Voyager on Simpsons

On tonight’s episode of the Simpsons ("Homerazzi"), they gave Voyager a shoutout

…and for a bit more weirdness here is a musical tribute…’Simpsons vs Star Trek’…which has been viewed over 1.3 million times!

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Lenny as Seven of Nine… LOL.. love the Borg implants.. nice touch. This piqued my curiosity and reminded me I recorded this episode.. time to go watch!

Thanks for sharing.

Okay, I’ll bite, why did they elect to poke fun at Voyager and not another part of the Star Trek universe? Is there some particular aspect of that show which is more appealing to the Simpsons writers? Personally, I think Voyager presents the least likely episodic material to be used as fodder for fun or levity.

#2 Michael
They just did…apparently they forgot to consult you.

This one’s for fun.. relax.

Good for them Voyager was a fun show with a cast and crew worthy to be part of the Trek franchise.

Voyager was a lot better than people give it credit for.

I think the humor in the segment derives from Voyager being…um…the least likely to really inspire the kind of deep devotion being shown by the Simpsons characters. It’s humor from incongruity.

I think making fun of VOYAGER (aka Chick Trek), with Homer moaning “Oh Capt Janeway, your adventures ended too soon…” is just way too funny. It wouldn’t have been as funny if it had been another Trek series.

Seeing Lenny dressed up as 7 of 9 was just soooo wrong!

hahahahaaa :)

Wow… The Simpsons is awful now. Just… Awful.

“humour from incongruity” Oh, I get it…I guess. So, that would be like watching a gorilla slip on a banana peel? You’re…right…can’t….type…..response….laughing….too….hard……

see, family guy did DS9.

so it’s. um. ironic.

The joke is that they’re so emotionally involved with and devoted to such an awful show.

Homer has bad taste in everything but women.

lol loved it

“Homer has bad taste in everything but women”.
Yeah, except he should have dumped Marge’s ass for Mindy years ago! Can’t talk, eating!

I think they were looking for an obscure Trek series that was also fairly recent in ending. Voyager qualified. And what made the joke somewhat funnier was that Voyager was a terrible show.

Voyager had an even worse finale than Enterprise.

First time that I’d ever heard Voyager referred to as “Chick Trek”. Cute!

Yeah. Lenny in 7’s cat-suit (dermal regeneration suit…right!), right down to the high heels (her ‘come assimilate me pumps’?), was funny — but, I agree, wrong on so many levels.

I’m just impressed that Lenny had the waist to pull the outfit off. Can’t fake that. :)

Re #2, #6 —

The great thing about that clip is that it works whether you love Voyager or hate it. If you’re a fan of Voyager, you laugh along because you understand Homer’s pain. If you thought Voyager was weak then you laugh because Homer’s adoration is ridiculous.

As always, this site should bear in mind what’s being done for STXI, asa ST. With Voyager, Braga and Berman made a conscious effort to focus on action first, last and only. The characters suffered, the plots could be summed up on a gum wrapper, and the dialogue was attrocious. Were there strong episodes? Yes, a few. But, it really wasn’t worth it. I watch Voyager reruns now and cringe. Kes’ mom gives birth out her butt in an episode that has Kes returning to a zygote and then oblivion… and then instantly things are fine again. In fact, I lost count of the number of times they hit the reset button in that series. ST needs to focus on characters. I could be very happy with a small stakes plot (save the ship, save one character) that allows the characters to interact. DON’T need BIG here. Evil Earth-killing space probes need not apply.
As for the Simpsons… it’s past its prime. I think Fox isn’t going to let go of its biggest ever hit. That’s kinda a shame. I hope the movie doesn’t suck.

If you can argue that Voyager is crap then you can also argue that all the other Trek is crap as well. I’m just happy other Trek fans are more open minded then some of the die hard fans on this website with no life.

The fact that *many* people didn’t like Voyager does not indicate that they have no life. In fact, it may indicate just the opposite.

I personally like the Captain Proton episodes. :D

Also was funny to see Dr. Hibbert as Tuvok.

Am I the only one these livevideo embeds completely fail to work for?

The last episode of VOYAGER was no where near as bad as the last episode of Enterprise. It may not have been perfect, but at least it did have some emotional moments. Enterprise’ last episode was just flat, and really never should have been made.

Voyager did the best job of the last three series at actually capturing the Star Trek idea. Exploring the galaxy, seeking out new life and new civilizations, definitely going where no humans had gone before. All of this while ALSO putting into the forefront Roddenberry’s idea of a hopeful future where human beings can all get along and work together to accomplish great things.
I for one enjoyed Voyager immensely. It IS Star Trek.

P.S. It could just be my connection, but the LiveVideo embed is no longer working.

video is missing or not ready?

I thought the holo-doctor was just great.and he became 100 times better after offering an ‘analgesic cream’; in FC. But it was best to leave the Borg to assimilate Sweden and explore something more interesting. Maybe it would have been braver to explore Species 43709 (?) than to just kill the Borg to death. Hirogen had some possibilities, too.


Not much else needs to be said

And, with your vocabulary, I would imagine not much else could be said, ObiWanCon. Peace and long life.

i have added a voyager poll …right column


Apparently you haven’t seen what corsets were capable of accomplishing, particularly when used either (a) from a young age, or (b) after many, many years of “training” the waist.

Painfully, so.

/maybe there’s something about Lenny…. hmmmmm

#9 – re: humor from incongruity.

