The Innuendo Syndrome – A Gag Double Feature

A Grindhouse-like gag reel double feature. First up Kelvington ..

and now for something completely different from Spockboy …

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I haven’t watched the videos yet, but what the heck – my chance to be first. They were hilarious.

Good Lord. Freud would have a field day.

oh my….both are hilarious well done Kelvington and Spockboy….dont make us choose between them

There’s a slightly more adult version available for those who enjoy such things at –

Spockboy for president…that was fantastic


What a total mish-mash of pure foolishness! Perhaps something to watch IF you were absolutely blitzed out of your gourd but I seriously doubt it. Yawn!

Spockboy….what have you been smoking dude? Give me some!

Mike :o

A few years ago someone put together a purely audio version of a Kirk/Spock love scene out of dialogue bits (Kirk: “Bury the hatchet.” Spock: “An appropriate choice of terms, Captain.”) that is hilarious…

The first one was totally juvenile, but I loved the line from Scotty “we can’t last more than 45 minutes at this rate of decline”. Hilarious!

You should be ashamed. And so should I for enjoying these. Always wondered why they got so sweaty.

I enjoyed them both. Once on a while we really need a good laugh.

Kudos for Kelvington and Spockboy I shudder to think if their are plans for the next two LOL.


I’m sorry if I ruined the surprise on the first one, but…if it caused Spockboy to create the other one, I’m glad I did!!!! Spockboy, that 2nd one about made me fall off my chair. Kelvington, obviously I have been enjoying the first one (for several days now). Both a fine effort. Yes, juvenile…but sometimes that humor is needed. Keep up the good/fun work!!!!

Still laughing. Great job guys!!

I always thought Spock lurching up from the sensor station was kind of funny looking. Now it’s REALLY funny!

Both Great! whats that music spockboy used?

wow, the difference in quality of the same footage is staggering.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in YEARS!!!! Awesome work, you two!!

Well done, Spockboy. Although I’m not sure how I’m going to get “Bilbo Baggins” out of my head now. Ow, make it stop!

#15 Zach– The first part of the music is from the soundtrack Casino Royal (c. 1967). Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass. The second song is so damn funny! –Good old Nimoy

Wow. I’m spent. I need a cigarette… and I don’t even smoke.

Spockboy, you are one twisted evil genius.

Thank you.

I never realized how sexual this episode was until I saw the videos… Thats funny! Creepy… but funny!

Hey # 7 I’ve had half a bottle of whiskey and a few beers and thats the funniest damn thing i’ve seen all day!!!

Will these be remastered?