Trek XI: The Poll

In the "Corbomite Maneuver" Lt. Baily says to Kirk "I vote we blast ’em," to which Kirk quickly replied "Thank you, Mr. Bailey, I’ll consider that when this becomes a democracy." But that attitude doesn’t stop fans from voting their opinions, including three currently running Trek XI polls on other sites.

IMDB is asking  for thumbs up or down on Matt Damon as Capt Kirk. Current result is a split decision of 48% for it, 52% against [UPDATE: IMDB have followed up with a new poll asking ‘if not Damon, then who?’…so far ‘an unknown’ leads with 34% with Ewan McGregor is 2nd with 11%]

TrekToday also have a Trek XI casting poll going, asking what is people’s favorite casting rumor. The Sinise as Bones rumor leads with 40%. have a tongue in cheek list of potential names for Star Trek XI, with "Star Trek XI: The First Generation" in the lead.

…by the way, if you haven’t noticed added polling to the site a month ago with regularly rotating polls related to current news items…today we are asking about favorite composers.

if you see any other trek polls out there on the interweb let us know 

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I just don’t wany Brody plaing Spock.
Damon and Sinese are fine with me.


Not a good sign for Damon. I guess the only positive is that internet polls aren’t worth anything. But even a split isn’t great. It means there’s a big contingent of fans that DON’T want him.

Hard to complain too much about an unknown BEFORE the movie.

I’d rather have Melanie Shatner as Kirk than Matt Damon. Stanky, do you agree?

Wow, visit this page reguarly but hadn’t noticed the poll. Guess I just focus on new articles but I voted for “Jerry Goldsmith”, shame he won’t be doing anymore.

Really not sure on casting, Shatner will allways be Kirk to me so its hard to picture someone else…. I have come to like Damon in the “Bourne” movies though so will have to wait and see. Oh, and please not “The First Generation” but It doesn’t appear to be a serious list. :-)

Not any of those guys. Go with new talent. It’ll cost less, plus if the film takes off like gangbusters. they will become celebrities in their own right. The villan, if there is one, should be a master thespian.

Sinise — Definitely. Paramount has to realize the favor for Sinise already. Won’t be surprised if he’s Bones.

Up until I saw The Departed, I’d been one to say, Damon has the look but not the mannerism. Now I see how obnoxious he can be and support him as Kirk — although I feel like we have to be able to do better — if not — it’s definitely a good choice.

Finally, I don’t know where the Brody rumor came from, but he is a terrible option. Everytime I see Zachary Quinto on Heroes, I think more and more that he would make an EXCEPTIONAL Spock. Paramount should actively pursue him and Sinise for Spock and McCoy. Great casting choices.

I can’t see Damon (Damon Bok?) as Kirk only because he seems way too young and inexperienced as a actor. For some strange reason I see him much more as a overgrown teenager thats woefully still wet behind the ears.
I mean….of all the actors on this planet of ours there must be a actor out there who is far more capable – shame on Paramount for not looking harder!
The reviews (when the film comes out) will ring true….people will laugh and leave.

No matter what JJ decide to do with the movie fans are going to be upset. The movie will probably do well anyway.

I hear that New Voyages is popular wit hfans that 30 million people download their latest episode so JJ don’t have to worry about fans accepting different actors playing the role of Kirk and hte rest.

IGN is reporting as of yesterday..(for what it’s worth) that Damon, Sinise and Brody are all in talks for the parts.

Sinise, I favor
Damon, I think he’s decent, but I suspect he’ll work very hard in the role.
Brody… sorry, no thanks. Find and sign Quinto.

The rest of the IGN article mentioned McAvoy as scott. That cannot work. McAvoy is far too young compared to these other actors.

I think Damon would be good. I have since he was 1st mentioned…Mark Walbergs another. STAR TREK needs all the “A” list Actors, Academy award winners and grandness to move it on from yesterdays a cult classic and put it in a class above Superman, Batman and the likes.

A grade actors are seldom used in this genre .. I would love to see STAR TREK boldy going again were no Sci Fi movie has gone before. PS think STAR TREK as movie name is good one to, keep it simple and blow them away!

Sinise as McCoy…great choice, but wish he were a bit younger. Can he go the duration of a trilogy?

