Wolf in the Fold Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

One of the better Scotty centric episodes gets a facelift…

SFX Video


New and Old

Orbiting Argelius II

Leaving Argelius II


Kara does her provocative dance

Scotty grins so wide it hurts — proving he needs to get out more

That ol’ Kirk charm

Scotty dazed holding knife

Prefect Jaris

Sybo — Empathic wife of Jaris

Scotty on trial

Rejack flees into the Enterprise computer

A reanimated Hengist takes a highly tranquilized hostage

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Brilliant colours, don’t you think?

This episode is whimsical, I likey.

It’s a good filler material episode, whilst simultaneously being endearing and charming in it’s own right.

There needs to be a top 10 list of the most non-threatening villians in screen-history.

Hengist should at least be in the top 5, the guy that provides the voice of piglet is about as frightening as a Nascar fan chewing..Oops!

Is it me, or is that city lights viewed from orbit on the surface of Argelius II?

If so, that’s a awesome first.

The deflector dish has more color to it now.

Josh T. wrote:

> Is it me, or is that city lights viewed from orbit on the surface of Argelius > II?

Yup, I thought they were city lights (or something awfully bright!). :-)

Can someone explain the voice of piglet references?

Those are city lights. Looks great, and adds so much to that scene.

Was there nothing done to fix any of the Redjack scenes?? I thought they would have spruced up some of those effects.

Al, the actor who played Redjak (John Fiedler) in this episode also provided the voice for “Piglet” in the “Winnie-the-Pooh” cartoons for Disney from the late Sixties until his death in 2005.

4. Chris – March 11, 2007

The deflector dish has more color to it now.

Actually I don’t think the DISH has more color, but the bit behind the dish is DEFINITELY more copper.

I don’t get it?

Wasn’t John Fielder also in Charlottes Web?

The area behind the navigational deflector dish is a 50/50 mix of copper and black.

That’s just awesome how the cities are illuminated from orbit.

A completely unexpected enhancement, I tell you, this is such a treat what CBS is doing, it really does bring Trek into the 21st century and makes these jewels alive again even after so many years and repeat viewings.

We all owe CBS a collective thank you.

In the last photo – Hengist should have his hands about 6 – 7 inches lower!
Oh yeah….sure how totally juvenile one might say but who can argue with warm hands and a smiling heart? Not me!

i know its a silly thing, and innaccurate, but part of me will miss the brightly colored planets

Love the city lights!!!! Great work…and great attention to detail, CBS-D!!! But, I think you also did this with Vulcan in Amok Time.



Yeah, they did do it in “Amok Time”. (But for some reason, TrekMovie.com doesn’t have a screenshot of it.)

The paucity of remastered effects in this episode leads me to ask a minor question – forgive me if it has been asked before:

The closing credits included an old Enterprise orbital shot over a cloudless Earth globe – presumably a shot from the original Miri. Will the final remastering leave such old effects still shots in the end credits untouched? If so, that might be the only trace of the old models, etc. left in the remastered series.


(smile) …But the matte lines around the Enterprise won’t be missed.

Well… maybe a little…

I believe CBS-D may have added the Redjac cloud effect to the triangular viewer on the conference room table after it first appeared on the larger viewer.

I don’t recall that little tidbit, and the gallery at TrekCore is down at the moment, so I can’t check.

Does anyone else recall?


In the DVD from the non-(R) ep. it shows up on the triangular viewer for about 10 seconds beginning at 40:26 into the episode. But, at time 41:00, still in the briefing room, when the scene cuts back to a wider field of view — after the dialogue about the sedative — the viewer is shown blank.

I didn’t watch the (R) ep last night. There are a couple of tightly-framed close-ups on, what appears to be, the briefing room triangular viewscreen image with Redjac (recalling something from J. Blish’s written adaptations – “and of its home”). Are those what you might be referring to, or something else?

John Fiedler also had a recurring role as morgue attendant Gordy “The Ghoul” Spangler on “Kolchak the Night Stalker”, which also had an episode about an immortal Jack the Ripper.

> “John Fiedler also had a recurring role … on ‘Kolchak the Night Stalker’,
> which also had an episode about an immortal Jack the Ripper.”

and btw, Kolchak fans may recall a couple other connections between
that series and Star Trek. Probably most well-known is that the
final episode “The Sentry” had obvious parallels to “Devil in the Dark”.

One Kolchak fan site alleges that “Cy Chermak said in the late 70’s that
‘if the show had gone on for another season, it would have been bigger
than Star Trek.'” :-)

FYI, all 20 Kolchak eps can be purchased on itunes.
(Note to Kolchak newbies: don’t confuse it with the arguably inferior
2005 “Night Stalker” series.)

Even though we only get to see the E for a few seconds it continues to look better and better with each outing. The detail on the hull and reflections off of it are really starting to look good.

I might add the E has looked great now for several weeks but they seem to find ways to continue to slightly improve the digital model with every new episode.

Now we have two weeks off until the “Tholian Web”. Damn!!

>Probably most well-known is that the
>final episode “The Sentry” had obvious parallels to “Devil in the Dark”.

Darren McGavin’s beautiful wife, Kathy Brown, who played the police detective in that episode, also turned heads here a few weeks back as Queen Deela in “Wink of an Eye”.

