Star Trek Auction Update: Week 12 past week of the Its a Wrap Auctions on EBay was one 3rd lowest week for total sales with a total of only $37,688. On the upside it seems that reserves are a thing of the past (we hope). While week 12 was not spectacular, it had some interesting costumes, and a few nice props. It had a lot of inexpensive costumes and there were some real bargains in the $500-$800 range. There were a lot of Voyager items this week including Marquis rank pins selling very well. And again, we are seeing new bidders driving up prices. The big seller was a rare two piece B’Elanna Torres Voyager uniform complete with Maquis rank pin (rare as few of these costumes have rank pins). The costume, even though distressed, went for $2,300.

Other Voyager hero costumes arrived this week. The Harry Kim costume went for $1,525, which is a bit more than the Voyager costumes went for when the last hero costumes were on. The Neelix costume went for $869 and the Kes for $565. Those are great prices on costumes of main Voyager characters. The four Maquis provisional rank pins were selling in the $200s. The crewman version went for $213.50, the ensign version went for $217.50 and the two Lt. versions went for $210 and $255. Now, considering that It’s a Wrap even said in the listing that they have a bunch of these, I think they went a bit high. I could easily see these in the $100-125 range. I guess if you have a Voyager costume that needs one, you need to try and be patient!

The Reman Warrior costume went for $2,125. It is a nice costume that included two latex head pieces that were used in the film. The last one went for $1,930 without the latex headpiece. The Enterprise uniform jumpsuit went for $1,580.55 which was 50% higher than similar jumpsuits sold for in the past. The winner was a new bidder and probably hasn’t seen where costumes have been going for previously. I think he paid way high for this, but new bidders haven’t learned the hard lessons some of us have about patience and the depth of supply there is. The Ferengi costume went for only $555 also, and these prices should tell you where to bargain shop as we move forward. There are a lot of great costumes well under $1,000, so any collector or Star Trek fan can get one.

On the prop front:
The Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly was the high prop item this week and was well worth the $1,825 it went for. It really was a beautiful piece, and considering where other props have gone for lately, I think the buyer did well. The Thoracic Hypospray kit went for $1,555,55. A simple, but interesting prop, it had a retractable needle, which will make for some fun when guests arrive! It came with a nice case as well and was reasonably priced compared to similar props. The Phaser Rifle went for $1,601.99 which is reasonable for a rubber stunt version. It was a nice piece and will look good on display. Always be aware though that rubber items will decay somewhat over time.


Alec’s Auction Awards
Best Costume of the Week: The Reman Warrior costume. Great costume with nice extras.

Best Prop of the Week: Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly. A beautiful piece.

Best Buy of the week: "The Wounded" Cardassian costume. One of the first Cardassian costumes before the familiar gray ones at only $456! Great deal!

Worst Buy of the week: At $1,580.55 the Enterprise Uniform jumpsuit is 50% higher than it should be.

Sleeper of the Week: Darmok – El Adrel IV Creature. This latex monster head from a classic episode went for a paltry $178! Great deal on a memorable piece.

Week 13 Preview: Enterprise Week
This week is a big Enterprise week. The selection of both props and costumes is very good and there are lots of hero costumes. There are Archer, Reed, Tucker, Mayweather and Sato jumpsuits, and even an Orion Slave Girl costume!

The Archer jumpsuit is the perfect example of It’s a Wrap needing to more carefully describe its auctions. It appears this is a stunt costume by the tagging, but there appears to be a Bakula tag which also lists the stuntman as well? A photo would help serious collectors.

The Reed, Mayweather and Sato jumpsuits are all in the $500-600 range now and should all go in the $1,200-1,500 range. The Tucker should bring more as he is a more popular character. His costume is already over $1,000 and should go in the $1,500-2,000 range.

The Xindi Reptile costume is a great piece. Using the jumpsuit from the Reman costumes of Star Trek: Nemesis, without the shoulder pad/chest piece of those costumes, these are great costumes. The last one, sold for $1,276 and this one is already at $1,460. I see this around the $2,000 mark as last week’s Reman costume went over that number.

Who doesn’t love Orion Slave Girls? Ok, let me re-phrase that. What adult male with a pulse doesn’t like Orion Slave Girls? Well, now we have a chance to own the costume from "Bound" the Enterprise episode that let us know that Orion women are all Dominatrixes! None the less, a very cool costume. It is at $485 at the moment and should easily go between $1,000 and $1,500.

Bargains? Well, there are a couple of distressed Enterprise background jumpsuits that you should be able to pick up for $800 or so I would bet. The MACO Terran Empire Jumpsuit is real nice and should go under $1,000. The T’Pol desert stunt uniform is somewhat distressed and so I am not sure how great a buy this is.

I really like the Suliban costume, which is under $150 right now! Not sure why the lack of interest, as this is a great costume.

