Star Trek Auction Update: Week 15

Week 15 of the Star Trek auction was not a particularly strong with a total of just $52,898. There were a couple of strong costumes, but otherwise there was a poor selection (especially with props). However, there were some great bargains on costumes in the $1,000 range. The two big costumes were a Klingon outfit worn by Neelix and Crusher’s old style navy uniform from Star Trek: Generations.The Neelix Klingon costume went for  $4,127.25, which is almost twice what the previous high for a Klingon uniform. This is certainly way overpriced considering what the previous ones have sold for. The Star Trek:Generations Crusher stunt costume went for $1,825 which was probably about right considering it is a stunt costume. It is a beautiful costume none the less and will look great in someone’s display. Too bad there was no hat with it. Dr. Zimmerman costume from Voyager went way below my expectations at only $1,075. This is an important costume in that it is the one worn by Dr. Zimmerman of Starfleet Medical, on who the Doctor’s holo-matrix was based. I think the winner got a smoking deal here!
Another steal was the Jem’Hadar costume that went for only $1,146.51. This costume had boots as well and I almost bid on this myself. These are the type of great deals I think are there to be found every week.

Another great deal was The Terran Empire MACO Uniform which sold for a paltry $885! This was VERY cheap for a great uniform that will look awesome on display.

The Starfleet Cadet Future Uniform was in line with previous auctions at $590 and I think people should look at these. They show very little wear as they were only used in one episode and they look great AND come with a Comm badge! $590 is a steal.

The Blue TNG Scant went for a strong $1,130.89. These are probably pretty rare, so that price doesn’t surprise me.

I said in my preview that I thought the Feature Film Vulcan Robes and Hat were being overlooked, and I was right as they sold for only $865.

The Dixon Hill hat and shoes sold for only $620. I am not sure what you do with the shoes, but the hat alone was worth that price.

As far as props go:
Ferengi Disruptor Rifle (also used by the Romulans) was the top prop at $1,650. I actually bid on this, but felt, though it is a beautiful piece and would go great with the Romulan pistol I just won, was a b it more than I wanted to spend.

The Starfleet PADD went for $1,534 and was well worth it. It has a great graphic and was rather large. It also works, which is an important consideration for these. Working PADDs are rarer and well worth it.

The 24th Century Computer went for $1,454. i think that was a good price and as I have said before, there are a lot of great props that sell around $1,500. Any one of them will make an awesome centerpiece for a collection.

The Electronic Starfleet PADD went for $966 but was a bit beat up. I really didn’t like this piece because of its condition, but reasonable since it lit up.

The Star Trek: First Contact Type III rifle went for $916.99. It was foam, so it was a reasonable price.

As predicted, theThe Klingon PADD went reasonably at $815.99. I think that was probably one of the deals of the week. When you can get a great prop under $1,000, you have done well. It doesn’t light up, but most alien PADDs didn’t.

The Enterprise Starfleet Energy Carbine was a rubber version, and for some bizarre reason had a reserve.  It failed to hit that reserve at  $ 609.   IAW had stopped with reserves, so I am not sure why an average prop like this had a reserve.

Alec’s Auction Awards of the Week:
Best Costume of the Week:  Tough one as I don’t think there were any standout costumes. The Neelix Klingon is just like any other Klingon costume, the James Doohan wasn’t used in the flim (at least not by Scotty) and the Naval uniform was a stunt version. SO I am giving my costume of the week to theDr. Zimmerman costume. Pretty cool and this went cheap!

Best Prop of the Week: The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle The detailing on these is very nice and this is a clean resin copy.

Best Buy of the week:  The Dr. Bashir uniform at only $1,175 was a STEAL for a very desirable Black and Gray style Ds9 uniform.

Worst Buy of the week:  The James Doohan "Class B" shirt for $3,450 is a really bad buy as the costume was never used onscreen.

Sleeper of the Week:  The Jem’Hadar costume at only $1,146.51 was pretty hard to beat. Complete with boots and cool detailing, this costume was a great deal.


Week 16 Preview

There is a good selection of hero items this week, as well as three great alien costumes. The prop selection is weak, but there are a few good items. First Contact Borg costume is a real beauty. The detailing is amazing and am sure this will look amazing on display. At Christie’s, one like this went for $3,840 (before buyer’s premium) and the last one went for $1,625 from It’s a Wrap. The only thing to remember is that these are made from cast latex, and so they will deteriorate if not well preserved. If you win this, let me know and I will introduce you to an amazing artist who specializes in creating and preserving these items.

There are both a Dr. Bashir black and gray uniform and a Chief O’Brien black and gray uniform. The last Bashir like this went for $1,843 and the O’Brien that was sold that was identical to this one went for $2,050. The O’Brien is interesting in that it has a sewn in rank insignia for a Chief Petty Officer as opposed to an officer who has metal pips. These are beautiful uniforms and display great. I think both will go over $2,000 as new bidders have been bidding up hero costumes recently. Garak costume is already at $1,225. Now the last Garak went for an amazing $3,250, which is quite high. The winner had emailed me and told me it was the last costume he needed to complete his collection, and he knew he bid high on it. That costume was from the best Garak episode "In the Pale Moonlight" when Garak gives his ending monologue to Sisko after getting hit across the room. There are plenty of Garak costumes out there as none were sold at Christie’s and, like Quark, we saw Garak in a ton of different costumes.

