Shatner Wrestles, Doohan Soars, Nichols Auctions, Takei Re-Heroes…Oh My

Want to know where your TOS stars are this week, well here goes.

William Shatner had a very busy weekend. His first stop was Detroit where he was to induct Jerry Lawler into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. However Shatner was met with boos and controversy, more at Slam! Sports. On Monday Shatner traveled to nearby Toronto to help Rogers Telecom promote its new video phone service. Shatner pitching a product, who would have thought? More at

After a long wait the ashes of the late James Doohan are set for his final voyage. The remains of Doohan along with 200 other people, including astronaut Gordon Cooper, were loaded onto a Celestis rocket in New Mexico yesterday. Doohan is set to launch later this month, more at MSNBC.

The re-emergence of George Takei continues. In a new interview with Masi Oka, he reveals that Takei will reprise his role on the hit show Heroes. More at iF Magazine.

Nichelle Nichols has recently finished filming a movie called Lady Magdalene’s. She plays the title character, an owner of a brothel, and the film with all the distribution rights can be yours for a mere $1 Million! Writer-Producer-Director Neil Schulman has chosen to sell the film on E-Bay

Walter Koenig may not be getting the star treatment these days, but his fans do want that to change. There is a movement to help get him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Koenig is the only original Star Trek cast member without one. More at

Not much to report for Leonard Nimoy, who seems to be enjoying his retirement. But if you need to get your Leonard on, check out thisNimoy musical tribute site

…and DeForest Kelley. He still remains in his final resting place, the Pacific Ocean itself…a fine tribute. 


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My first “First Comment”…and I got nothin’.


Sail on, Scotty!

It looks as if the Shat underestimated the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony fans and got caught trying to “Mail it in”.

Also, Water Koenig is the only ST:TOS regular not to have a star on the walk of fame? Really? I think Eddie Paskey (Lt. Leslie), Bill Blackburn (Lt. Hadley), and Frank da Vinci (Lt. Brent) would beg to differ. They don’t have stars either, and they each appeared in more episodes than Koenig. Although since Koenig actually spoke in most of his episodes, I suppose he does deserve it more than those guys. Good luck, Walter!

And Nimoy gets lower billing than two of the Monkees! That’s it. I’m canceling my subscription to Tiger Beat!
Great stuff, Anthony!

Meh slow news week huh. Fake sketches and now this… Come on guys make it up if you have to!!! ;-)

Aaron R.

they did make it up on sunday.

Let me see if I’ve got this right; Morons in the wrestling “profession” had the gall to boo at the Shat? My God, he was the founder and originator of bringing artistry to fighting/wrestling while attired in a colourful outfit! Another first for the Shat! Where do they get the balls to criticize the forefather of their movement? Or, in the case of what they do for a living, maybe I should say their bowel movement? Can you imagine how low someone’s intelligence would have to be to watch “professional” wrestling? It boggles the mind!

ya know they really should have gotten Andy Kaufman to induct Jerry Lawler in…….

Shatner is everywhere , Shatner is everything

#9 “Shatner is everywhere, Shatner is everything”
It’s easy for the Shat to be mistaken for a god these days; with his current weight and shape he has more than a passing resemblance to Buddha!!

#7 Michael Appleton, I’m curious, how low must my intelligence be? If that question boggles your mind, then your intelligence must be as low as mine.

OK, it’s all fine and well to diss Shat’s weight.
But, what the %$#$ is going on with Dusty Rhodes? Shouldn’t the governing board of the tuxedo industry repeal his license to wear a tux?? This guy probably has four drumsticks and 15.73 in change in the folds of his fat. I’d say I’m afraid he’ll beat me up for saying that… but, I’m really afraid I’d have to administer mouth-to-mouth when he keels over walking towards me to beat me up.

It’s pretty low to make a remark like that!

If the Shat gains six more pounds he’ll deserve his own zip code!

Very well Mr. Appleton. I watch wrestling, so my intelligence is low. I’m glad that there are people like you around to point this out. Otherwise, people like me wouldn’t have a clue.

Know what I just heard? They’re making a new Star Trek movie. Anybody want to talk about that?

