Take a Stab at the Wolf In The Fold Preview

StarTrek.com have put up a preview for this weekend’s "Wolf In The Fold" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

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I’m looking forward to see how CBS handles an episode with virtually no special effects. Basically only establishing shots if I’m not forgetting anything

I do enjoy these trailers re-exciting me for episodes I haven’t seen in a while

this is a great episode

The low FX workload this week offers a great chance to introduce a Jar Jar type character into the background — “Gungan in the Fold”

I don’t remember this EP – is it worth staying up for?

This episode always scared the poo outta me. And then I turned 9. Wow the Scotty-centric episodes kinda lack something in the writing. What really kills me (pun) is that this episode is immitated both by later treks and by scores of other sci-fi shows.

There are some good character moments in this one, but not much to hang onto plot-wise, unless you like dialogue like “Die! Die! All die! hahahahaa!”

Also, it’s got some really annoying ‘bits’ in it. “The accident that injured Mr. Scott was caused by a woman.” WHICH woman? I don’t even remember any chicks in engineering. That line feels more like a slam against chicks. And I dig chicks.

Then, there’s the laugh fest that immediately follows the death of Jack the Ripper, (oh and a slew of his victims.)

All in all, this is a watchable, but forgeattable outing. I can see why CBS-D is getting it outta the way so they don’t load the tail end of this run the way the actual series was loaded.

Other than basic “Enterprise-in-orbit” shots, they might take a stab (snicker) at re-doing Redjac itself, which appeared as a swirling, psychedelic mist on the viewscreen. But they’ll probably leave it alone.

Notable because John Fiedler plays a little different character than we are used to seeing in his other guess appearances on other shows of the era, but still sounds like the same henpecked, high-voiced guy.
I used to like the episode a lot the first 10 or 12 times I saw it, but it is well down my list of favorites now.
I guess one good thing is that Scotty has something to do in this episode apart from fixing engines.
And they use the Vina dance music from the Cage.

I guess one good thing is that Scotty has something to do in this episode apart from fixing engines.

um, he kills women.
(Is that a Redjac in your pants or are you just happy to stab me?)

I look forward to this episode. Since this is my first time seeing a vast majority of these episodes, I’ve really taken a new liking to Scotty. I feel he really shone when he was commanding the E in “Friday’s Child”, so I look forward to seeing him do more.

I really hope they gave Red Jack a makeover. That special effect was weak.

Great Scott- centric episode and Shatner gets to channel Denny Crane as Scotty’s attorney. Denny Crane!!!!

Scotty is cool. His character was extremely underdeveloped in the series. Maybe a new TOS movie series will reveal more about our favorite engineer.

Probably the most successful of Robert Bloch’s three Trek episodes at conveying his particular vibe–but considering the other two were “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” and “Catspaw,” that ain’t saying much. Bloch, best known for writing the novel “Psycho,” really was much better at writing horror and detective fiction than SF. Check out his short story “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper” and the Harlan Ellison sequel “The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World” for a much better treatment of the theme of Jack the Ripper practicing his trade in the future.

Bloch’s most memorable quote: “I have the heart of a child–I keep it in a jar on my bookcase.”

This one has one of the worst long shot stuntman fights as I recall, c/w obvious bald cap

Completely worth watching!! The plot stretches credulity at times, but it’s outweighed by a nice performance from Doohan, belly dancers, a seance, belly dancers, Kirk and Scotty hanging out on shore leave, belly dancers… etc.

A nice new matte painting of Argelius would be nice… maybe?? That would be oh so cool…

These previews drive me mad. You don’t even have time to focus on a scene before it’s gone. Each one can’t last more than about 1/3 of a second; have attention spans got that short across the pond? I thought it was bad enough here but these are unwatchable.

Maybe they’ll green screen in Barbara Eden for the dance scene?

re: 15. non-fanatic

Agreed. I don’t like the “style” of the remastered previews.

But worse than that is a large percentage of TV shows and movies that do the same thing. Quick cuts and shaky cameras. Hate it. Used sparingly for effect, those “techniques” have a place, but they are being used increasingly as the rule rather than the exception. Shoddy.

