“Space Seed” Remastered Re-airs This Weekend

In case you haven’t seen it yet (or heck it is a classic TOS episode, watch it again!) "Space Seed" is being repeated this weekend. Here is a cool new video "side by side" comparison made by community member "Spockboy".

TrekMovie.com Space Seed coverage: PREVIEW  |  VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS  |  REVIEW 

StarTrek.com have also added a new Space Seed shot to their gallery


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Thanks for sharing that with us Spockboy!

Yes, thanks! I always enjoy these side-by-side comparisons. My first was over at Trekenhanced.com

Yes, kudos to Spockboy for this great comparison. It shows how faithful the remaster was to the original shots while opening up their composition and complexity.

The remastering on this ep was well done. The Enterprise looked great and the Botany Bay is a masterpiece. And it still has Ricardo Montalban ! (He’s still kickin’ — doing great voiceovers for Taco Bell commercials.)

Fun to see. Thanks, Spockboy!

Looks great! I am very impressed. Been TiVoing the eps and enjoy what they have done.



Thanks…as was said before, I too like these side by side views.

I am not offender or threatened by the Remastered episodes. Really, why shoudl anyone be. I look at is as the millenial version…the Original 1960s versiosn will never disappear.

Just enjoy or ignore them…but don’t get overly emotional over it.

Spockboy… Thank. Of all the bloggers we have encountered in our travels, you’re the most hhumman…

Nice job – thanks. And it confirms what I said earlier about the color of the Enterprise; you can easily see the white vs. grey in the side by side comparison.

I’d still like to know how the late 20th century achieved artificial gravity…
yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

Marta wil dance for Spockboy for his welcome contribution!!!


Awesome video. This episode, while light on the FX shots, proved what CBS-D can do with choice camera angles to give “weight” and mass to the Big E. I love the shot where the SS Botany Bay is discarded. The Enterprise looks mighty sexy, if you don’t mind my saying. A little innovation by CBS-D went a long way with this particular episode.

And now I dream of JJ Abrams accepting the Enteprise in its classic form…

I haven’t seen Space Seed remasteredt yet .but Im looking forward to it It. looks really good. I may not agree with all the shots all the time but I do like that they give at least some effort with the Remasters.

I know this might be a shameless plug but I did this wallpaper of the remasters.


Looks really good


Just a thought — too bad CBS Digital is doing so many episodes all at once, and not taking their time to perfect the work. Sure, it’s better than it was, but this episode — with the poorly lit/detailed Botany Bay — is an example.

I hope Tholian Web isn’t too rushed!

In an ideal world, Richard Taylor of WETA Workshop would’ve built a miniature, and WETA Digital would have done the CGI!

Hint, Hint, J.J. Abrams :)

I love the remasters and am thrilled to see the redone special effects, but it is starting to jump out at me that for the most part, the 1960’s effects were pretty darn good. There were some bad effects in TOS at times, but in perspective the overall quality was terrific for the period and budget available.

You do realize it was not their intention to clean up the special effects so much so that it would look perfect.

As they stated for then once, they want to clean it up only a point, but not enough to make it look exactly like the clean and crisp CGI of 2007.

It still has to flow between the live action shots and the new CGI.

The above response was for Poster number 15, Sybok.

I’d love to see this done every week! :D

#7 Major C
I don’t think it’s your place to tell someone what or what not to get “overly emotional over” anything. If someone’s liking this… wonderful.

Thanks Spockboy.

Any TOS Remastered DVD release should include side by side and multi angle comparisons like this.

Does Any1 know when the UK will get the Remasted editions? The Sci Fi channel here are advertising the Remasted series but after watching a couple of episodes they seem to be the old effects.

Ok….I know this off the subject of Space Seed but could someone please post the TNG teaser – promo – trailer (whatever it was?) that was attached
to Star Trek III? At least I think it was Star Trek III…I looked under youtube.com
with no luck so any help would be appreciated. Have a nice day.

When I look at these comparisons, I can’t help but feel that some TOS episodes still look better with their original 1960’s effects. I especially like the color and lighting of the original Enterprise, and still find the remastered version a bit disappointing.

Mike :o

Long live Spock… and Quark!

^ Matt Wright —

Thanks for the instruction on the post-production process. I really enjoy reading from men in the television and motion picture industry here. Dom is another working tradesman and he also contributes much of value.

Thanks and thanks again!

Olde Timey.

Thanks alot for the positive feedback guys.
I very much appreciate it, and was happy to do it.
That being said, I am now very encouraged to do another one.

Which one should I do next?

# 25: the trailer for TNG was on Star Trek 4.

Good stuff Spockboy.

Next one 3 words, The Doomsday Machine!
Got your work cut out for you on that bad boy!

Hmm for some reason I get buffering on stuff from LiveVideo but I don’t on YouTube.

But that’s a minor niggle on my part.


I still can’t find the teaser for Star Trek (The Next Generation) as it was shown on Star Trek IV – (Thanks Demode!) does anyone have a link to that classic clip? I’d sure love to see it. Thanks a lot and enjoy your day – week.
Pedro…..:Up In Smoke – How long have you been in Mexico? A week…a day?
Cop…..Well….what was it? A week or a day….Pedro….A weekday. Sweet!

Post 24

Hi Craig, I think The Sci Fi channel in the UK is just advertising Star trek as remastered because they cleaned up the film some what from the original. I don’t think has been cleaned up to the extent the new remastered project has been nor is something that could one day been shown in Hi Def unlike the current remastered in syndication in the states.

