Remastered ‘The Tholian Web’ Airs Today

A starship disappears and takes Kirk with it …then things get worse when the web weaving Tholians show up.

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One of the better 3rd season episodes, The Tholian Web has action and great character moments for the cast while Shatner floats in space. The original effects were nominated for an Emmy and CBS Digital have a big task ahead of them. Expect to see

  • various Enterprise in space shots, including firing phasers
  • an ‘interphased’ glowy USS Defiant
  • redesigned Tholian ships and web effects


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You know what I love about this episode?

Shatner overacts even as a phantom, waving his hands palms up

Kirk is a gem.

Can’t wait for this episode.

I wonder if they’ll redo Loskene? I hope not — the original is effective in a way that would be reduced by seeing him crystal-clearly and moving around.

make sure you watch the 2 part Enterprise “In the Mirror Darkly” afterwards

#4 brady – “make sure you watch the 2 part Enterprise “In the Mirror Darkly” afterwards”

Agreed!! Really liked Season 4 of ST: ENTERPRISE. Thanks to Manny Coto.

NOTE: All WDKY 56, Lexington Kentucky Viewers:
We will be bitten by the NASCAR bug – – NO 5pm Slot for STAR TREK today. However “The Tholian Web” will be seen tomorrow, Sunday at 6pm. Nice of them to find a place for us so we don’t have to wait until next Weekend’s repeat. Reprogram your TiVO if necessary.

LOL-Josh! Funny how we see different stuff in a great episode. What you say is great, but what I think is fabulous is the great Spock/Checkov scene when Spcok grabs his head and says “CHECKOV!!! CHECKOV!!!”

Ok, so I just got up, I meant Spock. lol

I agree with everyone except I do hope to get something new as far as a Tholian on the view screen. Something akin to what we saw on Enterprise! The Gorn & Tholian on there are very cool…

p.s. say what you want about Enterprise that mirror universe episode was awesome!

I see no reason to imitate “Enterprise” in any way.

they better not mess with Loskeen…its bad enouggh they are ruining the look of the emmy award winning van deer veer 1969 fx w/the tholian effects!

once again…you dont fix something that is not broke…and you dont paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa!

This episode was a work of art!

…at least till now….but we shall see…I wont trash if its good!


Loskene looked just like the Tholian ships but the new effects wreck that relationship to a large extent.

CBS-D — please think through the whole range of implications before you fix what ain’t broke.

I heard they had to photograph Loskene from the neck up because he’s not wearing any pants.

The whole ‘Enterprise’ inspired Tholians is the only thing that makes me a bit worried. This is the first time the team has directly taken something that was only seen in Enterprise.

Really though I’m just pretty jazzed to have TOS Remastered back after a 2 weeks of repeats, an episode before it with little to talk about, and then a repeat the week before that.

Have they done Doomsday yet?


All in all, this was an okay episode that gets a lot more attention than it probably deserves due mostly to the relative dearth of quality episodes in the third season, and some very well thought-out visual effects that hold up well even today. Most of its tropes, including the derelict starship with a dead/missing crew, the Enterprise crew slowly going crazy, and conflict between McCoy and Spock absent Kirk, had already been done better elsewhere, but the FX had not. Indeed, as some have noted, several images from this show have become iconic over the years. CBS-D had best get this one right.

Just saw the episode. Loskene remains, unchanged. The effects scenes are mostly faithful to the originals. There are a few new angles of the Enterprise we have not seen before. Well done, overall. The film restoration folks did an especially good job on this one. The colors are well-saturated. The uniforms and lighted bridge displays really pop! This episode suffers from the syndication cuts as others have. The crewman “freakout” during Kirk’s memorial service was cut (albeit cleanly). Overall an A-minus. Great job, CBS-D!

It will be cool if they redo Loskane ( to match tholian in Enterprise )

Re # 18

No it would NOT ozy.

Klingon butchers need not apply….

re: #3 et al,

Wasn’t Loskene female? Barbara Babcock (Mea 3/Philana) provided the voice.

18 ozy

They will not touch the aliens, apart from the odd blinking eyelid here and there ;O) but I agree it would be cool if they had of updated the Tholian to something similar to the ENT Tholian.

I agree

Loskene should not be altered….and apparently he has not.

This episode was very good, the effects just continue getting better.

We need to see a Klingon ship up close now.

Why do people keep insisting they try to match the appearance and technology of this series with other series like “Enterprise?”

I’m not saying that simply because I despise the other series, but rather TOS should maintain a unique identity visually and stylistically among all of the series. It would be a disservice to TOS to retroactively alter the appearance of aspects to be more uniform with the other series.

