Nygard and Crosby Planning Trekkies 3 – But Not Soon

In a March 5th Newsweek article about the Star Trek XI announcement there were some general reactions from George Takei, Rod Roddenberry and Trekkies documentary director Roger Nygard. Something that caught our attention was the statement that Nygard was ‘interviewing Trekkers for the latest installment of his "Trekkies" documentaries.’ TrekMovie.com contacted Nygard to find out what was up and apparently Newsweek ‘got their tenses wrong.’ Nygard says that he is not currently at work on a Trekkies 3, but that he and producer Denise Crosby are planning on doing one. "We are on a 7 year schedule," said Nygard, referring to how the previous two came out in 1997 and 2004 respectively. The Trekkies team would like to catch up with some of the Trek fans featured in the previous entries, like digital artist Gabriel Kroener who Nygard called "a Trekkies success story." 

If it gets approved, Trekkies 3 will be different than the previous two. For one thing it will focus on the Trek fanfilm phenomenon. In addition Nygard says they want to cover Trekkies from countries not visited in theprevious outings. The director also noted that the most likely outlet would be direct-to-video and not a theatrical release, but they have not yet worked out any deals with Paramount, CBS or their respective DVD divisions. Since the film would likely be done around 2009-2010, Roger thinks Paramount’s decision to greenlight it will hinge on the success of Star Trek XI. Regarding JJ Abrams plans for Trek XI Nygard says he is excited by it and feels that Abrams will have a "fun new approach" to the franchise. Nygard has something in common with Trek’s new supreme leader, both he and Abrams have directed an episode of the NBC hit The Office.

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How many times can Denise Crosby blatantly capitalize on her brief Star Trek association before someone cuts the funding off anyway?

We get it Denise, you don’t have a job right now and Trek was your one claim to fame. It always cracks me up how ACT-ors leave a role to pursue “bigger and better horizons”, and when that hits a wall, they go back to their 15 minutes of fame. Crosby was embarrased by her affiliation with Trek, she wanted out. I remember it distinctly, they couldn’t beg her to stay.
What’s worse is, these “Trekkies” films don’t honor or respect Star Trek fans, they are thinly veiled documentarys poking fun at fans- which is fine in and of itself, satire is a necessary spice of life, but please, stop riding on the coat-tails of Trek and get a job, and stop pretending to want to get closer to fans when anyone that;s watched these “documentaries” can plainly see Crosby is freaked out in the presence of Trek fans and would clearly rather be somewhere else. You talk about smell the fart school of acting, watch Denise when the Dentist and his wife tell her they role-play Star Trek and sometimes the guy is Yar.

And to apologists that immediately jump on the “yeah but look at how these fans act” bandwagon, it doesn’t matter, the guy was a dentist, did you see his pad? He has the money to act however. he. truly. wants.

Additionally, notice how the people Crosby follows around for these documentaries are carefully selected and groomed to infact reinforce the notion that Trek fans are eccentric.

Why did she interview the guy in his basement with the working Pike chair?

Why didn’t she have Mae Jamison on there? Why didn’t she have Cal-Tech or MIT graduates that presently work for NASA and who love Star Trek on the documentary?


or why not this woman about to hitch a ride into space?



I haven’t watched Trekkies or Trekkies 2, so I don’t know:
Have they interviewed Jeff Bezos of Amazon and BlueOrigin?

Bezos is a lifelong trek fan, and he’s cooking up a
spacecraft of his own. Might make a good interview.

> “Walter Koenig presented the final Star Trek Legacy Award
> to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com and Blue Origin.
> …
> Bezos is a life-long Star Trek fan and shared the
> paper communicator and tricorder he made as a boy ….
> He also let us know that he is passing on his love of Star Trek
> by showing photos of his own children watching an episode of TOS” …

Warp 11 was the BEST THING about Trekkies 2! Their interviews were awesome and their music amazing! They are just finishing up with their new album and it’s going to blow like a warp core reactor! Here is a link to the show “Prime Directive” on Google video, where Warp 11 got it’s start! It’s hilarious!


I have no problems with a new trekkies movie. And @Josh: It’s always all about the money…nothing new!

Trekkies was exploitive and mean-spirited. They made fun of the fans by holding them up to ridicule. I saw the first film for free (I would not pay money to see it). I won’t waste my time or money to see anything else done by these parasites.