Damon as Kirk…got to be someone better, but I agree with Josh, Xai, and Downunder. Acceptable. I began to like him in the Bourne movies and these make me think he would do well in action sequences. I agree with Josh. The Departed gave me more hope for Damon as Kirk.

Brody as Spock…a disaster in the making. Watching Hollywoodland made me constantly think, “No, no, no!” If this were a TNG reboot, Brody as Data might work. He definitely reminds me of Spiner in looks and personality. But Spiner could never have played Spock and the same goes for Brody. What Duane Boda thinks of Damon is even more true of Brody. Abrams has to find someone elset or I can just hear the snickers.

Many posts seem to feel the same about Brody. I only hope J.J. is reading!

3. Jeffrey

Thanks for asking.
Yes, definitely she would make a better fake Kirk.

JJ this and JJ that. You would swear that everybody here is a close personal friend of “JJ.” ‘Ooooooooooh! he’s got a cute little abbreviated nickname, so I’m gonna call him “JJ” just like he’s my little cousin.’ He’s got this cute little nickname so he’s gonna just make the best little Star Trek film EVerrrrr!


Stanky, got anything better to do than cut people down?

I guess #3 is your close personal friend since he addressed you by name. Gonna target him too?

I come to the site to have fun, not to read someone’s rants and ravings.

Internet polls are pointless….

75% or more hated the idea of Daniel Craig as Bond.. 167mill US and 500Mill worldwide later..the poll is bulls$%$T

Sinese could be great as McCoy, and, Damon might be really good as Kirk, but, I still don’t understand what Abrams et al are thinking….

Those actors are actually OLDER than Shatner and Kelley were in TOS. How is it going to make sense to do a prequel with the main characters looking OLDER?

And, who wants to see the great Shatner mimicked anyway? I just am not getting the premise here. Why not cast those fine actors – even include Brody, who’s a solid actor – in new roles? In new roles, they’d be free to run with their parts. They wouldn’t have the albatrosses of their TOS originals holding them back, and making them conform their artistic instincts, in order to acheive a difficult-to-impossible feat, that no one necessarily wants to see anyway?

Is there some movement, of which I’m unaware, that’s cheering for Shatner to be impersonated in a Star Trek prequel?

I mean, what am I missing here? I just don’t get it.

14. Bill Hardin
Don’t pick on Stanky! He wants Kirk and Spock that look like Shatner and Nimoy…and I think most of us do!
Heck…I’d even make a better Kirk. Do a search for “Discs of Evil” on YouTube. That’s me as the captain. Stanky, whattaya think??

UNKNOWNS ideally to make the roles their own, but I doubt a Big Budget franchise like this is gonna risk that…

14. billhardin22

Bill, I understand your concerns. Let’s just call it a failed attempt at humor.
To my knowledge, I have done very little ‘cutting down’ of people here. Yes, I have expressed dismay at how people can feel such excitement over this project which I think is ill-advised, and have made some sarcastic comments from time-to-time, but I don’t think I have been doing much singling out of individuals. In this case, as I said, it was an attempt at humor which failed in your book, so I am sorry.

For the record, I do not know Jeffrey.

17. Jeffrey

I will look that up later.

I can live with the actors looking remotely like the original three if they are good actors. I won’t like impersonations at all and I think this group is professional enough to look at performances and make a judgment.
I expect Bones and Spock to lift an eyebrow and that would not be “copycatting”.
I think that whomever is cast, their first day will be a learning experience and after that they’ll have the right thoughts on acting vs. impersonating. This isn’t a group of people doing a webisode in the garage.

I like Sinise. He’s already played an astronaut, too. Damon would work very hard to make it right; he’s a no lose for the studio, but I can’t help thinking there’s a “Shatner” out there to his inevitable “Hunter”. Can’t yea or nay Brody.

If I had to pick one actor from HOLLYWOODLAND to play Spock, it would be Affleck and not Brody. Sorry, but he doesn’t look like Spock at all. Spock is suppose to be handsome, you know. I think Affleck has the right look for him.