The Cardassian Soldier Costume
is a beauty. These generally go in the $1,500-1,800 range, and this one could easily top $2,000 as it looks in great shape and has boots.

The Hirogen Hunter costume is cheap right now at $500, but should go around $1,200-1,500. This one has boots and looks great. See my comments above regarding latex costumes though.

There are a number of distressed uniforms from DS9 and Voyager main characters. These should go at very reasonable prices, so keep an eye on them if you are on a budget. There is a Kira, a Chakotay, a B’Lanna Torres and a Paris.The Harry Kim Racing Jumpsuit is beautiful, buts hows signs of mold, so be careful there.

Other costumes of note are the Kai Winn costume, which is quite striking, The Mila costume from The Dogs of War, is intriguing foryou DS9 and Garak fans and there is a fine Neelix costume as well. There is also a great Kess costume from her last appearance on Voyager.

As far as props go:
The Romulan Senate stools and chair are nice and have been on before. Two stools went for $1,125 in February and $699 two weeks ago. No reason to pay high for these as there are a ton fo them! The Romulan Senate was a big place!

The Kira Sniper Rifle is nice and different from other Bajoran weapons. This is the best weapon in the auction this week, and should go around $1,000 -1,200.

The Starfleet Energy Carbine went for $609 last week and there is another this week.

There is a DS9 PADD which lights up which should go in the $1,000-$1,500 range. These keep showing up and the price will be dropping on these after a while I think.

The Voyager Pattern Enhancers are pretty nifty. There are three of them, which would look cool set up around your TV room!

There are also two pennants from the DS9 baseball episode "Take me out to the holosuite". be careful here as there are a LOT of these and this is the perfect example of why you should be patient. I would love to have a set, but I am not going to pay $300 for a!

Finally, there is a latex "Grand Nagus" head appliance. This is very cool, but you can see the problem with latex as this is already starting to deteriorate. If you didn’t win the Grand Nagus costume that was on a few weeks ago, don’t bother!

Click here to see the full list of week 16 items on Auction 

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Gosh how much more junk is left in the “Star Trek attic”? I would have thought that after more than three months they would have wrapped up these auctions by now!

I still strongly feel that Paramount/CBS should have donated the ship models, and many of the more significant props to the Smithsonian. This way all Star Trek fans could have had a chance to view and admire them up close. (They did it before with the original TOS Enterprise, so why not this time?)

Instead they were sold to a handful of “fat cat” Star Trek collectors who had tens of thousands ,if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in disposable income. Hardly the average ST fan….

If the best and most important props and ships had been donated to the Smithsonian museum, then ALL Americans would have owned a piece of Star Trek history and an important part of American pop culture.

Mike :o

ïViva capitalism!

Well, I have to agree. The “A” and “D” models should have been donated to the Smithsonian, but Paul Allen, who owns the Sci Fi museum in Seattle, may have wound up with them and then you can see them there. We will have to wait and see.


Have a “smiley” just to up the posts here. The auction topics obviously don’t attract much love either way… :D

re: post 1-

I agree it would have been nice if the original ship models, particularly 1701-A, would have been better to go somewhere where it would be open to public view. Hopefully, the buyer was Paul Allen. After seeing the Sci-Fi museum, it’s a perfect place for the models as they appear to be concerned with preserving them.

This would have been nice if the models and costumes went on a national tour in museums nationwide before they decided to sell them to private collectors.

All I”ve heard also since this has been so successful for Paramount and Christies IIRC they are going to be doing the same to other Sci Fi Genres.
For Paramount this makes perfect sense The models will never be used again for any further treks since most if not all special effects are done digitally. I remember when ILM which was responsible for most of modern model effect shots announced they have closed their model shops.


I guess CGI has put most Hollywood model makers out of business, but I’m happy that Wallace and Gromit proved there are still many fans of good old fashioned “stop motion/stop action” animation still around.

Mike :o

I think the best buy of the week was mine. I won a set of Cardassian civvies. It was a steal at 160 bucks.
Shame really as I had my hearts set on tuxedos worn by Vic Fontaine and Garak. They went from approx $150 to $600 during the last minutes. Considering what real tuxedos go for those were a bargain, too.

I wonder if anyone is still selling those “Niners” baseball style pendants? Star Trek DS9 is my favorite ST series after TOS, and that would be a cool (and cheap) souvenir to add to my collection.

Too bad I couldn’t afford to bid on the original DS9 space station model during the Christie’s auction. Now that would be the ulitmate collectible for a “niner’s” fan, right up there with a pair of Quark’s ears!

Mike :o


Profiles in History auctioned off a rare early pilot script on Thursday:,1 mentioned it in the first section of this article:

> “The script, written by Gene Roddenberry, is titled
> ‘Voyage One: The Menagerie,’ which would later be
> changed to “The Cage.” It’s dated November 20, 1964
> (with handwritten notes dated 11-22-64), and it’s
> signed by Fontana, Leonard Nimoy and Majel Barrett.
> It contains revision inserts and a cover featuring an
> early incarnation of the Star Trek logo.”