Star Trek Auction Update: Week 13 of the It’s A Wrap Star Trek auction on EBay  was one of the biggest yet, bringing in $73,689. Much of this can be attributed to new bidders who drove Enterprise hero costumes up to ridiculous levels. All 5 Enterprise hero costumes went for over $3,600! The same Ensign Mayweather costume, which went for $1,500 at Christie’s sold for $4,606 on Ebay. That is more than even an Archer stunt uniform that went for $4050. The buyer had to be new and not familiar with what these costumes have been going for in the past. costumes of note were the Xindi Reptile costume which went for a strong $2,378.34. The last one went for $1,276, but this shows the strength of the new bidders. The Orion Slave Girl costume went for $1,837.60, which isn’t bad for a glorified bikini! The Enterprise distressed jumpsuit went for $1,580 which was way higher than it should have gone for. I really liked the Vulcan Captain’s costume, which was quite beautiful with great detailing. It went for a very reasonable $1,125 and will display great. The Suliban costume also went very low at only $575.99, earning it my Sleeper of the Week award. These are really nice

On the prop front: was a big week for props with a bunch of really nice props from Enterprise. The top selling prop was the First Flight Sensor Package which went for $2,900. It was a really nice piece, but that is a lot for a prop. The buyer was a well-known buyer of Star Trek props who also bought the Enterprise Phlox Space Suit that was offered many months ago. (While it didn’t hit reserve, I heard he reached a deal with It’s a Wrap).

I won the NX Beta Program PADD for $1,780.55 which I was after because of its place in history of Star Trek. It is also huge for a PADD at 8×11". A really cool piece and only the second prop (after the Root Beer Bottle) that I have really wanted.

The MACO Assault Carbine at $1,725.99 was way overpriced for a rubber prop. And also over priced compared to previous MACO weapons.

The Universal Translator went for $1,601 and was a really nice piece and even lit up. Kind of an Iconic piece and will look great with a good resin communicator prop.
The Klingon Bat’Leth went for $1,558.25, which was 50% higher than the last one to sell. Still reasonable for a truly Iconic piece of Star Trek history.
The Phase Pistol with holster went for $1,025, which is still a bit high for my liking since it was an Art Asylum toy! I know a few of us are looking for the resin ones to pop up, but I am sure there are more of these.
The Demons Hypospray was a favorite piece of mine in this auction, and it went for $1,212. a good price I think for a really beautiful prop. Rivals the Klingonone from a couple months ago for sheer beauty.
The Communicator and Holster went for $911 which is reasonable in that it was rubber and didn’t open. The Tricorder was the same way and it went for a very reasonable $643.

Alec’s Auction Awards of the Week:

  • Best Costume of the Week: Vulcan Captain’s costume. Check out the detail on this. Beautiful and very impressive. $1,125

  • Best Prop of the Week: The Demons Hypospray was just a beautiful piece with great detailing and metal pieces. It sold for $1,212.

  • Best Buy of the week: NX-01 Galley Table and Chairs at$268.56! Yeah the shipping is $550! But, if you were in LA you could have STOLE these!

  • Worst Buy of the week: Enterprise Ensign Mayweather jumpsuit at $4,605.55????

  • Sleeper of the Week: Suliban Costume at $575.99. A great deal on an important costume.

Week 14 Preview
This week started strong again as the current crop of new bidders is bidding up the hero costumes early in the week. I think this is one of the signs that we have different bidders coming in, as the previous bidders knew to wait till the end before bidding an item up. All you do when bidding the item up earlier in the week is make it easier for the other bidders to outbid you!

As such, the top costumes are already nearing $2,000 with the Major Kira costume at $1,775 and the Nemesis style Operations Dress uniform just over $1,700 as of this writing.

It’s a Wrap did a great job on the photos for the Kira, showing off all the nice touches the costume has, including a communicator pin and holster. This is a nice one and should go around $3,500 if the past few week’s are any indication.

The Nemesis style dress uniform has been going high of late and I think for a background costume, it is already overpriced. Go back and check out the Nemesis wedding scene and you will see that there are a TON of these. This should go for$1,500 tops, and I have shared that with some friends who I know want one. Heck, I would love to have one as well, but don’t see a need to pay high for them. love the USS Relativity costume, but already at $1,325 for a background costume? It is really beautiful though with great detailing and comes with the rank pip and comm badge.

Dr. Bashir’s jumpsuit from the early seasons of DS9 is up to over $1,500.Judging by this past week, this will go in the $2-3,000 range. The Ezri Dax is a more desirable late season DS-9/Nemesis style and should do around $3,000 as well, judging by where the bidding is now and what we have seen the past week.

