Rosario Dawson = Trekkie

Last week Rosario Dawson revealed her inner Trekkie on the Conan O’Brian Show. Hey JJ, there has got to be a role for her somewhere.

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Quick! Someone call JJ Abrams!


She should be Uhura for sure!

I could definitely see her as a Vulcan. ;)

Yeah she’s right…my glasses exploded…well they would if I had them.

I love Rosario Dawson – and now, even more.

Think I’m in love too.

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Uhura all the way. I wouldn’t be surprised if that little ‘talk’ came up during the show because she wants to be in the movie. Nevertheless, she would amke a great Uhura.

Knowing how close minded some people on this website are (Jost T) it’s probably a good idea she didn’t mention which Trek series she was a fan of because she would get dissed bad on this website.

Put Rosario Dawson into a red Starfleet unform and place her at the Communications Station on the Enterprise bridge immediately! She’d make a fantastic Uhura. I’ve thought so for years. I even did a photo-manipulation of her in the role. If I can find it, I’ll find a way to post it here. Anyone have any suggestions where I can post it so I can provide a link to it here?

stallion wtf? there is no need to attack or pre attack other posters. I am sure she likes the later shows…just like me and most of us here. just cause some posters like only one show (be it TOS or TNG) that doesnt mean everyone does.

I know all the contributors and the owner of this site are fans of Trek old and new.

#11 — post it at

Funny interview!

Years ago I remember reading a story about a group of people in California that had started a “Klingon Commune”. Supposedly they would only speak and write Klingon while living in this commune, and they were required to be in full make-up and costume when outside. I wonder if any of that was true?

Talk about Star Trek fanatics that have gone waaay over the edge!!

Mike :o

Had her mixed up with Roxanne Dawson and thought she had been in Trek, just I didn’t recognise her without the headbumps


Good grief.

So what does that second word mean?

It’s cool Anthony, what some consider “close-Mindedness” I consider carefully considered preference.

Btw, did anyone else notice this interview didn’t go over so well and seemed awkward? The audience was fairly silent, crickets chirping even.

That doesn’t bode well for the perception a general audience has of Trek anymore.

Perhaps its just me but I don’t think she have the universal (accepted) looks needed for Uhura. However she does have a well rounded and good attitude now doesn’t she? Yes….I could see her as a 1/2 Vulcan – Human where you’d she her human side shining through – even in odd situations where she might serve as a comic foil – now….wouldn’t that be different for Star Trek and real first in the series…..just a idea mind you.

#19: I think the audience was quiet because they where hypnotized by her stunning beauty. I’m sure thats all it was.

I think she has the right look for Uhura. Fanboys love her from Clerks 2 and Grindhouse. She is money in the bank.

Rosario Dawson I would pay to see read the phone book for two hours and still come away happy…

…Get your minds out’ve the gutters!

…yeah, the Trek references and humor went over like a lead balloon. Let’s hope JJ can make Trek fun, put the cool factor back into Trek and get the public interested again.

Any great episode that was done on Battlestar Galactica was done three years ago on Star Trek? Let me think about this statement…. Okay, so Star Trek did episodes about suicide bombers, the occupation of Iraq, what happens to collaborators–a main character on Star Trek would never send young men and women out as suicide bombers, nor would a Star Trek character execute another character because he thought that character was collaborating with the “enemy”. Star trek is too sanitized. Sorry fanboys and fangirls, but Battlestar Galactica is superior to Star Trek in every way. It takes risks. It has balls, great writing and great acting.

The REAL Adama is dead! Battlestar Galactica died with him, IMO. The new one is ok, if you like a soap opera in space. I often do, but not to the extent that this has become.

You obviously don’t like good writing, Jim J. Battlestar won a Peabody Award for crying out loud. When did Star Trek ever win one? Oh, I remember: Never.

Battlestar is far superior to Star Trek and this is coming from a big fan of Star Trek – i don’t think i could have worded anything better than what Adama said about BSG other than that i agree with all of it! BSG does have balls, Star Trek does not – it is too clinical and clean cut – no one does any wrong – BORING!!!!!!!! lets hope this next trek has balls and guts and for god sake humans with feelings and flaws!

#26 Actually, The Next Generation has won a Peabody Award.

the new Galactica was a dog(Was, because it’s cancelled)it never took off because it spent too much time biting it’s own ass. What a wasted property.No villainous Baltar ,just a wormey sad loser.No real Cylons or Cylon empire,no mechanised threat.Just some sad recirculating story about a sexually needey wormey Baltar.Yeech.I had to spray my TV with Lysol.

#29 – What planet are you on? Battlestar was renewed for a 4th season. It’s not cancelled. And if you want the old Sci Fi cliched mechanized threat go watch the Terminator movies. Battlestar is far more thoughtful. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Is Rosario Dawson related to Roxanne Dawson?