I agree. Exploitive and very unsympathetic. Rather that celebrate the imagination and enthusiasm of Trekkies it was just another example of “Look at the Geeks”. I saw part of the first installment and found it painful and heart breaking.

Wow I am sensing some very negative feelings about this. I saw and loved both Trekkies movies. I thought they at there core captured in an enduring way the more eccentric Star Trek fans. Yes some of the fans came off as goofy but you know when you where your tricorder and com badge to work everyday you are kind of advertising that goofy and fun side to the world. I think the Gabriel character sums it up best during the credits of second movie. You know if you can’t just look at your extremities (I.E. the goofy fun fans out there) and laugh a little bit at yourself you are just way to o into it. Furthermore, if you are a person whom gets so bent out of shape and offended by these movies maybe you need to take the Shats advice a bit and “Get a life!”. Come on people the movies are for fun and we shouldn’t be ashamed to air out the fun side of our hobby. Just like pro sports has its wacky fun fans who go all out and paint there bodies and wear elaborate costumes to big events so does Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other hugely popular franchises. The people in these movies knew what they got themselves into before hand and even signed contracts to be in the film. It was no shock to them I am sure because they have fun with there lives and aren’t closet Star Trek fans. They are more than willing to let it be known and why not?

Oh god I didn’t spell check sorry…

To crib the current annoying AICN phrase, Denise Crosby gotta eat.

Sorry, but I could not help myself.

I do like the idea of them filming the fan film stuff but only if they don’t make those people look like fools.

I wasn’t a fan of the first two films, and I don’t really see a need for a 3rd. Trekkies II looked so cheap compared to the first film, like it was all done with a home video camera. I actually don’t think these films help Trek’s legacy at all.

Both “Trekkies” were a joke. When I saw the first one, I was literally the only person in the theater. And this was in Orange County, CA, not Podunk, IA.

If you want to see wacky Star Trek fans shown in a sympathetic light, check out “Free Enterprise” by Marc Altman and Robert Burnett. If you want to see fans held up to ridicule by unfeeling filmmakers who obviously have no love of Star Trek or its fans, by all means rent Trekkies. I won’t be wasting my money.

Back before Trekkies 2, I interviewed Denise. She commented that the new film was going to be a lot more respectful of fans.

“FREE ENTERPRISE” is a great film! You can see that, even when they are poking fun at Star Trek, it is being done lovingly so. Plus, they got William Shatner in a staring role!! How cool was that? Free Enterprise is a film made by fans, not by people just trying to make a quick buck.

Loved both movies. Lots of fun! I even got to see the premiere night of Trekkies 2 in the Los Angeles area. What excitement in the stuffed theatre! The director, others in the film, and even Warp11 were there. And a late-night party afterwards (with Warp11 in concert)!

Such a nice way to honor the fans. Q’apla to a third installment!

Lord Garth Prefers Free Enterprise as an anthem for the fans. Please no more Mockery of Lord Garth’s subjects in Trekkies. Lord Garth knows of none of his subjects that dress up as Klingons or wears a Next gen jumpsuit in court and although Lord Garth loves all his subjects regardless of creed , color or size. Lord Garth can not help but notice that the Trekkies producers seem quite fixated on only the most grossly overbese fans.

The fans shown in trekkies are existent. So how can it be respectless to catch them on cam? They’re part of the fandom and responsible for themselves. Miss Crosby just does the documentary!

Forgive me for my ignorance, but where does a person view these Trekkies and Free Enterprise productions?
I know I could research this, but I am lazy today. Too much Tranya.

A filmmaker brings his or her point of view to the work. A real documentary filmmaker could have shown normal Star Trek fans, showing that most of us are (reasonably) well-adjusted with girlfriends and real jobs. But the Trekkies people (including the evidently clueless Ms. Crosby) focused disproportionately on a few atypical cases, holding them up to ridicule for cheap sensationalism.

The History Channel documentary got some humor by showing some off-the-wall women singing “Let it Be” in Klingon, but did not hold them up to ridicule.

I strongly agree with Blockbuster.com it is so better than Netflix and you can find any movie out there. For example Trekkies Etc. are one click away. Furthermore, you can trade your online rentals in your local blockbuster for a new movie right away while your next on your list is shipped. Awesome program especially for renting seasons… Oh the joys of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and Ent. over and over again. I love it! Blockbuster.com thanks for helping me with my Star Trek needs… LOL but really its a great service and you can find those movies on there for sure Stanky!!!


