Trek Impossible

Tholian Web inspired Spockboy and I to put two great 60s Desilu shows together…enjoy 

( WMV | YouTube )
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Too cool for school. If there had been a 4th season, they should have done the still freeze thingie… especially for Nichelle!! I think I remember MI being much more entertaining than the movies. I think JJ has more to work with here, with ST, though. Here’s to celebrating Christmas ’08 a little early!

Very cool. Geekiest Nitpick: De Kelley had top billing in season 3. You demoted him!


Is there a way to download this?

The clip reminds me… this is the episode where McCoy and Chapel do the ‘rocket roll’ in sick bay. In the bloopers real, they fall back together and De is seen grabbin’ a heapin’ helpin’ of the producer’s wife’s tomata’s. It’s hilarious.

brilliant! loved it!

Nice!! Very Nice!

That was great!

Loved it!! More! More! More!

Nice touch adding a touch of stereo reverb right at the end over the mono soundtrack.

Sweet Jesus that was cool.

OH MY GAWWWD!!! That is just absolutely brilliant!
Thank you so much, you guys! As a big Trek and Mission fan this really made me beam.

And just where did you beam to? Sorry,…couldn’t resist!

Just great you guys! You nailed the whole MI opening sequence but Tholian style ;)


that is brilliant. Great stuff…makes me pine for the second season of MI on dvd.

#2 Your correct, but… the MI titles had Barbra Bain 3rd, so to emulate them I put Uhura 3rd. Just one of those odd creative choices. :)

Thanks for the kind words, trust me, without the Tholian ship the whole bit falls flat, and Spockboy whipped that up super fast! That’s what makes just a good idea excellent having people who know how to do incredible things quickly.

Thanks Spockboy. Very clever and fun to watch!

Mike :o

Kudos! Well done.

Just out of curiosity, what video tools did you guys use to make this?

Spockboy… that clever Vulcan!


Though LiveVideo buffers fior me which is annoying Spockboy try YouTube. Please! :D


LOVED IT! IN all these years i dont recall seeing any level or tech era ST/MI crossover like this …and the irony is too funny, from adjacent stages at Desilu/Paramount to Abrams projects …and now this winner! Now, let’s see it with Amok Time and Doomsday and Babel, and City…and …! :-) (Don’t ask for much, huh?)

i have added a dl link and the youtube link. it has been up on the youtube channel since yesterday actually….for those who want things first you should always keep an eye on the chanel

I am glad folks like these things and if Spockboy and kelvington can keep it going we are happy to present these every week.


I am not sure i will keep using live video. livevideo is higher res but has less people and some other issues.


if people prefer then youtube is fine with me 

This doesn’t follow canon and cannot be left online to dilute the holy continuity..

(Good Job)

these things are great, i look forward to the next one Kelvington and spockboy

I have to say the quality seemed a bit lacking from some of the other things we have seen from you guys. I could kind of see what you were trying to do however it just “wasn’t my bag baby” as Austin Powers another 60’s super spy/agent would say. Not trying to insult for the record I just personally didn’t dig it…….

Aaron R.

CANON= Causing A Nuisance Over Nothing?

Can we

19. omf – Two programs are used, Video Vegas by Sony and Particle Illusion. Spockboy has been showing me how to use them. I was a VideoWave guy for many years, but Video Vegas is about 1000 times more powerful.

THat was bloody wicked. good eye for the editing!

Bravo! Two of my favorite shows merged into some mirror universe hybrid.. That cooked!

Very clever and very good!

Very nicely done indeed! Looking forward to more videos.

Break out the tranya!!

Brilliant! Excellently conceived and executed. Well done. And, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t get on here and tell you. What’s the point of that?