The Data costume is under $1,000 still, but that is meaningless, as this will top $3,000 easily. I also like the Janice Rand costume from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as I think it will be rather reasonable.

Special note should be made of the "Captive Pursuit – Alien Hunter" costume. This one has some great detailing and a helmet and boots, so it will display very well.

Bargains? There are a TON of bargains just waiting to be had this week. Look at everything under $500 and you will see what I mean. Smart shoppers will get some great stuff at really low prices this week I think.

I think the Picard Civilian costume from Insurrection is going to go cheap. Pair it with the Anij Costume that Donna Murphy wore and you would have an amazing display from a Star Trek movie!

The Nurse Chapel doesn’t have insignia or a Bio-buckle (which I bet you will find separately in the month’s to come) and if this goes cheap could be a good deal.

The Devidian Alien from the classic TNG episode "Time’s Arrow" looks like it will go cheap! It is all foam rubber, and will deteriorate over time, but looks in great shape still. Just keep it out of the sunlight. You can own a TNG alien cheap here I think.

There is a beautiful Ferengi costume that is only at $127 right now and will certainly go cheap. It has boots and a head piece and the fabric is amazing.

Speaking of great fabric’s, you just got to love the Tarlac female’s latex costume from Insurrection. These chick’s were hot, even if they did make a living stretching skin! The costume is just over $100 right now, and includes boots and gloves. Latex is very hot in the fashion world right now. But warning, it shows off every imperfection in your body, so your girlfriend better be in great shape if you are buying this for her!

As far as props go:

The Hero Reman Rifle is already close to $1,200 and it will easily top $2,000.It is a beautiful piece and probably worth that.

There is an absolutely giant Defiant console. Would be fun to have, but shipping will be a bear! Better live in LA for this one! are four PADDs this week. Two are Starfleet, one a Klingon and one Romulan. They are all in the $300-500 range and should all go around $1,000.

Data’s sunglasses from Nemesis are pretty cool and I think this is an odd enough item to go at a reasonable price.

The Cardassian Phaser Rifle is a rubber version, and by now you should know I hate rubber props. Take a close look at the photos an you will see why.

I love the style of the Bajoran Phaser Rifle. This one is resin, but has a weathered paint job, so looks kind of dull.

There are a bunch of Son’a Interface Panels and these are cool props that look good on display and go at reasonable prices. There are five of them, so keep an eye on these.

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I’ve read that — like this one — the signs on board the later ships got ‘colorful’ when you see them up close. I’m wondering whether digital tv’s will ever get good enough to zoom in on such details.

Does anyone know when or if the “K’tinga” studio model was sold?

I’m curious how much it went for. It’s high crimes and misdemeanors that the Fat Swan Enterprise -D went higher than the Enterprise -A studio model, which has an extravagant history behind it.

maybe enterprise things are going higher because like tos it dies before its time…..season 4 rocked…unlike tos that died a slow artistic death…stilll my fav though so please no hate mail lol…in just saying that its getting its momentum in reruns..sound familiar?

I agree, the Enterprise “A” is worth much more than the D. The “A” is iconic and a piece that was used in many movies. The “D” is flat out ugly. But the “D” was the Enterprise many younger people relate to Star Trek.

As far as Enterprise goes, I am watching it all again on Sci Fi on Mondays and I still can’t take it. The early seasons were just not very good (as on ALL Star Trek) and I just don’t like Bakula. The guy was way too stiff and you never got to like him in the ways you get to like Picard or Sisko. While the show got good in season 4 (really good actually) Bakula remained unimpressive.


I can’t believe Spock’s underwear from Star Trek 4 went for over four grand today. My mind boggles. I understand its Spock’s but still, its underwear. Meh.

The only Trek series that had a good first season was the original, and its first season was phenomenal.

I’m actually impressed this has been going on for so long. If I had the cash I would have gone for one of the models myself. I always liked the Reliant. Im not sure but I think the Original Communicators are long gone . I would not mind to have one of those. .,

I think the K’tinga was sold on the first batch.

I would agree on the assessment of the Original too. I think the biggest problem was the spin off shows should have established their own identity without worrying living up to the name of Star Trek. It seemed like it was crunching the shows creatively. I feel all the spin offs were making the same mistakes over and over again.

Im actually watching most of ENT that I missed for the first time myself some are meh some aren’t that good and some were not bad as I originally thought .

Following the chat about the auctions; this guy is selling his flat online, but his flat has been refitted to ‘USS Voyager spec’

Check out the video on that link at the BBC.