Commadore speaking of ridiculing people… American Idol! I hate this show because all it does is make fun of those who can’t sing. A talent show is one thing but you don’t need to show us all the bad acts that would never make a real talent showcase. Especially since some of these people really think they can sing… Argh I wont rant anymore…

Aaron R: You’re right about American Idol.

re: 23

Thanks for the tip, Aaron!

Jamie MacAvoy Denies Rick Berman Planning to Put Transformers into Trekkies 3.

Seriously Trekkies and Look at the Geek Journalists is any media are really just bullies of the worst sort. They chose to exploit Star Trek fans because we are the insecure unempowered kids of the big playground. They would not exploit lawyers for example – they’d be afraid of getting sued. Why don’t they film makers go make “Bikers” about the Hell’s Angels and see what happens.

There have been several documentaries about the Hells Angels I saw one the other day. By other day I mean several months ago. It was fascinating and fun to see how the bikers with attitudes really work.



In regards to AMERICAN IDOL…..Even before the contestants see the three judges they have to go through two previous rounds with the show producers. So all the horrid people you see on TV…..they were let through so the Simon and company can rip them apart. Thats why when the contestant is surprised when they are told they suck….I mean they just got through two rounds already.

So all the bad people are put onto the show just for the fact that its fun to watch them get ripped apart.

I also thought Trekkies (1 & 2) was exploitative. It generally made fun of fans and fed the stereotypes. This is part of the overall media portrayal. To sell movies (papers, magazines, whatever) the media has to pick the most senastionalistic, “crazy” fans. They won’t make money on showing how most fans are thoughtful and successful normal people. So they misrepresent. What’s especially troubling is someone from ST (Ms. Crosby) is doing the misreprsenting it this time, in these Trekkies movies.
#6- Yes, it’s about the money. But one thing I don’t understand: People often defend harmful things by saying “well, it’s about the money.” How does something being about making money inherently make it the right thing to do? All it does is make it profitable. Hit men is about making money. Stealing is about money. Doesn’t make it necessarily good things to do.
#20 states: “The fans shown in trekkies are existent. So how can it be respectless to catch them on cam? They’re part of the fandom and responsible for themselves. Miss Crosby just does the documentary!”

No, Ms. Crosby doesn’t just do the documentary. She selects the most ridiculous fans to skew the perception that ST fans are insane, in order to make money. If she presented the movie as being about the most insane and weird ST fans, fine. Just don’t skew it and then present it as a documentary of all ST fans. That’s my problem with it.
I brought my wife (who likes ST but is not a fanatic) to her first convention, and she kept commenting on how “normal,” even confident and well-grounded, the people seemed to her. She said this in contrast to the stereotype pushed on the public by the media. She is, in my opinion, just representative of most people who only learn of fans through these media things. Not good.

Unfortunately, weird sells. Nobody pays money to watch normal, reasonable people sit around being normal and reasonable for two hours. They only way somebody is going to dump money into a documentary about Trekkies is if its the Jerry Springer version.


There are some really thin skinned people on this form, it’s true that Trekkies movies show the more strange and weird people but how are you exploiting people for being themselves? We have already seen many doc’s that have the “Respected” Trek fans so what’s the problem with this? Are the people shown in Trekkies not worthy to be Trek fans? Alot of them are the reason that it has been around for so long… I think I would rather hang out with some of them then those who stick their nose up and want Trek to be for “Normal” people. If you don’t like them then don’t watch them, Duh!

Gene Roddenberry NEVER stuck his noise up at his “Strange” fans, he respected them as well as you and that was the point to his creation…

Darth “Respect Yourself” Ballz

Yes, Gene Roddenberry respected the fans and he celebrated their diversity. Gene was completely different from the mean-spirited people who made Trekkies.

Yes, I’m thin skinned about this, and I won’t be watching any future editions of “Trekkies.” That’s why Nygard won’t get a dime from me.

