Get Infected With The Immunity Syndrome Trailer have put up a preview for this weekend’s "The Immunity Syndrome" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

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This looks absolutely phenomenal. I am thrilled by the preview, and it’s always better on the TV!

Looks better than the original already.

I was a bit disappointed in The Tholian Web, so I hope Immunity Syndrome is better.

Looks awesome. I can’t wait!

yes, looks very promising!

What I see looks good, but I’ll reserve final judgement until after I see the FX in the context of the full episode.

I hope there are additional “close-ups” of the amoeba.

It’s a great episode, let’s see what they’ve done with it!

My desktop wallpaper is the shot from Tholian Web of the ship only lit by its own lights cause I thought it was so cool. Now you tell me that most of the next episode has the E only lit by its own lights?!

*cue people complaining that the dark is too dark*

This looks absolutely fantastic, movie quality.

Last week’s Tholian Web offered imagery that was only slightly new and only slightly improved as compared with the original. We did not get new and improved Tholians. We did not even get that one crucial long shot of the Enterprise completely surrounded in web. In my opinion CBS-D gave us nothing beyond what was minimally required of them. I found it disappointing.

On the basis of the preview, it would seem that next week’s Immunity Syndrome promises better than that. Let’s hope that CBS-D will be generous this time out.

Doomsday, Babel, Amuck Time—I love it when I look at the screen and see visuals that are both NEW and IMPROVED. I hate it when I look at the screen and see neither.

Oh no wait, it doesn’t look like I think it should look, or like Enterprise



The Enterprise looks great, but does anyone else think that the amoeba looks like a cartoon?

Nope, it’s just you, Chunkay!!!! ;-) lol

I agree, the Enterprise finally looks fantastic. I expect wonders with this one.

Preview looked great and I will not bash the good folks at CBS for the very hard work they are doing. It must be difficult for them when so many fans are giving them hell for their work. Thanks to them Classic Trek will be around for a long time to come.

This is just too friggin’ fantastic, can you see the various colors from the lights on top (and underneath) of the saucer section? Red, greens, white lights, etc. Whoo-hoo….bring it on!

Am I seeing things, or can you see the space amoeba in Spocks shuttlecraft viewscreens as he is falling on his ***?

CBS expects total honesty from all of us. Lets hope XI does as well. I thought I saw a hint of movement inside the organism. Hope it’s real. Cool.

I like how the amoeba looks wavy.

Wow…just WOW!!!

And yes, you CAN see the space amoeba through the shuttlecraft viewscreens.

Oh no wait, someone’s spoiling the infantile delight I get when even the most minimal standards are met


This looks great–at least they can’t replace that ameoba with something from Enterprise!

One of TOS’ dumbest/coolest episodes, the middle child of the “How do we kill it?” trilogy of “The Doomsday Machine,” “The Immunity Syndrome,” and “Obsession.” Frank Van Der Veer’s space amoeba was as elaborate a visual effect as TOS ever got, and it’s a pleasure to see that CBS-D didn’t take it upon themselves to change its look all that much. I was with the purists in their overall disappointment with “The Tholian Web,” but it looks like they may have nailed this one.

Agreed with 23 and other posters… Tholian was a bit of a let down, but the trailer on this one looks very promising.

Didn’t The Immunity Syndrome win a special effects emmy?

Hey, this episode is responsible for my own personal career choice :) . Lots of engineers today cite Scotty as their inspiration, but I decided on a career in microbiology which probably had a lot to do with the fact that this was my favorite episode as a child.

I still enjoy the episode, but as an adult, there are others I would cite as better overall (City on the Edge of Forever, Balance of Terror, Doomsday Machine come to mind). Still, this is a very fun episode and I very much look forward to seeing how they “enhance” it. The original effects were actually quite good, IMHO…especially given the limitations of the time.

And I think it was “The Tholian Web” that won an emmy for special effects…

I thought it was “The Tholian Web” that won the Emmy. Does anyone know for sure?

I agree Chunkay, I think the amoeba looks like a cartoon.
CBS Digital’s achilles heel sadly.
To be fair though, these quicktime previews are notorious for giving the wrong impression.
You can actually SEE the navigation lights!
Granted you have to fly into a dark zone with a giant space amoeba in the center to make it happen, but I’m happy all the same.