On the contrary, TOS is the benchmark all of the series should have aspired to, TOS should not be minimalized by having IT more closely resemble the other shows.


I will have to agree with the Phantom on this one.

Right Stinkishness, if they are going to begin retroactively, arbitrarily making the various series more uniform, they should begin by making several of the series watchable.


One word: continuity

To me Star Trek isn’t just one show, it’s an entire series (TV and movies). I don’t deem certain parts of the entire Trek series as non-canon just because I don’t personally like them. That’s just stupid. TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT are all Star Trek. TOS is just one part of the big picture.

The guys at CBS-D can’t just ignore the fact that these other shows exist. Continuity is why the new FX “resemble” the other Trek series.

The other series are very watchable to many people. Guess we can’t please everyone.

#29 Kyle
good post

Continuity is irrelevent here.

TOS is the 23rd century.

3 series take place in the 24th century, visual continuity is appropriate among those 3 series.

1 series takes place 150 years prior to TOS.

TOS should remain it’s own visual entity. The nods to continuity should have fallen to the successor series, not to the original series.

re: 29
“To me Star Trek isn’t just one show, it’s an entire series (TV and movies). I don’t deem certain parts of the entire Trek series as non-canon just because I don’t personally like them. That’s just stupid.”

To me Star Trek is just one show…and I don’t think it’s stupid at all.

As far as respect for continuity is concerned, there wasn’t much respect for what had come before on the part of the successor series producers, Enterprise features a rather glaring example of this laziness.

A K’tinga battlecruiser was featured on one episode of Enterprise, almost 200 years prior to their debut in STar Trek-The Motion Picture.

And people want visual continuity?

And how many times did TOS or any of the Trek shows screw up their own continuity? Should we skip over to Bernd’s site and count?

Besides, it’s done.

The point being, TOS is and was first, you don’t alter the first of a succession to fit more in line with the others, the others should adhere more to the original if you are concerned about consistency. This sort of revisionist history thinking is part of what creates continuity gaffes in the first place.

#34 That was unfortunate that they used the old K’tinga again…. I still don’t know exactly what was wrong that they could use the new one they intended to? Something about the windows and after all the work done for BB they didn’t have time to fix? Not sure what the big deal with the model was that they had to use the everlasting battlecruiser again.

While I like enterprise as I do all trek that was something I wish hadn’t used.

Watched it a little while ago. The restoration of the print and new effects are great, but once again, the syndication cuts hurt the show. It just feels choppy and incomplete. Even if I didnt have the episode memorized, I’d still feel that there was stuff missing. Cant wait to get the episodes uncut on DVD….

#36 Josh

So if the Tholian ship had been changed and didn’t resemble the ENT version, you might have been ok?

i have been a fan of tosr, but this time i think they blew it on the tholians.

i think they were too tied to Enterprise…but maybe now they are locked into doing that. I didnt like it then and still dont like it. Otherwise the ep was good (as was in a mirror darkly)

Didn’t care for the new Tholian ships, but the Enterprise never looked better.

I’m not sure what you are referring to Xai?

The new remastered Tholian ships do not look like the “Enterprise” Tholian ships to me, at all. They maintain the precise dimensions of the original versions they are simply embellished with greater details.
I’m frankly uncertain how some have been saying they look like the Mirror Darkly versions, they do not to me.
I was addressing those who are saying they wish they had changed the ships to infact look like the versions on Enterprise.

At least we get a new design for the S.S. Aurora right.

Lets hear it again for Manny Coto. The Mirror Darkly episode wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him almost taking over Enterprise. It was great except that terrible CGI Gorn.

I watched The Doomsday Machine a while ago and as I thrilled to all the wonderful new imagery I was reminded yet again what a gift it is to have that classic episode rendered new and exciting once more. I thought of all the great episodes yet to be remastered and began dreaming of all the fabulous possibilities. And then came last night.

I can’t believe what some of you guys will not just settle for but actually praise.

The Tholian Web was a bitterly disappointing throw back to CBS-D doing and giving the very least they can possibly do and give and still maintain any credibility. How can such minimal and miserly efforts be so enthusiastically received? If changing nothing makes the folks at CBS-D your heroes, then why not raise me upon your shoulders? I have had the “restraint” and “good taste” to change not a single frame of TOS. Aren’t I great?

I recall from interviews of the period the original creators expressing their sincere laments they could not quite budget a far shot of the Enterprise completely surrounded by web. They really wanted that shot. Forty years later they still don’t get it; and neither do we.

You got it, it was just on Enterprise, not TOS. Rightfully so.


“Right Stinkishness, if they are going to….”

Stinkishness?? Stinkishness?????