Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy

Today is Leonard Nimoy’s 76th birthday…proving that Spock is actually younger than Kirk! TrekMovie.com wishes him many more great years. And if you miss the 80s, then here is a music video that he directed and appeared in (and no it isn’t that Bilbo Baggins thing)…

StarTrek.com also have a nice bday tribute to Leonard Nimoy

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Happy B-Day to one of the most talented men in Hollywood. His talents far surpass most half his age in this day and age.

Thanks for that.
It was great fun watching it again.
I’m confused, I was told (back in the day) that Nimoy was in it because he was Susanna Hoff’s dad(?)
If true, I’m assuming she changed her name for obvious “bilbo-ish” reasons.

Anyway a VERY happy birthday to you Leonard you mutinous, disloyal computerized half breed.

: )

Man I saw the Bangle in concert back then and remember the video on TBS nighttracks on Friday nights. Happy Birthday Leonard and may you have many more.

That’s slightly less watchable than Nimoy’s Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. Although, some of his music from the late 60s is still groovy.

“Follow your star,… let it guide you. It’s been there for millions of years…”

“Did you know that on Cestus Omicron, people wish upon a falling Earth?”


#1. I agree! Extremely talented, underrated and underused actor/director.

Happy Birthday Nimoy, and many more!!

To hypocritically caress the lips parallel to the glutose maximus of a superior, with the ulterior intention of obtaining a higher position in a given assignment is not logical.

That being said, I’d gladly kiss your ass anytime Mr. Nimoy. Figuratively of course.

The happiest of birthdays Spock, you shaper of pop culture you.

Spock RULZ!! :) Happy Birthday!!

Greetings and Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy!!

ESPN’s PTI just wished Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy – 5:55pm ET.
ESPN you say? Yep, ESPN . . .

This site never fails to inform. I had no idea Nimoy directed and appeared in – of all things – a Bangles video. How’d you like the way Susanna Hoffs was casting her trademark come-hither glances in Nimoy’s direction? As Charlie Murphy’s Spock says on G4, “Let’s see how I’m prosperin’!”

How I wish I’d had his life. HB Mr N

Wow I can’t believe I’ve never seen that video before. I used to know someone who watched VH1 Classic obessively and I never saw it on.

Happy B-Day to a real class act… Mr. Nimoy.

It’s an amazing Bangles video, glad you dug this up.

Funny how he was so annoyed by them singing along to their own song on the radio. Didn’t he know he was driving them to a huge gig?

Stupid limo driver. Keep the engine running!

To whoever is chosen to play Spock in Star Trek 11, they have some mighty big ears to fill. You have fulfilled your own Vulcan destiny: you have lived long and have prospered and so have we for having the opportunity to watch you over your long and successful career.

Best wishes on your birthday and here’s hoping you can put on the ears one more time this year!

One Man and 4 Babes.
hmmm… wonder if that was the inspiration….

Happy Birthday, Mr. N. I’m sure at least half of you can enjoy it to the max. Thanks for a great performance and a bang-up directing job, especially on STIV. Let’s hope the bar stays that high!

Good as Spock, average director! As Deepak Chopra would advise Leonard Nimoy, “let it go!” Profound when you think about it! The past is the past! Move on, we have!

Average Director??? Wow Michael, thats something nice to say on a man’s birthday.

Personally, I think he is a great director. Trek 3 and Trek 4 where great films that where true to the spirit of Star Trek. He is an actor’s director; one who knows how to get the best out of his performers.

#5-Thanks Anthony. : )
I agree about Star Trek 3. There were some plot holes but the performances and the pacing of the film were excellent. Like how Nimoy showed Scotty and McCoy’s reaction to Kirk finding his dead son’s body. The look on their faces was priceless.
Good stuff.

Happy Birthday Spock!

Nimoy is a fine actor and director, but sorry to say this video is as dull and boring as music videos get!

Four chicks lip synching in a car..wow how creative! hahahaha

Lets check out those props…a fake looking rear view mirror, a car, a pair of sun glasses, a white sheet in the background, some colored lights, a mirror and a warehouse with a wet floor! Can you say “LOW BUDGET” production!

Mike :o

21#… Don’t forget, this video is from 1985. Videos where not as glossy back then as they are today. They also had very small budgets. Don’t blame Nimoy on that. And even though its simple, its still a pretty good video for its time.

Videos where not as glossy back then as they are today.

Like star-trek. Get rid of the gloss say I.

Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy! Keep on living long and prospering! :D

David Bowie wrote:

> Man I saw the Bangle in concert back then and remember the video on > TBS nighttracks on Friday nights.

I never saw the Bangles in concert, but I saw Susanna Hoffs (wow, still beautiful) and Matthew Sweet in concert last year. Hmm, the next Bangles concert is on April 21 in Temecula, CA… about 4 hours away from me. I wonder if I can move my schedule around.


omg i appsolutly love spock! i heard about star trek from wierd al and ever sinve then ive loved the show. spock is my fav though. i love the trio od kirk spock and bonez!!! i cant believe its been so long since st was made :) Happy Bday Leonard!!!!!