I do hope they or another UK channel do snap up the new version of the show as I would love to see it sometime soon. While we wait though we always have the kind folk on this site to show us in the UK what’s happening with this project.

Another e-opened can of worms. Yes, it is “lighter”, but white? Nope! If it snowed that color outside I’d seriously be worried that the world was coming to an end!

It is a tall order, but can you do “The Doomsday Machine?”

Forgive me, I sometimes expect too much of you.

Thats wicked thank you!!

#34 – Maybe it’s your monitor? :-)

In any case, as I’ve said before, it’s not “Where are my sunglasses?” white, but the TOS Enterprise is certainly not grey. We beat this to death in another thread, but the side-by-side supported my contention.

#9 Maybe we are both color blind, but I agree with you.

In most episodes the Big E has a blueish-hue, but in none of the original episodes, or original cast movies did it ever look battleship steel grey!

In fact, if you look at the photos of the original model during production, or had seen the model hanging in the Smithsonian, (before it was horribly restored) the color is a whole lot closer to white than grey.

I think the CBS-CGI team got both the lighting and color wrong on the Enterprise, but I’m not complaining toooo much. It still looks great!

Sorry for beating this dead horse a little longer! It’s kind of fun though! hahaha

Mike :o

I like the colour of the Enterprise in the remastered episodes. It just feels more… real… like an actual spaceship that has been traveling in space for a while.

#38, I posted this in the Amok Time thread…

THE ENTERPRISE IS NOT FRIGGIN WHITE!!! It is a shade of light grey. SOURCES: 1. http://members.aol.com/WMccullars/74Enterprise.html (the 11 footer with the original hull paint paint as photographed in 1974) and 2. http://members.aol.com/WMccullars/74Enterprise.html A Scifi modeler’s website, and these guys are FAR more knowledgable and obsessive about ship color than all of us combined! So I will slap the crap out of the next guy that wrongly claims that the E is white! Read it and weep.

and this previously posted link is also worth a click:


#40, 41- THANKS guys! (Sheesh. I thought people had gotten over this!!)
EVERYONE with gripes about the color issue should check these links!

#40 “#38, I posted this in the Amok Time thread…”

And you were wrong that time, too – and as much of a jerk.

#40…It’s obvious to me that in the side by side comparison above, the color is NOT the same as in the original series. If the original model was light grey or blueish-white, that’s not my point…

I’m not argueing with anyone here, just making a comment and simple observation that I think the color has CHANGED somewhat from the original series, and looks darker than it used to. Am I wrong?

I never said the color was “pure white”, but thought it looked blueish-white. That’s what “my eyes” tell me when I watch my TOS DVDs, and TOS movies. Sorry if you disagree. Yes maybe it could be a light grey, but the ship still looks DIFFERENT to me from the original.

If your read my post, I was more or less making a joke about it anyway, because it’s not important. However, I don’t like reading arrogant responses like yours stating you will “slap the crap out the next guy that wrongly claims”..”read it and weep” etc.

I suggest you keep inflammatory comments like that to yourself, and learn to write friendly and appropriate comments here on Trekmovie.com. I’m entitled to my opinions here, even if you 100% totally disagree with it!

And besides, who made you the authority here for all things Trek!

Mike :o

Why can’t this room have a moderator? There is absolutely no need for calling other people names – if you can’t be civil then you shouldn’t post
your comments here. I’ll gladly serve as moderator IF asked to clean things up in here. I mean….were talking about a TV series – Movie and so on not anything life altering by any means whatsoever. Have a nice day & week!

I look whiter in certain kinds of light…. and light gray in others. :)

Maybe the ship is the same. There’s never always bright sunlight from a yellow sun around anyway.

It doesn’t bother me, it looks more realistic being natural metal than painted white.

I have always thought that the original effects for this episode were some of the best in the series. Beautiful. But I also love the new ones.

Look at the full size image up there of the BB and the Ent… there are people in the windows looking out at the other ship!!!!

Hey guys,
This is cool.

This is what Space Seed looked and sounded like on TV in the 1967 when this episode aired for the very first time using 16 mm prints(including some of the commercials)

(and people still loved it)


Other than tracking movements in the opening and closing credits, the original TOS model shots are consistently more realistic than the CGI updates. The brightly lit model stands out heads and tails over the darkly lit fake looking CGI shots. Only the new angles from CGI offer any improvement over the originals, overall “Doomsday Machine” effects being the exception.

I have to say that if the above picture is an accurate representation of the detail in the HI-DEF version of TOS-R I am impressed. The skin of the Enterprise actually looks kinda good. I can even see the watermarks.
I hope to God they replace that shitty model they used in the earlier episodes. They have to, or they will create the exact same problem that they were trying to fix in the first place. Inconsistancy. The production Enterprise in one shot, then the pilot version in another.
This will be the same…
The shitty cartoon Enterprise in some episodes, and the cooler Space Seed one in others.
It would have been amazing if they went to the Smithsonian and fixed up the old girl for this remastering. An 11 foot model would look huge with today’s effects and just KNOWING that its the same ship, would make it very special.
The pic looks good.
If CBS is listening then I’d like to make the following suggestion.
The money men would certainly appreciate it.
If you want us to BUY TOS-R then post a 5 secoond segment of the Enterprise in HI-DEF on the internet.
Let us SEE this pristine picture that you guys keep raving about!
It’ll be just enough to wet our appetites before its impending release.

Think about it…. : )