.

Then everyone will always get the names correct.


re: 11. Aaron R – March 2, 2007

“# 2 You should not be on this site if you are just going to be so negative toward this movie.”

Well, I have to have something to do since there is no new remastered episode or articles this week.

And you should be embracing my comment if you are a true proponent of IDIC. ;)