“The Tholian Web” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED]

The Tholian Web gets a major CGI facelift…

SFX Video


New and Old


The Enterprise searching for the Defiant
The Defiant is found
Approaching the Defiant
The Defiant phases out… with Kirk
The Enterprise trying to hold position
Comander Loskene approaches
Loskene fires on the Enterprise
The Enterprise returns fire
Loskene’s vessel is disabled
A second Tholian ship
The two begin to weave a web

Weaving on a diagonal

The web gets closer to compleation
The web gets closer to compleation
The web is nearly complete
Thrown clear of the web
Waiting for Kirk
Heading home

Assorted Shots

Spock has lost Kirk

Tholian Comander Loskene

Chekov loses his mind

A silent moment to reflect on the loss of Captain Kirk

The Engineer goes nutty

Spock reaches out to Kirk

Kirk made it before his oxygen ran out

Kirk prefers a "crowded universe"

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