Wolf In The Fold Remastered Airs Today

The boys go to a ‘gentlemens club’ and Scotty ends up accused of killing one of the ladies

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Certainly not a classic, but this episode is a favorite for Doohan fans…and it has a groovy seance. For CBS Digital it is one of those episodes they can do in their sleep, expect…

  • Enterprise in oribit shots
  • possibly a new energy being effect or new ‘swirly’ effect

…thats about it

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Don’t forget the insertion of the CGI Piglet ; )

Since we have Jack the Ripper, maybe the new movie could be about the Jersey Devil, Springheel Jack, the Mothman, or maybe the Hopkinsville horror, or how about those “witches” that attacked those mexican policeman? Has anyone seen that? That’s some shit right there.

Here’s something else you don’t see every day heh heh.


In my travels over the years, I have noted the popularity of this episode with what we would call “Non-Fans”. I remember many saying, “I don’t understand what’s so great about this show but I really liked this episode”. The gap between our community here and the general public may have a remedy (at least a small part) located within “Fold”.
I enjoy this episode – – reasoning your way out of a frightening problem to a solution which no one in centuries was equipped to do. A new experience for Redjac – –

James McAvoy is all WRONG for this role, and I hope the casting rumours surrounding him as “Scotty” remain just that…rumour. I definately want a slightly older actor than whoever is eventually confirmed as “Kirk” in the new Movie… There are better Scots actors out there who would make the role their own.

A wary Highlander…

How do you guys get ‘humanoid’ from that? It’s a bunch of balloons!

Another enjoyable preview.

Now something different, off-topic but worthwhile for TOS fans:
if you haven’t seen this before, check it out, it is an homage to TOS,
and IMO it’s well done.


Watch it in full-screen mode.
Disregard the flaws and watch to the end.
(Note there’s a brief final scene during the
closing credits, so stay for that.)

From the youtube reviews:
“This clip is excellent! It creates a feel of haunted nostalgia”;
“the emptiness of the sets and the ghostly quality of the clips
are a poignant contrast.” “Stylistically stunning.”
“My only gripe is that there could have been [better] textures
on teh ships and other models … oh well ….”

I hear some yawns. “Boring?” This kind of thing isn’t for everyone.
You kinda have to get into the vibe, yo. Maybe take one of those pills
as suggested in the previous thread, then watch again.

Now that you watched Josh T.s witch vid watch my witch vid!!! :)

Re: Post #8 above

If you enjoyed that TOS tribute video:
The full-rez Quicktime version is available at the author’s site.
(Caution, big file, 83 MB. Right-click and Save-as.)

8. yo

This may prove a couple of things.

In a new Star Trek movie, a new cast is not needed. . . in fact, maybe NO cast is needed.

No design changes would be needed in a new movie set in that era, just smoothing some things out.

I enjoyed it.

#4 “something else you don’t see every day”
Damn, I thought I was pretty subtle when I visited Arizona in 2005! I had no idea somebody caught me on video! I’ll have to be more careful next time!

Gerard Butler from the movie 300 should be the next Scotty. He has the right look, and he is Scottish. Scotty is a man’s man, not some skinny little kid. James McAvoy would be all wrong.

I’d like to see CBS digital give us more views of the Enterprise in orbit. They have mixed it up pretty well with other shots, but have stuck to virtually the same shot of the E in orbit time and time agian. How about a view from the top looking down on the E in orbit, or even from below?? How about a moon or two or a distant Nebula?? I Mudd’s planet had rings, that was great!! Come on CBS more more more!

Mr. Hengist has some serious anger issues…and needs to book a psychiatric session with Dr. Hartley.

Speaking of serious anger problems, I am having them again. Pre-empted by HS Basketball Championship games here. NO WHERE on the schedule for the entire weekend is Star Trek! I am not a happy camper. KXVO of Omaha…beware!!!!

Nothing to do with todays episode but I found this video on you tube
about one minute forty seconds in, there is a CGI shot of a TOS bridge with animated bridge display screens. I wish they would do something like this to the bridge display screen.

I think it would really add to the remastering and it would give them something to do on the less heavy effects episodes like this weeks. They could tie in the infomation being shown on the screens to match what is happening in the episode.

Apart from the odd hand phaser being changed and the few times a matt painting appears in the back ground of a window we never really see the remastering being bought into the internal sets, I think changing the display screens would really make the bridge set come alive.

I know it probably will not get done because of time and lack of money
but I live in hope :O)

I am off to watch “Wolf In The Fold” on DVD havent seen it for a while. I remember it creeped me out as a Kid.

Just saw the episode. Only changes I noticed are the cuts from the original episode and the new planetary and Enterprise shots. No change to the way Redjac was portrayed on the briefing room monitor and they did not show Hengist getting transported into space. :( They also didn’t add the missing communicator sound in the scene in the Prefect’s chamber.

This must have been one of the episodes they did that gave them the time they needed to finish TDM.

#19 “This must have been one of the episodes they did that gave them the time they needed . . . ”

Yep, add to the fact that the next two weeks are re-runs and we are in a dry spell. Probably for the NCAA Basketball Tournament which can bump a number of programs or draw from others.

