Remastered “The Immunity Syndrome” Airs This Weekend + Plus New Preview Images

The Enterprise must save the galaxy from a deadly infection
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Plus here are 3 cool new shots just sent over by CBS


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Pretty, I imagine it’s hard to get something so bizaar to look realistic, this is certainly a worthy effort.

Ah, good old anti-matter. Is there anything it can’t do?

^Live in peace with matter?

Looks interesting so far. Can’t wait to see more!

sometimes the big-e looks like a starship and sometimes it looks like a model! CBS-D you are doing a wonderful job, but is there any way to make her look as big as she really is all the time???!!!!???!!!???

I never thought I would live to see the day the old girl could appear so absolutely breathtakingly glorious.

That is some movie quality material there.

CBS, I don’t give a shit what anyone else says, you’ve made THIS fan quite happy.

p.s. CBS-D i’m not knocking the work. Love the work!

The spaceborne amoeba has dimension now, look at the edges where the light blue is illuminated, it is popping out. It appears as though it occupies space and has mass.

Absolutely Exquisite.

Heads Up WDKY-56 Lexington Kentucky Viewers –
“The Immunity Syndrome” will air today (Saturday 7th) at 1:00pm. Reprogram TiVo if necessary. – – – Pics look very interesting.

9. > Many thanks Greg.

They look fantastic . Compared to last week this looks really good

This is looking Suh-weet!! I’ve had CBS-D’s back since they started knowing that they would get to this level on the Big E. I still hope that they are planning to retrofit the lighting and model schemes their using now into the earlier episodes where the Big E looked less than stellar.

Niiiiiiiiicccccceeeee! Very nice!

Wow. CBS-D, you have surpased all my expectations. This looks truley amazing. “The Tholian Web” was, though not bad, a little less than perfect as far as some new FX are concerned, but this looks stunning. I know you guys over at CBS-D are working hard and it certainly shows. I can’t wait!

P.S. to CBS-D: If you guys plan to update your earlier remastered episodes, I suggest that on “Balance of Terror”, you start from scratch.

It looks like a freaking cartoon!

I’ll watch and reserve judgment, but…….

Awesome! Now if they can just add in Raquel Welch in a white wetsuit snorkeling around through the protoplasm we might get the ultimate 60s sci-fi adventure!

Thanks for the heads up, Greg! You’re a peach!

I’m truly amazed. This is really compelling-it will add greatly to the episode in many ways to show the big E in almost total darkness up against the ameoba-like entity.
The local affiliate in my area will show this episode tonight at 7pm…which makes me even more excited!

It’s a Ferengi! Rotate the first pic CCW.


I don’t know how many times I have read that “the enterprise is too dark” over the past few months on this site, but now that it’s almost invisible you think it’s fantastic. Those poor CBS-D chaps must get very confused if they still read these comments.

I will echo a comment made here many times previously. The shot of E from above and directly behind is probably the least flattering angle. I really wish CBS-Dig would go for some cooler angles — from below almost always looks better than from above.

It would be nice to see more long shots to emphasize the scale of big things, like the Fesarius, doomsday machine, and the amoeba.


Yeah, no weather updates to mess up the TV screen on it and the repeat on Tholian tonight either. I’m looking forward to it to, with my dvd recorder fired up and ready!


I think it’s supposed to be dark in this episode.


Yeah. The reason people like the dark aspect in this episode is becuase there are no stars. In the original, the Enterprise was lit up dispite the fact that there were no stars to light it. The new FX fix that problem.

16. Mysterious (Don’t turn it into TAS) Stranger – April 7, 2007

” It looks like a freaking cartoon!”

I like cartoons.

Haha, it looks like they just used Photoshop’s Outer Glow on that dark spot of the amoeba. The third shot looks great, but the amoeba in the first and second shots looks completely 2-D.



I think you’ve lost me.

I like that they kept the overall design of the amoeba, but I wish they would have updated it a little with organelles and a better nucleus.