No, not like watching a gorilla slip on a bananna peel. The fact that the characters were so wrapped up and emotionally involved in any TV show makes it mildly amusing, but the incongruity of having them wrapped up in such an awful TV show is what makes it funny. Imagine them having the same emotionally overwrought scene about “Who’s the Boss?”, and you get the same effect.

Of course, if you don’t think it *was* an awful TV show, then much of the humor is lost, I suppose.

See, here’s the funny thing. I’m one of those long time Trek fans who neither like nor disliked Voyager, it was just a “show”. Actually, since I did enjoy every other incarnation of Trek maybe that IS an answer in itself. I guess what I was getting at with my original remarks is that I didn’t think the Simpsons “bit” was very funny. That’s why I expressed my disappointment because, over the years, I’ve been a HUGE FAN of The Simpsons as a series. Very funny stuff, especially in the early years. Like many people, I guess I’m just lamenting that their best years (Simpsons+Trek) seem to be behind them. Let’s hope the new Simpsons and Star Trek movies prove me wrong on both counts!


I agree totally. I stopped watching Voyager not because it was awful, but because it was aggressively mediocre. And I completely agree with your comments about the Simspons — its first few years were incredibly good, but for a long time now (a decade or more?) it’s been more “miss” than “hit,” and often painful. (Of course, that still means it had 5 or 6 excellent seasons, which is a full run for most shows.)

I thought the idea behind the Voyager bit was funny, but the execution was kind of weak.

So I guess we agree. Huh.

Frankly, I liked most of Voyager. It wasn’t going to win awards and likely was the weakest series. But I’ll take weak Trek over 90% of what’s on TV right now.

Wow! Voyager ended almost 6 years ago and people still won’t stop hating it. I could rattle on about Voyager pros and cons, but I think we should be talking about the clip.

Perhaps the funniest thing the Simpsons has done in years. Kinda strange that they have to go back and use a pop culture reference from 2001 to get some laughs. Expect a reference about the movie 300 in 2013.

Reptileboy –> Well, it had to be something from the past, that was part of the whole ‘joke.’

#34 Cranston
Thanks, Cranston, I’m glad we could clarify and agree that we’re basically on the same page. Appreciate it!

Mawazi – I know it was for the intention of making a joke, but surely the writers of the Simpson can find some modern day references for the show rather than doing a sketch about a show from 6 years ago.

Maybe it was actually a message from writers back in 2001 to themselves in the futre saying…”do a Simpsons / Trek parody that needs the humor explained to everyone….”
Yeah, I bet THAT”S it….

VOYAGER KICKED *SS. It’s what got me hooked on Star Trek. Actually Generations did that, everyone hated that too. So you see, there are people that like and dislike everything.

Simpsons are amazing as well, if it were not on they would put some useless other show on. I’d rather something related to groundbreaking Television be on over other things on FOX. Anyways, who has the time to put down something that was on 6 years ago? Some people seem to be hung up on hating Voyager and the Simpsons so much that they actually like talking about it, and secretly really like it… a lot.

No, it’s us questioning why the (talented?) writers of the Simpsons had to draw reference to a show that’s been off the air for six years to try for a cheap laugh. Weak, at best!!

Hey Keith! Glad to find another fan who is not afraid to shout out that they like both Voyager and Generations.

And I do like the Simpsons, I just find the recent season very weak, and in many cases offensively unfunny. That said, I did find the sketch very funny. Not really for what was said, but seeing some of the more popular characters dressed up and mourning the passing of Voyager.

Although it would have been nice if Dr. Hibbert was dressed as The Doctor and not more or less like Tuvok. But Lenny stole the show. Plus, where was Comic Book Guy. Or is he even more of a loser because he has no friends to watch Voyager with.

Re #39 & #42

I think what’s confusing is the Simpsons clip is taken a bit out of context. In the show, Marge’s photo album of family memories was destroyed and she’s trying to recapture everything by reshooting all the pictures. So it makes perfect sense that they were lamenting about a show that has been gone for 6 years. Funny or not, that’s the reason why they could use Voyager.

Hope that helps to clarify! =)

I’m gonna join in with the loving of Generations. It was my first exposure to Trek, and it got me hook, line & sinker (so much so, that on my first trip to the US ever, I’m planning a rather lengthy & expensive side trip to Vegas to go to the Experience). I also enjoyed most of Voyager. It’s not DS9 good, but it was, imho, more entertaining than most of TNG ever was…
Also I enjoyed the clip alot. It is very much in Homers character that he would still be lamenting so greatly the loss of what many view to be a mediocre show, so long after it finished.

When referring to ST:Generations shouldn’t that be “hook, line & STINKER”?

I’m just not seeing the “sarcastic” aspect of this clip. Voyager was the last show on for an entire srven-year season run, and many more people were aware of it than “Enterprise.” If they were to pick any of the earlier series it would have made the flashback go too far back in their history to make sense. So if you are going to show a “season finale” party for Star Trek, then Voyager would have been the one to show.

I just think it was a tribute nod just as it seems. Those that see it as a humorous attempt at sarcastic parody are probably projecting their own dislike of the show onto it.

Evidently not, as it was the film that got me hooked on Trek. And that would hardly be the case if it was a stinker of a film.

#48 Hey, some people are crazy for “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, so who’s to lay blame if you like a stinker of a film? What ever floats your boat, man!

I love that Flanders was replaced by a lamp by the end of the clip :)