#8 Yo… they replaced the lizard on McCoy’s wall with a medical caduseus. The lizard is inviolate!!

Yeah I saw it this afternoon and I didn’t see anything “new” besides the ship in orbit.
Its a fun show, though, once you get past the idea of three murdered women that nobody seems too concerned about the longer the show goes on. The Jack the Ripper stuff is always fun, whether its on Star Trek or Kolchak the Night Stalker or In Search Of … with Mr. Nimoy.

#2 Josh – The Jersey Devil. Springheel Jack. LOL Man, I thought I was the only one that still remembered those old legends. I think they’re a gas. Tell me the one about the Mexican policemen and the three witches – that one I’m unfamiliar with. :-)

In the other thread on this episode, Take a Stab at the Wolf In The Fold Preview, in post # 31, Kelvington said,

“Here is one thing I absolutely guarantee they will NOT fix, and is part of the best Trivia question I ever wrote for any Star Trek Trivia Contest…

“What is the ONLY episode where Scotty’s right hand appears completely intact? Meaning you see all FIVE of his fingers.

“Give up? Wolf In The Fold. When Scotty puts his hand on the lie detector/scanner, you see a 2nd unit shot of SOMEONE ELSE’S hand which shows all five fingers. I wonder if they will bother to fix it? While we are never given any reason for Scotty missing his middle finger, there’s no reason to hide it. And in several other episodes, while he favors his left hand, you still see his right is missing a finger. Holding Tribbles is the most obvious one, but there are a few others.”

I replied, incorrectly, that you also saw all of his fingers in ST: IV, when he was typing at the mac. I knew I had seen that somewhere else, but was mistaken as to where it was.

It was in the TNG episode Relics. Right after Scotty steps off the transporter near the beginning of the episode, he tries to rescue Matt Franklin, who had gone into the transporter the same time as he did. (Poor Matt didn’t make it – one of the inducers failed and his pattern had degraded 53%.) Scotty is seen punching the transporter console, and his missing middle finger is clearly seen. Sorry for the mistake. Technically, though, Kelvington may still be correct, because you don’t see the thumb on the hand that is operating the transporter. Wouldn’t it be funny if Scotty’s “hand double” for Relics was missing a thumb?


Hate it when that happens. ;)

Skipped through it on my DVR. A minmalist approach, as required. However, they didn’t enhance the machinery in the maintenance panel Kirk and Spock were looking into in one shot. Still 1960’s circuit boards and the like. This is totally inconsistent with the decision to augment the android’s innards in “I, Mudd”. CBS-D, you sooooo suck.

Well, Josh T. and Flying Tigress, this is nice…

In my area, tonight’s “Wolf in the Fold” is not being shown due to…

you guessed it…


I’m not that happy about it.

Hmm, they should have done an episode where Scotty loses a finger saving the ship! It would be better than offing a random redshirt and could have been used to flesh out his character a bit. Then you could show Scotty’s fingerless hand whenever you wanted to – he could even talk about it from time to time to make a point about safety – “Look ensign,
don-a jus jab yer finger in a Jeffries Tube power conduit, ye could lose a fingar!”

Holo J (#18)

That’s my video “All I Ask is a Tall Ship” you linked to. I composed and rendered all the CGI shots myself, but the models were found on various 3D websites. I have several other Trek themed videos on Youtube as well. You can find them by typing “buckaroohawk” (without the quotes) into the search bar.

Thanks for linking to the video. That was a very surprising birthday present. I hope everyone enjoys it.


You just have to be a man about it Stanky, if they replaced two hours of driving in circles with Star Trek, the rednecks would institute a call to arms resulting in enough beer and chewing dip flying to single handedly alter the surface of the planet to look like Earth after the Borg assimilated it.

Spayce,tha final frunteer ,thems there is tha voyagez of tha Star Trak Enterprize, it’s 5 year misshun, to ex-plore weird new places, to go on over yonder, n’ find new folks, to boldly go on where nobody has pretty much been bee-fore. Yee haw.

Cap’n Kirk on the Tube n’ Cap’n Crunch in tha bowl.

Wow, I just realized that they drugged the whole crew with happy stuff. It really was the 60’s :)

Stanky’s not alone. Here in Omaha, the local affiliate pre-empted it for another statewide sports championship broadcast.
Keeping their committment…to being inconsistent.

BTW, on a serious note, James “Scotty” Doohan lost a finger on his right hand during WW II. He was one of the thousands of Allied soldiers who hit the Beaches of Normandy on D-Day, truly “The Longest Day”, as the famous film depicting that epic day is titled.

#27: I think they didn’t do this because it’s the future, and they should be able to grow a new finger. Or give him a fake finger that works just like a real finger.

If they can reattached Spock’s Brain… :)

I think Doohan was trying to give Shatner the finger.

re: 30 and 31. Josh T.

Thank you for that. I only wish I had come up with that. :)

Dadburn it anyhoo.

# 29. Buckaroohawk

hey Buckaroohawk nice work! I love the Soundtrack as well.
You should show your CGI Bridge to the guys at CBS Digital, I think the Display screens working like that wouldn’t be distracting if they changed them on the real bridge behind the actors.

Oh and happy birthday by the way :O)