Fortunately, the remastered episodes themselves are great and I don’t really need a preview to attract me to them. Not sure how effective these previews are for the uninitiated.

I get the distinct impression that you might, just might, like belly dancers!

I forgot about the “bald” stunt man fight. That was sooooo bad. Maybe they could just make the stunt man appear all red and glowing, so it looks like Red Jack’s powers are radiating from his body. That might look cool, and a good way to hide the stunt man’s face.

Either that, or just insert some shots of CGI Vulcan… :)

Does the narrator know how to say TREK, it sounds like TRAK.

With all the CGI effects they have these days, you’re telling me they can’t excise the “bald” stunt guy out and put another more realistic one in? C’mon!!

#10 Garth..

You are out of character… doesn’t sound like you Garth-buddy.

Did anyone else notice how amazing the color looks?

I really hope they do some kind of spirit effect when the entity leaves that guys body.
I could do it in “Illusion” in about 4 hours, so no excuses CBS!

: )

#22 “Here he Is!”
Never mind the “bald” stuntman, take a look at McCoy. He looks like he’s laughing his ass off at the Shat’s antics!

I have to comment on the that scene when Kirk flips Rejac on his back. It is by far my most favorite Kirk move. Watch closely, Shatner/Kirk executes it perfectly and totally disables Mr. Hengest/Rejac in seconds. The first time I saw it I laughed and laughed it’s hilarious. You never see that kind of thing today and certainly not as well as Shatner pulls it off here. Classic Trek!!!

Here is the infamous flip scene, similar to the above image but seconds later:


Made funnier by the fake Mr. Hengest. This shot is even better:


I need some of McCoy’s happy juice to watch this episode.

Here is one thing I absolutely guarantee they will NOT fix, and is part of the best Trivia question I ever wrote for any Star Trek Trivia Contest…

What is the ONLY episode where Scotty’s right hand appears completely intact? Meaning you see all FIVE of his fingers.

Give up? Wolf In The Fold. When Scotty puts his hand on the lie detector/scanner, you see a 2nd unit shot of SOMEONE ELSE’S hand which shows all five fingers. I wonder if they will bother to fix it? While we are never given any reason for Scotty missing his middle finger, there’s no reason to hide it. And in several other episodes, while he favors his left hand, you still see his right is missing a finger. Holding Tribbles is the most obvious one, but there are a few others.

I’m still waiting for a comment/explanation as to why McCoy is laughing so hard while being involved in what should be a dramatic moment. Any ideas?

He’s juiced up, Michael. Most of the crew is. It’s the cure for being afraid. Apparently fear is Purina Jack the Ripper Chow. So, McCoy gives almost everyone a shot, including himself.

Now why can’t I get a doctor like THAT to make a house call? Juiced up is the way to go, oh yeah, uh huh….

That is another patented James “I own your punk alien ass” moment, Kirk simply had to have regularly studied brutal combat techniques from a dozen alien worlds, some mundane, some exotic, yet all served the one solitary purpose to render your ass completely inert.

The ONLY time I recall someone handling the dish Jimmy Boy Kirk serves cold was Captain Ronald Tracey. He sort of owned Kirk a little bit unfortunately, but it’s understandable, Tracey appeared about 15 to 20 years Kirks senior, and experience is ALWAYS superior to pure skill, look at how Obi-Wan Kenobi smoked Darth Vaders ass and hacked the boys limbs off like a two dollar chump.

Obi-Wan Kenobi- the James T. Kirk of Star Wars

That’s why those are my two favorite characters.

You talk about talking soft but carrying a big stick, when diplomacy fails, you are backed against a wall, and it’s time to ruffle some feathers and get dirty, nobody smokes that Sith or Klingon ass like an Obi-Wan Kenobi or James T. Kirk.

They bring spectacular ownage to the table.

#31 – “What is the ONLY episode where Scotty’s right hand appears completely intact? Meaning you see all FIVE of his fingers.”

It’s not an episode, but they did that in ST:IV, too, when he was typing at the mac.

Don’t forget that the Finnegan double from “Shore Leave” totally handed Kirk his ass at first and Kirk was out cold for awhile…

Always loved Wolf in The Fold.
Great spooky vibe.