#15 I’m sorry if my remark hurt your feelings. Mea culpa! Apology accepted?

Now kiss.

I want to hear more about that fascinating actress, Nacelle Nipples!

Didn’t she play Uwhora?

“Now kiss” CmdrR., you’re one sick dude! Now I know why I like you!

Hey, CmdrR, how’d you like my ‘insanities’ remark in an earlier post?

Which post? If it’s something aimed at me I’m sure I deserved it. ha

OK, I see it now. Guilty as charged.

#23 Check out the Immunity Syndrome Trailer, Post #73!

O.K., back to Star Trek. Who are they going to cast as a young James T. Kirk?? I’d like to hear one GOOD suggestion!

It’s interesting how similar the two current photos of Shatner look at the top of’s main page (decades apart, one in bee-keeper helmet, one without.).

He has that same horrified stare, but the wig is thicker today.

Funny, I thought Shatner’s weave was nicknamed the “bee-keeper helmet”!

26 – It’s gonna be somebody who’s had small roles up until now. He’ll have Hollywood creds, but right now you and I couldn’t identify him. Scan the lower credits of “Flags of Our Fathers” or “The Good Shepherd” and you’ll find him. 50,000 quotloos you can’t name him off the top of your head.

Absolutely! He should join the “helmets off” challenge with Donald Trump.

#17 Yes sir. IDIC

Where can one contribute to the Koenig star fund?

#26 David Hassellhoff as Kirk.

Josh T is probably crying a river about being booing the shat.

All bend on one knee and worship The Shat….. :-)

Our favorite piece of Canadian bacon promoting Pro wrestling….
What was that quote….?

.”..Oh my…”

I saw a young man, only 20, on Leno last night promoting “Disturbia”.
I thought he might make a decent young Spock. And to satisfy Josh T… he’s even a Jew. Shia Labeouf



The Spock says, he’s gonna drag your ass down know your role blvd, hang a right on jabroni drive, and check your ass into the slap down hotel!

The Spock says, he is gonna take this phaser, and shine it up reaaaal nice, and turn it sideways, then stick it up your candy ass!


“Josh T is probably crying a river about being booed the Shatner.”

Ok well, which “being” booed the Shatner?

I get it now! Yoda speak! Being booed he is, the Shatner.

An Idea!
The Kirk and Spock Trek XI actor pool. Everyone loves a contest.

Guess the actors correctly and win a tshirt.

(You DO have a tshirt….yes? I’d happily submit a design)

Anthony… we natives were already ugly.

But you need to get em to be more vocal in the strings.

Shia Labeouf – He’s been good in everything he’s done, even turkeys like Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle.
He’s about a decade underripe… but, if they want a flashback to the academy, he’d get my vote.

#38 “stick it up your candy ass!”
Well, well, well….finally shown your true colours, have you? Tell me, do you like candy? Do you like to lick and taste it? Then I have a suggestion for you…….bahahahahahaha

The Spock says that shtick seems too practised Michael, stay. away. from. children!

Muaaah hah hah hah

Say, I have a question that has to do with watching HD Star Trek Remastered when it finally comes out in a box set. In the next few months I want to purchase the best damn plasma T.V. money can buy, probably 65 inches. Not to give people a chance to “plug” brand names, but, if money were no object, which kind of set would any of you get? There must be a reader out there who knows EVERYTHING about this kind of info! Not to mention it might help other readers looking to upgrade to the ULTIMATE picture to enjoy Trek all the more! I know it’s all subjective, but which one has the sharpest, most vibrant, picture available today? I want to own this T.V. for many years to come. Thanks!

I guess if Shia Lebeowulf were 10 years older he could perform the Spockness. But since he isn’t, no dice.

I think the guy that played Jesus in the Passion should play Spock, to Damons Kirk. And Sinus issues McCoy.

#45 “that shtick”
Well, you know what they say, ” speak softly and carry a big shtick”. I know, I know, size isn’t everything, but still…..

Angus Mcfayden or however the hell you say his name should be Scotty, and Joachim Pheonix should be KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!


Let’s not go there again..please.