McAvoy Denies Scotty Casting Rumor – Again

Although James McAvoy recently seemed to be relishing keeping the ‘cast as Scotty’ rumors going, he has now definitively stated he has not been cast. McAvoy tells Empire “No. There’s no truth in the Star Trek rumours. I am a Trekkie, but no – absolutely not." But as a Trekkie he left the door open when asked if he would be open to a part, saying  “Hmmm [smiling]…I’d have to see.” It is worth noting that the big IGN casting rumor from last week (with Damon, Brody and Sinise) also cited ‘sources’ saying that McAvoy was ‘in the mix.’ It is of course possible that McAvoy is on some one’s list at Paramount or Bad Robot (Abrams production company), but that is a long way from being cast. The same can be said about the other actors being talked about.

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C’mon, you know actors love to draw attention to themselves! They’ll say or do anything to have people pay notice of them. Is he in the movie? Is he not in the movie? Question: How can you tell when an actor is lying? Answer: His lips are moving!

What a tease.

A tease? Gee, if he were Cockney, would that make him a…nah, too easy!

#3 – Too vulgar, too. Why don’t you grow up?

Unless there will be different actors playing each part at different times in the crew’s lives, this guy is too young to play Scott.

I forgot how whacky things got in that realm of rumors leading up to a Star Trek movie. Does anyone else here recall the old website “The Flagship” which ran articles and rumors on the TNG movies? That was a fun site, one of the pioneers in Trek News sites. It’s gone now, or inactive at least. But wow, the rumors that used to come out back in the early days of the internet were kind of funny. But the craziest rumors are reserved for Star Wars. Anyone recall the “Grando Calrissian” rumor Ain’t It Cool ran before Episode II? I can’t wait for the studio and the fans to all be on the same page with this movie. The rumor mill is always a mixed experience.

I know there is much talk about Matt Damon as Kirk, and I for one do not like this rumor…don’t get me wrong, I think Damon is a great actor, but i recently saw the film Little Children and thought Patrick Wilson fits the part a little better…thoughts anyone?

Well we wait some more I suppose. The cast list will be released eventually.

I always thought Scotty was just a little younger than Bones, so if the Sinise-as-Bones rumor is true, this guy is all wrong.

I also have a feeling that Damon was approached to play someone else in this movie, like Pike maybe. It would be interesting if Kirk was only a supporting character in this movie with Pike being the star of the film, then Kirk takes over the Enterprise and therefore the starring role at the very end. That way Damon could be in the movie without having to commit to any sequels.

I heard somewhere that Ewan McGregor (Star Wars/Trainspotting/The Island etc…) was linked in someway to playing Scotty?? i think this is crap however because it seems to me like everyone who has a scottish accent is apparently someway linked!!

however it would be very nice if the ‘big five’ were played by well known actors….

based on recent rumours and my own thoughts, i have created the following list…

Kirk: Damon
Spock: Brody
McCoy: Sinise
Scotty: McGregor or how about Paul McGillion (Dr Carson Beckett Stargate Atlantis – Stargate is linked heavily with the Trek franchise) or even Dougray Scott (was linked with being new Bond before Craig labelled as the next Connery)
Ahura: Halle Berry or even Alfre Woodward (Star Trek: First Contact)

give me your thoughts people :D


#10 Jay…just for the record it’s Uhura

To me Brody is all wrong for Spock. Nimoy was slight, but solid. Brody seems frail and that schnozzola makes Nimoy look dainty. I still like Quinto for the Vulcan part.

Please, anybody but Halle Berry for Uhura! Berry is gorgeous and can act, but surely there’ s a more appropriate choice out there somewhere?

Halle is too old for the part now too.


I thought of Paul McGillion as well, but I have a feeling he would be too concerned with typecasting to take the part and that he would get in the movie’s way because he’s already playing a similarly fussy Scotsman in another very popular science fiction franchise. Not to say he couldn’t do the job and do it well–he seems like such a natural for the role–but he’d draw the focus away from the main characters and make some of the audience wonder whether he was cast purely for publicity reasons.

As for McAvoy’s games, I strongly suspect his agent is egging him on and that he’s playing publicity for his own career, whether or not that career ever involves playing Montgomery Scott. And if I was a semi-well-known Scottish actor trying to maximize my star power in the American market, I might well do exactly what he’s doing. It can’t hurt him, and who knows, it might even help him land the role.

Uhura? I’m not yet assuming that either Uhura or Sulu will even make an appearance. Maybe in a sequel (seprequel? presequel?).

Shades of Deliverance as in, “Sequel like a pig!!”.