21. Michael Appleton – March 7, 2007
With all the CGI effects they have these days, you’re telling me they can’t excise the “bald” stunt guy out and put another more realistic one in? C’mon!!

I wish they would sort out the Kirk – Khan fight in space seed, if anything that needs to be changed more. At least the bald guy in this episode is bald and if you don’t look to closely you might not notice but the stunt guy from Space Seed looks nothing like Kirk. I would hope they would fix that.

As you say with all the CGI effect today I can’t believe they can’t correct these things. Yes I know I’ll be told its a time saving thing as they don’t have much time… and I’ll keep saying it… they should be given more time!

I do wonder what changes they will make to this episode though, it will be interesting to see how short the effect reel is this week.
I wonder if there will be any effects added to show Redjac body swapping in the briefing room?

Speaking of the Shore Leave marathon fight, every time I watch “They Live,” when Roddy Piper is fighting the other guy over putting on the glasss, I always have to think that scene was inspired by Kirk and Finnegan’s epic battle. It just goes on and on.

I’ve always liked this episode because I’m a big Scotty fan. The story isn’t great and the stabbing situations border on ridiculous…but who cares? It has a lot of fun and good moments in it, too. The thing about TOS is, even in the bad moments you can find something to admire. Even in the bad episodes, it’s true. That’s why TOS will always be my favorite…though I like all other Trek (except several episodes of Voyager).

I never noticed the stuntman on my old small SD TV, but he’s sure obvious in those shots isn’t he? He’s about a foot taller than John Fielder and he’s wearing a complete bald cap when Fielder wasn’t completely bald.
Fielder was probably a very under rated actor, but just about everyone remembers his face and voice if not his name. Besides all his TV roles he was the one and only voice of Piglet in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh cartoons.

The stuntman removing his bald cap is part of the second season blooper reel, as I recall.

I’ll admit, I only have a vauge recollection of this episode; I can’t recall the last time I saw it or even thought of it. Not a fave, but will watch just for the heck of it, and yeah, Scotty! :-D

The “bald” stuntman reminds me of the scene in Spaceballs when the bad guys think they’ve captured the heroes. Suddenly the commander of the baddies screeches, “you’ve captured their stunt doubles!” as the shot switches to four men (who look nothing like them) dressed in the heroe’s garb. I’m surprised that Star Trek, even in the 1960’s with a limited budget, would have pulled this crap! You’re telling me that, at the time, they couldn’t find a stunt guy who was reasonably close in height to John Fielder? Sheer laziness and incompetence! Either that or the unions had a stranglehold on the studios even then for who they had to use in certain productions. Disgusting!

Lao3D wrote:

> Completely worth watching!!

Yup, a solid episode.

> The plot stretches credulity at times…

I like a science-fiction murder mystery, i.e., a SF whodunit.

> but it’s outweighed by a nice performance from Doohan…

Agreed. When I first saw this episode back in 1967, I couldn’t figure out how Scotty was going to get out of the situation.

> belly dancers…

Tania Lemani, still lovely after all these years, is a regular attendee at ST conventions (hey, I even have an autograph from her).

> ..a seance…

Pilar Seurat is so exotic and mysterious in the show.

> …Kirk and Scotty hanging out on shore leave, belly dancers…

Great comradery.
I always liked the “lie detector” scanner used in the hearing, and when the evil took over the Enterprise’s computers and appeared on the screen, I was suitably impressed.

#42 – I didn’t download the avi, but from the jpg, it appears you are right. I’ll try to look at it this weekend. I was sure I’d seen somewhere in one of the movies where they had “doubled” his hand (maybe George Costanza?), and that it was in that scene, but maybe not – I’ll do some checking.

Follow up to my #48 –

See #24 in Wolf In The Fold Remastered Airs Today

I always like to find the flaws in the episodes. Wolf in the fold is a classic with it’s usual flaws. When Scotty allegedly kills the Lieutenant who was supposed to take that brain scan of him, you see Kirk standing above her and McCoy leaning next to her, but when the camera does a closeup of both Bones and Kirk, they are looking down at the ground as if looking at her body, but they are looking ahead at least 10 feet from where she is laying.