All of Family Guy’s Star Trek references in one video!

If you have been following our little extras throughout the weeks when news is slow, you’ll notice we have found video clips of various Trek parody/references in Family Guy. The show’s creator Seth MacFarlane is an admitted Trekie and even had two cameos as an extra officer on Enterprise. Once again community member Kelvington has nicely put all the video clips into one giant Trek funny reel. I love it!

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Excellent! Thanks for this. Love ‘Family Guy’.

Some……funny……stuff there……
Must…….watch…….it again…..

What about the episode where Stewie tells the two butlers to battle to the death? They did the whole Kirk/Spock pon far battle.

Sulu: “Heeeloooooouuuuuu” lol


To echo #4 “He-lloooo”


You know, I don’t think that they captured the Shat’s true level of body and hand gestures. Maybe next season?

D_mn… I’ve been missing some serious Trek humor!

finally…all the star trek clips put together…i could never remember all the episodes that had them in it….this is great….although to go along with # 3, i do remember that amok time reference when stewie points them out has them fight to the death…..still this is an awesome video



With a nod to Dennis Quaid/Martin Short in “InnerSpace”, and 1966’s “Fantastic Voyage”, too.

Lord Garth prefers South Park’s Trek references but amusing none the less

I am going to have to start watching this! Hey, do you guys know if they have the actors do special guest appearances or something? Although the TOS voices sounded like other people, the TNG and Odo voices sounded real…

As a massive Family Guy fan all I can say is this:

“Freakin’ Sweet”

Great clips thanks … missing the STV reference from the start of the DVD movie .. Stewie in jet boots ..

It’s all good, but my favorite Star Trek cartoon parody is Futurama’s Where No Fan Has Gone Before

just saw a new episode of family guy tonite…there was a new star trek reference of quagmire on the bridge of the original enterprise, and the kirk looked different than other episodes

Time to update that reel with a clip from tonight’s Family Guy episode.

hi all

glad you like the clip…dont forget to ‘digg’ the stories you like that you think other geeks will like

just got an email from Rick Kelvington, he will update the vid to include the clip we missed from Peter Eats Caviar and the clip from tonights show

oh and we will probably do more of these…like perhaps from South Park or Heroes or whatever…if you like them

aw crap!

#18 Anthony : “probably do more of these…”
(response in Stewie’s voice) “Oh yes, Anthony,…you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I especially liked the cut ST:TNG clip, I’d never seen that one. It was hilarious!

I remember recently there was a reference to Jeffrey Hunter and his relationship to Star Trek in a Family Guy episode also.

OHHH heck YES, you gotta do more of these trek mix tapes.

I, for one, want to see the Heroes ones.

next get all the futurama references

#13… the boots are there, I made them very short, but will make the boot shot a little longer in the updated version.

Does anyone know where the Jeffery Hunter reference is? I’ll add that one as well if I know what episode it’s in.

More of this, please!

Sulu kills me. And that TNG stuff was ridiculous. “That’s not lemonade!”

As a lover of all things animated and an avid watcher of South Park, Simpsons, etc….I have to say that I find FG to be pretty mediocre at best.

I mean really…how much creativity does it take to do a spoof of TNG with original cast voices only to have them crow about how Worf has a “fanny” head? Or to have Shatner jump all over the place while reciting his lines? Lame.

Compare that to the brilliance of SP’s episode poking fun at “Mirror, Mirror” or “Dagger of the Mind” by forming an entire plotline around each show about evil pets and a corrupt Planetarium operator, respectively.

I agree with SP and their “Cartoon Wars” episode…FG is completely overrated and has VERY lazy writers who just throw out random pop culture references at the drop of a hat (with no relevance to the plot whatsoever..not that your average FG episode has much a plot, either) figuring that their audience will just eat it up simply because it rings a collective “bell” if you will.

Seth MacFarlane does have talent…his other show, “American Dad” has improved dramatically since it began and is now often quite amusing and cleverly written. The “Best Christmas Story Never Told” episode was hysterical and brilliantly poked fun at the insane political correctiness that has so permeated our culture of late that we cannot even celebrate “Christmas” without someone trying to say we’re being offensive (and this coming from a completely non-practicing person, BTW).

Anyway, if you like FG, that’s your choice certainly…I only offer the above as my honest opinion….and you are certainly free to ignore me :) .

And of course they added a brand new Trek reference last night as Quagmire remembered his days on the Enterprise and asking Kirk to “hook him up” with Uhura

#26 doh, missed it. Thanks for the hard work!

Very cool!

I never knew there was a deleted TNG scene until now, I laughed pretty hard when Captain Picard says “I’ll be in my ready room” :P

But yeah the one scene that was forgotten is when Stewie gets the two butlers to fight to the death…

#11………that “fella” that played Odo, is Rene’ Auberjenois, He also Colonel West in Star Trek VI TUC. As is well known for being the original Father Mulcahy in the Motion Picture M*A*S*H. He was also in the episode of “ENTERPRISE” called “Oasis”, as Ezral the father of the young lady in the ship that crashed, where he created holograms of the dead crew. He is also well known for his role of “Clayton” on the sitcom, “Benson”, and now works along side William Shatner on “Boston Legal”, as “Paul Lewiston”.

OOPS, it is spelled Auberjonois…..sorry Rene’………Kudos to the Star Trek references o Family Guy, love the show. and since i am what has been called a “1st Generation Trekker”, because I remember sitting on the floor of our den at age 7 watching the 1st aired TOS episode “Mantrap”. I was hooked, been an avid fan ever since.

#35, no offense meant, just thought i’d let you know. I knew how to spell it, i as you can see my typing skills are not the

Thanks for that Kelvington!

Here’s MY animated version of Shatner….

The butlers fight to the death in “Peter Peter Caviar Eater”.

Spockboy that’s hilarious and amazingly well done! I loved the tooth/popcorn shot! How long did that take to create?

BTW: In Boston Legal, Shattner & Auberjonois are main cast, but in one Episode they had the guys who played Nelix and Quark as guest, so they had Kirk, Odo, Nelix & Quark in one Episode!

And even better: Odo and Quark get in an argument !!!!

Verry funny! Like the old times…

AND in the same episode they had the original Jackson from the Stargate movie (main) and the voice of leela from Futurama (guest) too.

This was really a space-episode…


“A fiddler on the roof! Sounds crazy, no? ‘Bove here in our little village of Anatefka. You might say, each one of us… KHAN! KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”

Lolxorz XD

Has anyone seen this video anywhere lately? It has been removed from youtube… dirty frickin apes.

This video NEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to come back!!! Please !!!

(Don’t host it on youtube where its gonna get removed.)

Love Family Guy! Love Star Trek! Love this video!

To message 28 —- Anyone who says Family Guy is not intelligent has never watched enough of the show.