The Naked Time remastered re-airs this weekend

Community member "Spockboy" has yet done it again and created a neat split screen of the original versus the remastered CGI effects for The Naked Time. So get out your mutated strains of water and sit back and enjoy! After the break is another little video for your entertainment too. ‘The Naked Time’ Coverage: PREVIEW  |  VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS  |  REVIEW

Spockboy just can’t leave his video editing software alone, he’s got another funny video for us centered around this week’s episode.


Up Next…Tholian Web
Even though CBS released the preview this week, the Remastered Tholian Web airs next weekend, refer to our episode guide for all airdates

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I love the music used in this episode! Nice clips by Spockboy at the end!

Another great compilation in your bottom video Spockboy, and I liked your enhanced sound effects for the “slaps” etc. Please keep these videos coming in future if you’ve got the time. Unfortunately, the top effects comparison video just will NOT start for me…AAARGH! I will try again later.

I love Spockboys videos.

Spockboy-This is getting to be a weekly ritual I won’t want to give up. I’m a huge fan of comparison videos! Then, you add your sense of humor to the others…good stuff!!! I thought the “I, Mudd” was hilarious but I loved this one even more.

Spockboy…. Thanks!

Great Stuff … Thanks Much! Really enjoy these.

glad you guys like these videos, I thought they would make a great diversion for the weekends with repeats and we are happy to have spockboy as part of the TM team

for the next 4 months there are no repeats but we are bouncing ideas around with spockboy for more fun videos. But bear in mind these ‘side by side’ things take much longer than the usual ‘vid reels’ done by Matt or Joe every weekend. Those will resume next weekend, along with the usual screenshots and reviews.

speaking of next weekend….that is when Tholian Web airs. Some have sent emails….when we put up the preview we noted it was ‘next’ weekend. Sometimes CBS put out their previews over a week in advance, some times they dont. That causes the confusion. Always check our episode guide (TOS Remastered tab above) to be sure when an episode airs

Anyone notice in the remastered version when they have the E fly away from the camera at the very end the ship is slower when it enters the screen and speeds up as it gets further away? This totally disobeys the laws of perspective and parallax. Where as the original gets it right.

Thanks, Spockboy! It adds a great deal to hear the audio as well as see the remastering work that’s been done.
If anyone hasn’t said it (is there anything about these eps that hasn’t been said?) it’s important to note that Nimoy credits this episode and The Galileo Seven with turning around the audience’s perception of his character. Prior to these humanizing stories, some fans considered him cold and nasty.
Anyway… as always the true gift of remastering is to give us all a good clean look at a great episode. Thanks to all.

#8: Unless, of course, the ship was accelerating. Which it probably was.

Well, there’s a lot to criticize in the new effects here. The planet surface rushes by far too fast as the E spirals down towards it to be believable, and the star field effect during the time warp sequence is far more static and undramatic than the original.

Thank you for the kind words gentlemen. : )

I agree with Mark 2000, the speed of the approach is much faster than the pull away in the remastered version. It looks wrong.
I also agree with Steve that the time warp sequence is remarkably bland. I could have whipped up something in Illusion in a couple of hours to at least TRY and make it as dynamic as the original.

What amazes me is how BAD the first CG Enterprise model looks compared to the new one. They simply MUST go back and fix that. I mean the shots are already completely layed out for them. All they have to do is go back and put in the new model right?
Does anyone know the actual procedure?
CGI isn’t in my repetoire : )

For me, NAKED TIME is the very best of any Trek. The story is exciting, insightful, character driven drama. The acting is intense, genuine and heartfelt. The music is utterly fantastic. It goes from being profoundly sad to exciting and dynamic with skill and ease. The lighting and cinematography is quite beautiful. It saddened me that none of that “cinema-esque” gloss found its way to any of the later Treks in any significant way. It became so obvious when you watched GENERATIONS how blandly TNG was lit, filmed, and scored. I read an article where Berman stated that he hated all of that “over the top” music and drama. But as someone on this website wisely stated, In TOS the music was as much of a character as anyone on the show.

Anyway kids I’m rambling.

Have a great day,
and thanks for the encouragement.

Great job Spockboy!

While watching the comparison video, I couldn’t help but feel that the colors and contrast of the remastered version were in some ways inferior to the original.

I guess there is absolutely no way the CBS CGI team could satisfy everyone when it comes to color correcting, light balance and contrast. One will say the skin tones are too dark and another just right.

The only new effect that I was a bit disappointed with was the time warp sequence. In the original you could clearly by the stars that the ship was moving backwards at a high rate of speed. I didn’t seem to sense that with the new effect. Maybe it was just because Im viewing this on a very small laptop and not on a large screen TV.

The two effects that really update this episode are the new star date chronometer and the hand phaser effect.

Seeing that old style clock with toggle switches still makes me’s straight out of the sixties! I still don’t know why the original phaser effect was left out.. Even as a kid that puzzled me. I guess you can set a hand phaser on stun, kill or sparkler!!