As far as props go:
Well, this is one of the better weeks for props and if you like Enterprise, there is plenty for you.

The Klingon Bat’Leth is the top prop at the moment at $760 and should go over $1,000 as the last one that came on did. These are nice items, but remember, there are a bunch of these in the warehouse, so don’t go crzay!

TheHypospray used by Peter Weller in the Enterprise episode "Demons" is an absolutely stunning piece. There are a lot of collectors who love props like this, and so I think this hits $1,500 easy. Check out the detail on the handle, and this prop was made for only one scene!

The "First Flight Sensor Package" is dynamite, and already over $700. This item could easily top $2,000. It is really well detailed and will display well in someone’s collection.

There is a Phase Pistol and holster, but note that this is the smaller Art Asylum version, which is a bit smaller than the resin or rubber ones made for the show. Paramount actually bought a bunch of these nicely detailed toys and repainted them for use on the show. Still a nice piece and screen used. Probably $1,200 or so. I certainly don’t think it is worth more than that.

TheTricorder and holster is cool, but the Tricorder doesn’t open up. Still, a popular item and will top $1,000 as it is already over $500.

The Universal Translator prop is awesome and if you have an Enterprise communicator to fit this onto you are set! It lights up and the detail is beautiful. I see this prop topping $1,500 easy and won’t be surprised if it goes over $2,000.

There is a Communicator with Holster, but, like the Tricorder, it is a background version that does not open.

The Enterprise Emergency Medical Kit is disappointing only in that it has big Q-tips! Come on! It is the 22nd century, isn’t there some ultra-sonic doo-hickey that takes teh place of something as mundane as Q-tips? Other than that, there is some cool pieces in this set and how impressed will your buddies be when you whip this out the next time your friend gets a paper cut?

I also like Captain Archer’s Water Polo certificate, but it is already over $300 and it is a piece of paper! Still, kind of cool.

If you are looking for a good deal, I think the MACO Pistol andRifle, both rubber versions, will go in the $600-800 range. They are both nice pieces if you can deal with them being rubber. The Andorian Pistol is also a good value as I don’t see it going over $600.

Half the items this week are still under $150, so spend time looking at the bottom half of the auctions. If you are looking for value this week, you will have to have a good plan and spend wisely. Look at the items based on when they end, and plan out your strategy with this in mind. There are so many good deals that will be there this week, and enough good props and costumes, that prices shouldn’t get out of hand.


Click here to see the full list of week 11 items on Auction 

For more check out Alec’s Trek Auctions Blog


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Are there any large, careful buyers who appear to be building a museum? For those of us who don’t have an extra $1,200 for a nice toy.

I always felt Enterprise’s production values were good, but the tech seemed way too close to TOS. Didn’t anybody invent anything for 150 years? I wish they’d held off a long time establishing ship’s phasers. The early missile encounters were cool in their own way and showed the crew sweating it out because they were so badly outmatched. I could have gone the entire series without the transporter being used as a bail out for week scripts.

My God, the entire Blog crew has been reduced to cottage cheese cubes. I’M ALONE!

No, CmdR, you are not alone….you will never be alone.

CmdrR: No word on any museums, but some of us may be displaying costumes at various events. There was a small display at the New York Comic Con by one collector, and I may do so in August at the Vegas Con if I can get Creation to work with me on it.

Also, Enterprise is only 100 years before TOS. But I agree, that they should have introduced some tech more slowly. Remember though, we had no real shields and only warp 5. So there were some advancements in the next 100 years.


Not to mention that maybe something horrendous happened during that hundred year gap that led to the “revisionist” morphing to the appearance of the ships and costumes. Maybe the surviving populace was left with nothing but history tapes from the 1960’s as a point of reference to go by!
Far out, man!

During the run of TNG, there was a traveling exhibit of Starfleet Technology. It included a couple of TNG costumes, and some interactive exhibits which, at the time, were state of the art. OMG, a voice-activated computer! It was pretty heady stuff. If anybody gets the chance to put a bug in somebody’s ear… it would be cool to update the hard science and have it travel with a top notch collection of Trek junque. Just a thought… since odds are these pieces will never all come together again in any great numbers.

Why do some of the items appear on ebay with blurs over them? I understand for things like the water polo certificate (I guess, who wants to take the trouble to reproduce that?) but when you’ve got a simple inventory label with numbers…it’s easy to guess what the rest is. Why do they bother to blur some of the image?

If we went from 1870’s victorian “don’t show your ankles” to 1970s mini skirts (100 years), then I can totally believe we went from Enterprise jumpsuits again to miniskirts in TOS ;-)

i completly agree, i liked the early enterprise phasers because i felt they should be outgunned for the most part, same with the transporters, the writers should have had a little more restraint


Can’t answer that one. Guess they want to stop counterfeiting. Can’t see any other reason!