Wheaton Comic, Who Companion, Trek Apartment, and more in a news roundup

Just some little Trek items to tie you over….

The new companion for Dr. Who has admitted that she is more of a Trekkie. The Sun reports Freema Agyeman is a big fan of Patrick Stewart and the Next Generation and has even attended Trek conventions. more at Sun Online…

Will Wheaton (TNG’s Wesley Crusher) is getting ready to head back to Trek. Wheaton announced that he will write a story for the next volume in ‘Star Trek: The Manga’ from Tokyo Pop. The actor says he was reluctant when first approached, but then a voice in his head said "Dude, this would be so cool! Come on, man, let’s do this!". more at his blog… 

Tony Alleyne’s 24th century Trek apartment was featured in Trekkies 2, and now he is putting it up for sale. The Hinkley, England flat is going for $200k on Ebay, but fair warning… he has replaced the bedroom with a transporter room. more (w/ video) at Reuters…

William Shatner has picked up another Big fan. Apparently former president Bill Clinton is a regular watcher of Boston Legal and declared the dynamic between Shatner and co-star James Spader "something to behold". more at ShowBuzz…

If you want to take your Trek a bit more seriously, the StarTrek.com has a new article on ‘Trek in Academe.’ TrekMovie’s very own John Tenuto is featured…check it out

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No. I refuse to be first.


OK, so… the voice in Wil Wheaton’s head calls him “Dude?”
Dude… tell the Dude to lose the lame beard, Dude.
(Sorry, Wil. Couldn’t resist. Actually, I just think Wheaton is somehow surviving that punishment phase that comes after a successful child actor gets too big for the pimply parts. He’s a good actor and will be back. Hell, if Ricky Schroeder can become Rick Schroeder, anything is possible.)

Bill Clinton likes “Boston Legal?” Well, Bill’s a smart guy. I like him. :)

I get the impression Wil Wheatons manga story is a TOS one not TNG, he talks about opening with Kirk’s captain’s log.

Cool, I’d assumed the second book would be the TNG one they were working on before they decided to do TOS for the 40th anniversary, look forward to hearing what you’ve uncovered.

Put Wheaton in the new movie…as a red shirt.

That poor chap has been trying to get rid of his flat for a while now. Have a look at the linked-to news story for example: he was looking for $1m for it in 2004. Not quite sure why BBC regard it as news when he lowers the asking price again every few months…

I think it is kind of sad really… I don’t intend to offend however the guys wife left him and obviously he had some deep psychological issues. This flat he put together is a classic sign of escapism. The poor chap must have been so grief stricken I mean think about it… The logical mind who is not a Trekkie looks at this guy and says ‘poor thing, he must need some psychological help I mean just look what he did to his flat…’ .. .. .. And, what is worse is that he has been over this obsession for a while now and has been trying to sell it for a while now problem is… NO ONE WANTS IT. Especially not for what he expects to be paid for it. My suggestion turn it back into a regular flat and then sell it and get some money take your trek gadgets down and either keep (if you choose) or donate them to someplace like a museum of such. Heck you could just ebay individual panels and such if you wanted to earn back some of the capitol you must have dumped into this thing before coming to your senses…

Aaron R.

P.S. I wonder if he heard a voice in his head saying “DUDE, no one wants to live in closet poorly decorated by a wanna be Starship. I knew I should have made it look like the bat cave…”

sorry about the poorly constructed p.s. but you get the idea

Oh dear, it must be a very, very slow week for Trek news.

Actually, I appreciate news of the weird and pedantic Trek news. Thanks, Anthony. Hoping you’ll clone this site to cover other Sci-Fi. I know it’s verbotten to mention certain series in here. (BSG) Ha.

damn bsg making us wait till 2008 for new epps!

Well its lovely to know that at least Doctor Who isn’t verboten here. Its wonderful and is admirably holding me over til Trek rises from the dead.

I thought the artwork in the first Tokyo Pop Star Trek Manga was pretty primitive. Hope they do a better job if they do more… and have word balloons that you can read without a magnifying glass.

Why isn’t my mid-way completed K’tinga model kit on the news bullets if this passes for Trek news??

It’s kind of a spicey and neat O’ looking Klingon ship.

#18 Josh,
perhaps you should email that question directly to Anthony.

Wow famous people actually watch TV..I never knew :P Do they put pants on like everyone else?
I’m happy to hear that Wil Wheaton is at least keeping himself busy.I would think writing would work out for him.

Anthony, you made my night. My favorites list just got a little longer. Thank you. I love Trek, but I that’s because I love to imagine!

The story about the guy who built the apartment really is sad.

Interesting news tidbits, amazing to see who’s a Trek fan.

Wheaton said he was reluctant to do this, but then a voice in his head said “Dude, this would be so cool! Come on, man, let’s do this!”? More like, “Dude, we really need the money, let’s do this”. If he is getting paid for it, that is. If not, ignore my post, but I’m pretty sure he’ll get something for it.

I love it when washed up actors try and contain their excitement for having paying jobs in the public spotlight again with melancholy comments like “Yeah, I was a cleaning lady for ten years but I’m choosing to go back to acting now that I was offered this role”, or even better “Dude, this would be so cool! Come on, man, let’s do this!”. I guess it’s a pride thing, even though they’re not really fooling anyone.

Has Star Trek 2008 been greenlit yet?

ok ok… so everyone is picking on the guy who tured his flat into a starship, but i think it is pretty awesome :)

i’m sure if you guys had tons of money you would by it, and play in it like little children.

I wouldn’t remodel my flat (or even my apartment) but I’d sure like my wife to slip into Yeoman Rand’s old mini and go-go boots. Woo-Hoo! Phasers on fondle!

#24 — I’m sure he will be paid for it, but writting comics outside of the DC / Marvel world don’t really pay much. I’m sure he’s just doing it because

1) he thinks it’s cool, and …

2) because (you know) he will love having bragging rights to say he wrote a classic Trek comic.

Oh by the way… I saw that horrible scene of Will Wheaton today that was cut from “Nemesis”, where they tried to make him look all studly by going after 2 twins he saw at the wedding… right after he spurts out some of the worst technobable to Picard that I have ever heard. It sucks that Will couldn’t have had a cameo in the last TNG movie, but I totally understand why they cut his scene.

i read the first manga and I wasnt that impressed, but then again I have never been into manga

to Manny C/25
is that a joke or have you not been paying attention? of course it has been greenlit…it was covered here and every other site on the net including startrek.com

I bet the rest of the TNG cast envy Wheaton for being cut out of Nemesis!



That was funny.

#29 Last I heard [last week] they were rewriting the script to meet a reduced budget. I’ve never heard “GREENLIT” used in any article. I have a friend from Time Magazine interviewing Orci/Kurtzman next week and I gave her some questions to ask.

Where is the auction news?

#28, not much to an ex-actor, but I’m sure alot more than blogging and whatever else he’s doing these days.

Trek XI news has been slooooow lately. I want to hear about this lead role that’s supposedly been cast.