Even though minimal CG, it really looks cleaner than original. Skin tones especially.


Now, one question will be “How much will the (R) Tholian cruisers look like the more recent versions in the episodic Trek ‘that (to borrow a description) does not dare speak its name’?”

Or, are they — like the differences between the “Mirror Universe” Enterprise from Mirror, Mirror (R) and the latest CGI renderings — going to bear some marked differences — and look more like the TOS-era Tholian vessels?

(And, here’s to a Cruiser Aurora that isn’t an obvious re-use!)

I love the way that Kara is vogueing in the opening shot years before vogueing was in vogue.

#8, 10, 20–

PLEASE don’t forget John Fiedler’s other big recurring live role–as “Mr. Peterson,” the hapless little-guy dominated by his never-seen wife Doris, a therapy patient to Dr. Hartley on The Bob Newhart Show.

Next to “Hi, Bob” as a drinking-game line from that show (I believe the prototype TV show for that!), the next one would be: “Y-you want to go with that, Mr. Peterson?”

I believe John Fiedler was also Dabney Coleman’s doormat for a season of “Buffalo Bill” in the mid-80s.

Boy, this Fiedler guy really got around, didn’t he? I, of course, remember him from The Odd Couple film.

The E looked amazing.
Now PLEASE go back and re-insert this model into the first eps before you dump them all on DVD and HD, CBS-d…!!!


I’m surprised someone hasn’t put a “Wolf in the Hundred Acres Wood” mash-up on YouTube, ie, “Die, die, everybody die” dubbed over Piglet.

Interested to know why they didn’t redo the ‘blade exhibit’ inset on the view screen… Those pale white hands that rotated the blade, and those black stocking-like sleeves that covered the arms, look very outdated. Couldn’t a digital effect that showed all sides of the blade been used here?

I think he was in the TV version of the Odd Couple as well was’nt he?

There’s something I always liked about that image of Scotty standing there with the blade in his hand. That strange awkward way he’s standing there was very creepy. And as far as TV shows go when the fate of the major character is obvious, it still starts off as a good mystery. I mean, it sure looks like there’s no way he’s innocent.

As said, the CGI E is getting better, lifting the specularity adds much more texture realism and stops the look of “concrete”, and that deflector area has a definate improvement. Just lift the levels of the ship’s internal lighting/portholes/nav lights a bit maybe..? City lights are a nice touch too.

Finally got to see it late last night on the Sioux City affiliate (no thanks to KXVO in Omaha). Yeah, not much at all to do with this one, but man, the big E looks so great!!!! Looking forward to “Tholian” after the two week break. I just wish they’d go back and insert this “E” into the opening credits. Glorious nacelles and all!!!!

Fiedler also was in the mid-70s comedy “Harper Valley PTA,” and becomes one of Barbara Eden’s victims. I can still recall seeing him wrapped in a fire hose in the TV ads for that cinematic masterpiece.

But he’ll always be Redjac to me….

Scott out.

re: #37-

Yes, they’ve added more specularity when rendering the Enterprise, and I definitley noticed it this week. But I thought it was on the edge of overdoing it now! It almost looked like bare metal.

I liked the city lights seen from orbit, very nice touches.

Additionally, in Paradise Syndrone, I was watching my recording of the scene when the Enterprise fires the deflector at the asteroid, did anyone ever notice you can see inside the ship through the windows? Looked great!

Don’t forget John Fiedler was also on The Odd Couple IIRC before The Bob Newhart Show. Great actor!

Yes, noticed that with the ship interiors – that’s one thing that’s vastly easier to do on a cg model than a physical miniature, nice touch that adds great scale – maybe they might go as far as a low poly redshirt crewmember walking past a porthole sometime!

Or maybe they’ll film some of the CBS-D people and place them walking past a window!

Nelson – Well yes, but then it’s a flat 2d plate, which doesn’t look natural when viewed on/off angle. A similar technique was used with the filming miniature of the pod used to transport Kirk and Scott to drydock in TMP – you can see it as it moves past camera and the figures are in fact 2d (it was projected footage of the actors on to a miniature interior rear projection screen synced frame by frame with moco as a separate double exposure pass), cheers.

The deflector dish FINALLY has some color…and it looks GREAT!!! :)

Nice work CBS-D

Chris- I’ve seen the set-up for the travelpod on TMP. I agree, for most part it worked on that section of the movie, but it can look flat. But people were inserted in the observation areas of the shuttlecraft launchbay for Journey to Babel. Wouldn’t that same technique work for portholes?

maybe…just depends on relative camera angle and distance etc….but it sure would be “fascinating” to see!

I remember turning the TV on… I remember seeing the opening sequence… then

I don’ rrrrrememberrrr a thing!

Hey… whose knife??

Redrom-redrom-redroom… oops… wrong show…

I still laugh out loud at the scene when they carry Hengist (a.k.a. AtoZ a.k.a. Piglet a.k.a. Lawyer J. Noble Daggett) to the transporter as he tells everyone they’re gonna die. I bet they had to do that a hundred times before they made it ten steps without laughing.

…And for those that don’t know, Pilar Seurat, the actress who played Sybo, is Dean Devlin’s mom.

I know there won’t be much to it, but where’s our beloved sfx video? I wanna see the BIG E in all her glory.