Mike :o

I’ve heard alot of criticism of the remastered episodes and the decision to remaster them in the first place. However I have to say, for me they have been made better by the odd touch here and there. I of course am in the process buying the original series and will watch the originals first but I cant wait to see the remastered versians.
Great work by spockboy by the way!!!


Great job on the funny video! I especially love that you used the music from the “Flint” movie, it fits so well since it’s from the same time period!

Man Spockboy I appreciate the work! Great vids and the funny stuff rocks! I really agree with you and others about the lighting, shooting style, music, etc. of these early TREK episodes. They really had a great style and feel I really liked. I mean compare these episodes to the later ones and they really feel so far apart at times in style, even though they were just a few years or less apart in creation. I would love the new film or some other future TREK creation to have some of the style/mood/feel of those early episodes. Even at a young age I could pick up some of this stuff.


Although the sfx are obviously better in tos-r, it really looks like the colors and lighting are duller. They seem brighter and more vibrant in the original.

Anyone notice at the very end of the episode when the director’s name comes up that you can see the reflection of the studio lights in one of the console screen son the left side?

Here’s my quick summary of this episode:

Spock takes a moron with him to investigate a strange disease on a planet. Result: Enterprise is infected.

Spock knew the he was infected. He watched as the guy finish putting on his glove, therefore , Spock surmised he must have had it off just before he walked in. Spock wanted this infection to happen to the crew, including himself, to go nuts. That’s just the type of fun dude Spock is.


So, Spock is actually the kind of guy who’d spike the punch bowl at the Shi’Kahr High School (Home of the Fighting Sehlats) homecoming dance, hook a cable to the anti-grav unit of the local police speeder, and call local food vendors asking if they had “Prince Albert in a stasis ubit”?

And his father never forgave him for that. No wonder Spock had to…


pimf “unit”

So.when’s naked time?Is that like casual Friday?

Spock was a young sh#*-disturber?! I love it! Like they always say, “watch out for the quiet ones!”.

shot for shot identical.

to quote sulu:


Re: # 19

Agreed. What the hell was Tormolin thinking, taking his glove off? He also smells his fingers. WTF? – just ruined any protection that helmet could’ve possibly provided. Good job, Joe!

I have to admit, those red suits that Tormolin, & Spock are wearing look ridiculous. They are very baggy, & are obviously not air tight. They might as well have just worn their regular uniforms, for all the pseudo-protection they provided. Geeez! At least there’s an improved EV suit in next week’s episode.

BTW, what the hell was that thing Spock was carrying? It looks like a tennis ball can wrapped in red vinyl tape. seems to me their sandard tricorders could’ve scanned better than that contraption.

That thing Spock was carrying was a low-budget prop, that’s what. Obviously, since it’s bigger than that little thing you pop out of the tricorder, it can scan for more stuff, right?

Just to beat this horse to death…how stupid was Tormolin? Here’s how stupid: The scientists on the planet don’t respond to the radio, Spock insists you suit up before you go down, you personally see that everyone (including the “dead” mannequins) apparently went crazy and shut off their life support systems, you yourself say that the engineer froze in place and “didn’t seem to care,” and when Spock tells you not to expose yourself to anything, you stand there with a dumb look on your face and don’t mention your funny itch that just started when you touched the leg of the computer console. How the hell did this guy ever get on a starship?? He’d be a danger in the galley!

The other thing about this that’s unintentionally funny is how everyone just goes back to their business in the next episode. Nurse Chapel, you’re in love with me? Sorry, babe. Oh, and Mr. Sulu? We’re confiscating that little sword of yours. Glad to see you’re so buff, though.

(By the way, doesn’t it look like she’s got a silver wig on?)

Compare to modern TV writing…Eureka (on Sci-Fi) where a similar thing happens to the town due to some weird spores…and a subplot in the next episode is everyone is running around embarrassed due to what they did while “under the influence.”

I hope CBS-D is able to go back at some later date, & retouch some of this. I don’t think that there is anything that they can do about the red suits, but the tennis ball can could at least have a few blining lights added, or something.

This too, is one of my favorites. I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Riley, since I was a kid back in the early 1970’s (odd…I know — he just seems to be a likable kind of guy).

#12 Spockboy and #13 MichaelJohn — I had the opposite reaction during the “timewarp” sequence. I remember watching the original and saying to myself “they’re going awfully far away from that planet — look at all the stars they are passing up as they go backward”. This remastered sequence, while not as dramatic, seems a little more realistic (then again, does realism = better? sometimes not.)

Also, I’ve noticed that the people’s faces all look shorter and fatter in the remastered version. It may be just an effect of the side-by-side comparsion. It’s easiest to see this on the video above at around the time Sulu says “the chronmeter…it’s running backward” and the parts that follow.

BTW, here’s a nitpik:

Why does the chronometer have those lights? So they can turn from green to red to signify time is running backward, then back to green again when time runs forward? That’s just silly.

26. Xplodin’ Nacelle –
“I have to admit, those red suits that Tormolin, & Spock are wearing look ridiculous.”

That’s what a Tight Budget will get you. Those Environmental Suits were made of Shower Curtain Material – – – No Joke.