I notice no green & red fantail lights, just below the hanger deck doors. These lights seem to come and go. Is CBS digital giving these a specific function (e.g. approach and landing lights), so they’re not illuminated all the time?

re: 31. Mark 2000 – April 7, 2007

” I like that they kept the overall design of the amoeba, but I wish they would have updated it a little with organelles and a better nucleus.”

…and maybe a pretty little bow tie

…and some spats and a top hat

I would have preferred some gastric juices up the Jeffries Tube.

Well, looks like Mr. 8 to the 21st power’s post was removed. It didn’t make much sense anyway.

And as for the look of the amoeba, it looks great to me. It’s a very good recreation of the original.

#31: I don’t recall the red and green fantail lights ever being turned on in Remastered. Maybe they decided they didn’t like the way they look?

I appreciate that they tried to keep that “analog” feel of the aomeba from the original episode. I would’ve missed that chromatic 60’s acid-rock show look if it had gone too “realistic”.

I still miss having the square light on over the hangar doors, and the landing lights. Doesn’t seem right without them.

It’s always hard to judge and evaluate the new CGI effects from just a few screenshots. I will hold my comments and opinions, until I can see “Spockboy’s” weekly side by side comparsion video for this episode.

I think “Spockboy’s” videos give all of us the best tool possible for evaluated and judging the work of the CBS/CGI team. For the most part I really like most of the new CGI effects. But sometimes after watching a “Spockboy” video, I’m surprised that I find some of the original effects superior to the new.

I really appreciate the time and effort that he puts into these videos, and I hope that he will continue making them for all the remaning episodes.

Mike :o

#37 – I agree with you. SpockBoy’s side-by-side videos show that some of the original 60’s beauty shots of the Enterprise hold up very, very well today. And for whatever the reason, CGI just can’t seem to accurately duplicate that Christmas tree light / rotating mirror effect of the nacelles.

I made some remastered desktop images like the ones if anybody wants some. I used mostly images from here (since they seem to be the best around) but used a little bit of filters for the noise since I had to scale them up.

Here is the thread:

sorry, it looks like a videogame.
sorry. blech…


sorry, you don’t know what you’re talking about. ……. in my opinion

Love to see the impulse engines lit up for action. THIS would have sold a LOT of color TV’s in 1968. Now… order up the HDTVs.
Oh, I have “The Ten Commandments” on as I write this. Would love to see a parody of Trek Commandments… if anyone is listening. (Does EVERYTHING with dated sfx have to be updated?)

39 – Skippy… maybe we should stick to the cable version. ha!

# 39. Skippy 2k – “I made some remastered desktop images . . .”

Wonderful Work Skippy, just Wonderful. Feel Free in the Future to do more because it is true that is rather slow in keeping up with current episode images.
Thanks Much.

Frankly, I don’t care what anyone else thinks! I truly feel this is the best job they have done thus far. It absolutely rocked my Star Trek world! I could go on and on…and probably will later. But not now. I’m up too high!

I’m remember watching a Star Trek FX video on that had a really cool special effect for the impulse engines. When the Enterprise was cruising at full impulse the engines looked kind of like F-18 afterburners, with powerful red flames pulsing from the back.

I’m sure others think this is a stupid effect, especially for a futuristic starship, but to me it gave the illusion of heat and impressive power.


That was from the Digital Stream Doomsday pitch. I have those vid clips (somewhere) but while true it might not fit the “futuristic starship” I thought it was kinda cool with the Constellation plunging into the planet killer. The ships themselves though, and I especially didn’t like the planet killer (pink with a bit of neon green on the “arms” I think) could have been better. Even for the time I think?

Curious about Digital Stream. Could you elaborate? Thanks.

#46 I hated that “afterburner” look…

All it needs is a glow like what CBS-D is doing…and what was done in ST:TMP….something akin to that.


#49 Ok let’s compromise then…at “half impulse power” they can just glow red..but at full power let Scotty kick in those cool impulse afterburners!

Mike :o