*sigh* I was very afraid of having Damon as Kirk. I watched Bourne Idenity and Supremacy over the weekend. Although these were good movies and I liked him in these, I can’t see him as Kirk. The rumor for Spock – the Pianist? Please no! Find someone more Nimoy like. STNV did better at casting (not necessarily writing though)!

Sinise though would be the perfect McCoy!

The Star Trek New Voyages episodes – although interesting in what they could do today to replicate the ’60’s series falls flat when it comes to writing and acting. Even getting a well known writer for episode 2 was a mistake. Killing off Chekov and then explaning it as an alternate universe? That’s just lame. The downloads just prove interest in seeing TOS, it doesn’t mean that STNV is good. It’s not by a long shot.

Captain April… I agree completely!
So, what do you think of this Quinto guy as Spock? Photo looks promising, although I’m unfamiliar with the actor.
I really enjoyed Sinise in MISSION TO MARS, and thought how much this movie theme seemed like a Star Trek story. The real McCoy!

> “Killing off Chekov and then explaining it as an alternate universe?
> That’s just lame.”

AFAIK the STNV people did not nail down any official explanation
(such as an ‘alternate universe’) for continuity between Chekov’s
apparent demise in TSAMD and his appearance in the next future
episode. If we look at what has actually been said, we discover
an interesting debate.

Yes, I know that If you check in the STNV forums you can find
the words “alternate universe” mentioned in a letter from
Walter Koenig. But establishing such an ‘explanation’ was not
the key point of that letter. There is also a separate comment
from Cawley, and another staffmember’s comment can be found
among the relevant sticky-threads in the STNV forum.

AFAICT (this is my interpretation of those comments)
it seems that the value and impact of this story about Chekov
was thought strong enough to stand on its own — despite,
or independent of, the continuity question. (Cawley mentioned
something about not wanting to ‘dilute’ the impact of the ending.)
Viewers have debated whether this story, and this approach to
storytelling should be accepted or not, in the context of such a
high-profile Star Trek fan-film series.

The STNV folks opted to go ahead and tell that story in the way
that they wanted to tell it. This is very much ‘OK’ for some
(TSAMD fans who appreciate the story and can enjoy its impact
without much concern about continuity issues).
But the unresolved apparent discontinuity is Not OK, or
at least a cause for concern, in the view of those who don’t
consider Chekov’s apparent demise acceptable in this context.

Cawley has indicated that he’s not afraid to ignite “genuine debate”:
“We made you think. We provoked a reaction. That is MORE
than anything that Canon Trek has done in several years!”
(Take that, “Enterprise” fans) ;-)

> The downloads just prove interest in seeing TOS,
> it doesn’t mean that STNV is good.
> It’s not by a long shot.

Opinion noted.

All fan films are flawed. What would it take to make a
“good” TOS fan film? Can it be done? Of all the TOS
fan films that have been made, which do you like best?

Me? I’m partial to Exeter’s current work-in-progress.

I like Exeter because:

a. It is in the series time period
2. It does not attempt to portray the crew of the Enterprise with different actors, but is set on another, similar ship
c. The sets and effects are series-like and done very well

I have a harder time watching New Voyages. The inclusion of Koenig does not help.

Stanky, I appreciate the response.

Although I have read many of the threads with your comments, I am not completely clear why you think the project is ill-advised. I do appreciate your comments and you seem like a real fan of TOS.

I have been a fan of Trek since its initial run in syndication. I am somewhat apprehensive about what Trek will be under Abrams. I have not seen one episode of LOST and I thought MI:III was only so-so. So, I don’t know what final product he will bring to the screen. But I would feel this way about any new overseer of Trek.

If we are going to have new Trek, change is necessary and inevitable.
Can changes be made in a TOS context that will move Trek forward and remain faithful to the essence of TOS? Like most of the posters I think story and casting are the most important considerations. If a mistake is made in either this project is DOA. I am really concerned about casting rumors, even about Sinise. Here I think I think Cygnus-X1 has a point. However, I do think Kirk, Spock, and McCoy can be played by new actors without necessarily merely making their characters mere caricatures of Shatner, Nimoy, and Kelley. This must really be avoided.

What do you think essentially has to be done with this movie to make it successful in any sense of the word (if you think that is possible)?. If you think it cannot be successful, why not and what do you think can or should be done for Trek’s future.

