Late Night Trek Chill

It is Friday night and not much going on…yesterdays interviews have some getting into a tizzy….TrekMovie suggests relaxing and taking a chill pill

video courtesy of YouTube member starcrossedgirl

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Oh wow, man! Being 51 and listening to the music of this video brings a flood of memories back to me! Great collage of clips!

Someone should post the video made to the Trent Reznor song, it just……isn’t right. It’s disturbing actually.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Notice we’re revelling in all of this on a Friday night? The weekend beckons and the tradition lives on, yeah baby! Boomchukka, chukka,…..awowa…yowza…

Hmm….this video clip is so funny. Makes me wish I had Uhuras (spelled right?) legs – thighs (so I could play off them) for free drinks at the bar from the bad boys who want just one thing….not fair….guys should be able to play off a womans needs as much as woman does with a guys….isn’t that right?
Anyhow….it was a excellent clip and good to see that we don’t always need to be so darn serious – pop a pill….roll a blunt – quaff a few brewskis….or knock back a few jello – shots…..whatever gets you there….then do it. Ya know?

Just seen the one by Nine Inch Nails…it was a bit different but nothing unique or special at all. The editing of it was Ok…..(at best) otherwise it was pretty boring. That guy needs to get a life…..the video was just so one dimensional!

Excellent – – too bad Scotty’s “By Any Other Name” Drink-Off didn’t make the clips.

Now for something different. (Y’all seen this before, yes?)

Now for something else different.
This woman could’ve auditioned for the TOS-R soprano gig:
JJ should ask her to sing for the movie.

The clip is great I love that song and never thought of the tie ins with Trek. Ditto. Josh T. OK I hate Kirk/Spock slash but you have to admit quality when you see it.

6. Duane Boda – March 10, 2007
“Just seen the one by Nine Inch Nails…it was a bit different but nothing unique or special at all. The editing of it was Ok…..(at best) otherwise it was pretty boring. That guy needs to get a life…..the video was just so one dimensional!”

I could not disagree more! It was very different from main stream and therefore unique. I felt the editing was phenomenal and bear in mind I am someone who actually can open my frakking (BSG :) ) mouth because I actually went to film school at TMPM (The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan). Also bearing in mind that I hate K/S slashfests I can not in any capacity say that it was boring on the opposite I was curious while watching to see what direction, what clips, and where the editor would go next.

Now for Yo to be fare. Camelot, don’t kill me here guys but I am one of the few theatre people or film people that you will meet that HATES Monty Python in any incantation. I have never been able to watch that clip through shudder. I just need to stop speaking of it because it gets me going on a hostile streak and that is bad.

The lady singing Trek theme was very fun and a good smile came to my face however she was a bit dull. Come on baby where is the passion and by passion I am refering to the big reveal? What reveal you say? The one where after the middle or towards the end we see her tear away clothes revealing what we all want! A TOS miniskirt underneath!!!

Aaron Ringewold

Instant classic! Worth the effort. But man, do I have the munchies.

That was excellent!
Well done.

Aaron buddy, you don’t like Monty Python?
I’m sorry to hear that.
If you can stand to watch it, I’d like your opinion on the little Star Trek/Python video that I made….

Spockboy I was actually able to watch yours all the way through!!! Very (ergh) good… I don’t like Python but I do enjoy seeing Star Trek associated and parodied to other things for example! See below


PS remember theatre people love musicals!!!

superb video!

outstanding with Grace Slick and Co singing to mostly clips of star treks betterly visual third season episodes (68-69)!

god i love william SHATNER & NIMOY and Bill’s over the top acting


Shaaye …

say …dont bogart that joint fellas.. tee hee!!!

I like Knights of the Round Table — Star Trek. Now that’s Python and Trek! :-)

# – 9 Well….as they say different strokes for different folks. We each have our own individual perspectives and experiences (Thank God!) so naturally we’d have our own point of views. Just like as I would like a certain genre of music and film from my Dad then likewise for you. I highly suspect you’re in your early or mid-twenties….one of the prime reasons for differing viewpoints and such.

I liked it.

It was much better than Cats.

I want to see it again and again.

#8 — Ha Ha…I love the “Camelot” clip. I almost did a “spit take” with my coffee when I saw the “I have to push the pram a lot” scene with poor Chris Pike in his wheelchair.

Anthony — Good choice of videos for the “chill out”. I love Grace Slick’s voice and “White Rabbit” is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for the pill. I feel much better now. MUCH better now….

oh, and #12:Aaron R. — I DO remember doing the time warp…back in college during the 80’s, a few friends and I went to a “performance” of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (we just observed — we were too afraid to participate!) That song became a staple of every party we threw until graduation. It was a great song to break the ice with party-goers of the female persuasion.

So thank you, too for lightening up the weekend. I actually feel much more positive about Kurtzman and Orci’s latest interview and ST:XI in general

Trek and the Sixties must have been a sweet combination!

Alas, I’m too young unless I do a time warp…

Nice clip!
Not quite as good as the NIN clip, but well thought out.

The colorful setting of the show, some of its unreality, and the over the top acting could DEFINITELY make you think you were high lol.

Spockboy…I enjoyed the Python film!

OMG This is bad!!!


Yes, that WAS bad!
Thank you!
Here is another little Trek thing I made.
This one actually has McCoy (er,…uh) singing at the end.

It was right after this that they changed their name from Jefferson Heavy Cruiser to Jefferson Starship.

#23 Oh, that is clever!