Personally, I was a little embarrassed for the people in Trekkies… made them all out to be weird geek freaks. I love Trek like everyone else, but would definately wouldn’t have a Trek wedding and don’t have a Trek costume in the closet. I think some fans go overboard. When non-Trek fans think of Trek fans… that is what they invision. I went to a Trek convention in Toronto about 15 years ago and couldn’t believe the the fans.. God love them. I have been watching every type of Trek since I was old enough to be propped in fornt of a black and white TV.. I even have books and other Trek items.. but after seeing what these fans were like… it seemed like I was just a casual viewer. To each their own, but I think Trekkies and Trekkies 2 just fueled the stereotype of a Star trek fan as being a 30 year old geek living in their parents basement and has never kissed a girl. For once I have to agree with Josh.. why not interview people like Mae Jamison or others like her? Why did the mock-doc have to be so mean spirited and disrespectful of Trek and it’s fans? Free Enterprise poked fun at the Trek fan but in a respectful way. I, for one, won’t bother with seeing Trekkies 3. Sorry Denise… I love ya, but I won’t see it.

That’s my two Canadian cents.
The opinions expressed above are those of Montreal Paul and don’t necessarily reflect those of any other poster on TrekMovie.com.

I’ve never seen these Trekkies movies. Also, I’ve never been to a Trek Convention. I do associate with fellow geeks, but over the decades I’ve never immersed myself in the hardcore fan element for Star Trek. Amongst my social circles, I’m considered hardcore but I don’t own a Starfleet uni or know more than a scant few words in Klingon (I only know how to say “we is condemning food and supplies!”). I don’t judge those who take their fandom to the hilt, but it does raise my non-Vulcan eyebrow when I see someone go to jury duty in a Starfleet outfit. Or when someone blows through their credit cards buying trading cards and collectors plates… but that behavior is not a result of being a Star Trek fan, I think those core issues go a bit deeper. Perhaps the makers of the Trekkies movies should spend a some time on the “causes” of extreme fandom (if they haven’t already).

RIGHT ON DARTH BALLZ #33 You hit it on the nose!

I’ve seen just about no movies *about* “Star Trek” and its fans/characters/performers other than “Galaxy Quest” and don’t really care to.

That said, if there weren’t paying customers for the “Trekkies” movies they wouldn’t continue. If there’s an audience to serve, let ’em serve it. :)

Important O/T..Trek related.

When does the next new Star Trek Remasted get aired folks?

thanks for your help …”oh most wise!” ..(as Natira might say)


I LOVE Star Trek. I own my own uniform. I build models. I’m a professional illustrator who draws new animated trek characters in his spare time. My ringtone is a communicator chirp. I’ve been to Las Vegas twice just to ride the Star Trek rides and drink at Quarks (TM). I own Leonard Nimoy poetry. I’ve bought every single ST PC game that I could get my hands on, knowing full well that most of them would blow, and I can speak enough Klingon to find a restroom on a battle cruiser. I’m getting a Star Trek tattoo this summer.

I think I qualify as a somewhat eccentric, if not completely loyal fan of Star Trek, and I’ll be first in line to have a good laugh at myself and all of the rest of you geeks when it comes time for Trekkies 3.

True, Crosby is exploitative. She misses the point of Trek fandom entirely.
No one else in the films did, though, and they’re the ones worth watching.

I’m not sure Ms. Crosby knew what she was doing when she left that show.
At the time, I still held an interest in that show and I remember not being all that upset that she was leaving, as I didn’t really care for the character or her portrayal of it, but I just thought it was interesting that since she was what I would consider a more-or-less unknown actress at the time how she apparently felt she was being under-utilized. I would think that not even giving it a whole season was ill-advised. I don’t remember her being inundated with other great offers for roles following her departure.

Ironically she did her best work on TNG after she left, coming back for a guest spot!

the last documentary was about fans around the world after the first DVD was about the american trek fans.
Interesting enough that many people (including me) from european countries did send some material to Denise and Roger (in my case about my star trek related fanmusic) and they ended up again by including a lot of US fan/filk/whatever groups.
Well, so who will believe they treat fans better the next time?

I played a couple of times with star trek actors (including denise in a convention, well, maybe I didnt get much attention for that;)
Anyway, Trekkies is amusing, not more, and its always related to the american market which is literally “out of warp” when you see how many fans around the world.

watch some of my youtube videos and enjoy:)


Stay shiny!

Bring on more Trekkies. I love the movies. Yes the first one was out there, but the second one was done better i think. I even made fun of the eccentric fans in them. But if you can’t have fun with your hobby. don’t do it. Any way I have been hoping for a trekkies 3.