Look forward to your (and other’s) comments!

Does anybody know why “The Tressarean Intersection” episode of Starship Exeter isn’t done yet? It should have been completed last summer at the latest. There haven’t been any news updates at the site either.
Special effects on Exeter are very well done in original series style. The Kongo fading out into the other dimension is most impressive.

re:27. billhardin22

I think it is ill-advised because I don’t want to see anyone else playing the series roles, and, like you said, with bad casting, a lot of other people won’t either.

The difference here is that I personally think ANY recasting is horrible and I don’t understand why anyone feels the need to see that. Some people have indicated that they want carbon copies of the series actors and some people have indicated the opposite opinion. Some want brand new interpretations of the characters and some want mimics. I want neither.

I am perfectly happy with the 79 episodes and some of the movies based on them and don’t feel the need to see any more.

If the movie does become popular and financially successful, it will be because of the general public who are not fans of the series, and that will mean they made something that is not Star Trek to me. Yes, I fully realize the intent of the studio is to make money. That does not change my opinion. I don’t generally like what the modern general public likes, and apparently I don’t like what a lot of other Star Trek fans like, either. I like what I like.

If they want to make new Star Trek in the era of the series, it should be done with a different starship and crew, but still remain faithful to the design (updated for better materials, working bridge screens, etc., but essentially the same in style, in music, in uniforms, and colors). I completely realize that will never happen.

The other option is to continue with movies based on some of the other series (which do not interest me) or to create an entirely new crew and ship from a period later than the real series and movies based on the real series. I don’t have anything against Star Trek continuing with that, although I’m not sure I would like it any more than the Next Generation, DS9, etc.

As for Abrams, I am not familiar with him, and it would not make any difference to me if I did. It really doesn’t matter to me who is in charge of the movie if they are going to do a recast version including characters from the series.

It has been suggested in the past that I have been advocating the idea that people don’t go to see the movie or ‘threatening’ that I will not see it. I am not foolish enough to think I would have any such influence on a movie studio. People will do what they want to do, but I don’t have to agree with it.

I’m not a big fan of most action movies. I don’t know if that is what this will be, but in my opinion, action is fine as long as it comes from the plot and is not there just to ‘wow’ people with explosions and chases and so forth. To me, the series had the right balance of action, drama, and comedy, as well as a superb visual style, great music, and the perfect cast (well, maybe excluding Koenig).

So, what is the future of Star Trek? For me, probably rewatching the show in its original and remastered form for years and years. For the “franchise”, who knows? I guess people with different opinions than mine will decide that.

re: 17. Jeffrey S. Nelson

I finally had time to look up your clip on youtube (after my book-length essay above) and I agree, you would make a much better Kirk than Damon or whoever they come up with.

Funny stuff. :) Thank you!

30. Thanks, Stanky!
Now you know what a diehard original series fan I am.
Nice essay above, too! Well said.
Funny thing about our video is that the Shatner dvd club went belly up right after the contest ended.

wow, Ewan McGregor had a good response.
He’s got the chops. But Obi baggage.
Sinise is perfect as McCoy. He’s older as was the character compared to Kirk. I can see Damon pulling it off but NOT Brody. Too thin, wispy, low key and MAN, that schnozz!

Of course they can always say a Vulcan’s nose gets bigger every seven years.


I want Melody Perkins playing a girlfriend for Captain Kirk at the acadamie. Josh Hartnett should play Cpt. Kirk!!!
Please return Roy Scheider in the movie-branch (in hope it could give a seaquest sequel^^ )
I think Tom Lenk could play Kirk, too.

Please make one person in the movie gay!!! Many german boys would watch Star Trek when they could see, that homosexuality is accept in the modern world!!!
I hope that there are more romulans and Xindy at the movie.

The movie should begin with Archers federation founding. Please show the crew off the nx01 at the holodeck.
No temporal things in “Star Trek – The first generation”

I hope the producers and the cast-team will be agree with any of my suggestions (Hope Star Trek will get a little bit more Homosexual for boys. Please make it so :-D ^^ )

this movie is not going to work!!!!
JJ is not a great director the whole premise screws with continuity #
and if paramount think we loyal fans are going to be suckered in to this then they had better think again