: )

I’m loving the dimly lit illuminated shots of the E both here and as seen in Tholian Web. I hope the “interior” scenes of the amoeba fare as well. Its always tricky to avoid the “cartoony” look when you throw a lot of colored light at the ship (like the ringed planet shot from I, Mudd or some of the barrier shots from WNMHGB). Anyway, I think they’re doing great work adding subtle texture to the surface of the ship and the camera angles that capture that “third season” look. Can’t wait for this one!

This is looking great! :)

After Tholian Web its hard for me to be excited about any of this anymore. Does anyone know how they cleaned all that protoplasm out of the E’s vents? Is a starship rated for travel in liquid?

#31- As cynical as this seems, I appreciate your comments totally- ESPECIALLY after Tholian. (If it ain’t broke…)

Once again, the new FX shots look great. They’ve really got the Enterprise looking like an actual ship instead of a CGI creation, which is why I REALLY hope they go back and re-do the earlier episodes.

Anyway, I’d love to see an exterior shot of the Enterprise with the shuttlecraft in tow. We never saw it in the original version, and its just a little detail that would be cool to see.

That WOULD be fantastic.

Nothing was wrong with Tholian Web…whine, whine, whine!

I think the ameoba looks more realistic. (Because I’m an expert on 11,000 mile long ameobas.)
Actually, it’s hard to see in this preview. The ship looks wonderful. The big flu bug looks a little soupy, but maybe that’s what it’s supposed to look like.


I was dubious about how they’d pull this one off. The preview does look promising. The original psychodelic effect of what looked liked colored liquid and gels worked great to create the ameoba, and I am still dubious as to how it can be recreated in CGI. So far, it looks good and I’ll wait to see it broadcast before critizising it.

I agree the dimly lit Enterprise shots are great and adds a mood to the shot.

Thank you CBS for the preview!

Love the dark look…. mmm yea.

I’d say all those disappointed by the Tholian Web and most others will be disappointed in this one. I, for one, am thrilled with what I’ve seen and can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^diabolik – I’d say all those disappointed by the Tholian Web and most others – will be disappointed in this one.

That’s a rather narrow minded assumption.

I was disappointed with Tholian Web, but I think this looks fantastic.

Hard to really tell from these previews, but looks promising.

Looks good to me. The Zone of Darkness really is a Zone of Darkness!

I know I have said this before, but just so CBS-D gets the message:

I think that it would be really, really cool if we could see the Enterprise in the standard warp sequence seen in all of the other series where the ship is slowly approaching the camera and the stars in the background are moving by quickly with a sort of pulled back effect. This has always looked good and the effect is pretty hard to screw up. Some very headstrong purists might not like it, but I think the majority of viewers would.


“Does anyone know how they cleaned all that protoplasm out of the E’s vents? ”

By processing it through the Golgi Apparatus? (arcane reference)

it would be cool if we get to see the space debris that spock mentions
maybe bits of the Intrepid, floating in the Space amoeba outer layer. That would be cool. The space amoeba dosent look that great on the preview, but I am hoping its just becasue of the quaility of the preview.

I had some friends and I get together and this is what we came up with:

We looked at the comparison video between orginal and remastered footage for “The Tholian Web”. Our conclusion: Both original and remastered versions have their hies and lows and depending on preference, they can be equally desirable. We then watched this preview. Our conclusion: This is a considerable improvement over “The Tholian Web” remaster, at least by what we could gather. We watched at this trailer again and the trailer for the Enterprise episode “In a Mirror Darkly” part two. Our final conclusion: The remastering project as a whole is improving. CBS-D’s current digital rendering of the Enterprise looks just as good as Eden FX’s. Not so much in “The Tholian Web”, but it is not bad by any matter of means. We think that overall, CBS-D, is doing a fine job, but we were all in favor of Eden FX’s explosions and battle scenes over CBS-D’s. So from this point forward, I think this will be the area that CBS-D will have to work on the most.

As a side note, I am not solely basing my judgments on the previews. I have seen the turn out of all of these on TV except for “The Immunity Syndrome”.

..weeeeeellll doggies!!

this one’s gonna be good!!

I don’t personally consider myself a pursit at all. If I was to define a purist .. A Purist is fan who is afraid of change. I may like TOS more than the spin offs but im trying not to go out of my way to trash them. I think what I expect is the execution of a remastered episode. If I disagree I disagree.

OK enough about that. This looks really cool. The Enterprise has lost that look. A real departure from “the Tholian Web.” It looks ten times better this week. I would be interested in the shuttle craft shots as soon as they become available.


I’m with you. I’m the furthest thing from a purist. Change is great…especially if it is done well, like this episode appears to be.