To #28 – I stand corrected. You are right. However, Star Trek TNG won for the first season episode “The Big Goodbye” while Battlestar won as an entire series.. from the Peabody website:

Year: 2005

Title: Battlestar Galactica (SCI FI)

Battlestar Galactica is not just another apocalyptic vision of the future but an intense drama that poses provocative questions regarding religion, politics, sex and what it truly means to be “human.” The saga is set in motion when Cylon robots revolt against their creators with a devastating series of nuclear attacks. What`s left of the human race, fewer than 50,000 refugees, roam the universe in a fleet led by the spacecraft Galactica. They must re-imagine their society even as they search for a new home. This dramatic premise, coupled with the threat from a new form of humanoid Cylons, affords diverse narrative and philosophical possibilities. Writers Ronald D. Moore, Toni Graphia, David Weddle, Bradley Thompson, Carla Robinson, Jeff Vlaming, Michael Angeli, and David Eick take full advantage to give us plotlines that are deeply personal and relatable, while never compromising their affinity and passion for science fiction. Moore, Graphia, and Eick are the executive producers. Harvey Frand is the producer. Directors Michael Rymer, Marita Grabiak, Allan Kroeker, Rod Hardy, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Robert Young, Brad Turner, Edward James Olmos, Jeff Woolnough, and Jonas Pate dazzle us, giving us a show that captivates on multiple levels. The cast includes Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, and Grace Park. For pushing the limits of science fiction and making it accessible to all, Battlestar Galactica receives a Peabody Award.

Year: 1987

Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Big Good-Bye

“Star Trek” has been part of the American television fabric for more than two decades. An attempt to make “Star Trek: The Next Generation” life up to the considerable reputation of the original was complicated by the fact that it would appear, not on the networks, but in first-run syndication. Rather than give in to the usual realities of “first-run” and produce a low budget, but profitable program, the producers chose instead to opt for the highest quality in writing, décor, acting, and, indeed, all facets of the production. In doing so, they have set a new standard of quality for first-run syndication and this is exemplified in the episode “The Big Good-Bye.” The Peabody Board has chosen to honor that episode and, in doing so, challenge the broadcast industry to provide the syndication market with programs of the highest quality. A Peabody to “Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Big Good-Bye.”

Battlestar Whinica.A strung-out Baltar(supposedly the chief villian) wanders aimlessly through meandering storyline after storyline in search of his blonde muse as cameras shakily record his circular progress..boring,not entertaining,gave up on it

# 30: He was obviously referring to the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galatica not the cut and dry version of today. Though in all honesty the original was way too sappy for its own good it did have some good spots that the new one doesn’t.
Too bad they can’t (won’t) incorporate both the winning elements of both versions into a better show – the old show had flash and heart yet was brought down because it was repetitive – medicore and sappy a lot of the time. Bring the best of both versions together to make it that much better.

re: 24 Adama
“Star trek is too sanitized.”

Too sanitized….no, but Kirk and crew, (especially Spock) vigorously wash behind their ears each and every day. And that’s good advice for you, too, mister! :)

The whole “flawed hero” thing does not interest me. What is wrong with having virtuous heroes to aspire to?

And what is wrong with bolting down the camera and focusing on something for more than one second…or using some light occasionally?

29. J L – April 9, 2007
“the new Galactica was a dog(Was, because it’s cancelled)…”

Again: Get your facts straight. The 4th season starts shooting in May.

Your facts are clearly wrong, and since you haven’t watched the show in a while (did it made you think too much and hurt your little brain?) you have no basis whatsoever to pass judgement on it. Have you seen the third season? Did you bother to watch the episodes: Occupation, Precipice, Exodus parts 1 and 2, Collaborators, Torn… Come talk to me after you haved watched these.

#35 Then you must hate Hamlet, The Odyssey, and tons of literature and film out there…

#36 I don’t watch loser TV shows for the reasons I’ve stated.simpleton.

The thing that’s started to annoy me about BSG actual one of many things that annoy me about BSG is that everyone’s a Cylon it’s getting silly.

re:37. Adama

Pretty much. Especially things being currently produced.

#39 – Don’t talk to me about silly, ObiWan – besides, there are 12 human-looking Cylon models… that means not EVERYONE is a Cylon. Do the math.

#38 J L The fact that you have resorted to name calling instead of intelligent discourse further erodes your credibilty as someone who has an opinion worth listening to. Grow up.

Wow, look at the mess I caused. I seem to b good at that lately, unintentionally. Yikes, sorry about that! I was juust stating that I liked the original better. As much as I like E.J. Olmos (best actor in the show), I still liked Lorne Greene better. As much as I enjoyed new fangled Galactica when it first came out, it has just gotten too weird for me.

Frankly, a lot of NEW Galactica people who have been fans have been telling me that this season has been a disappointment, overall. Many are starting to tire of it all. Old Galactica never had a chance because even though the ratings were decent, it just cost ABC too much.

I never said anywhere that new Galactica didn’t have good writing or was a lame show. All I said was that it had become too much of a “soap opera in space” for ME. Does that automatically mean the writing is bad or that it isn’t worth watching???? No, it just means that for my personal taste-it’s getting to be too much.

One thing that bugs me about these new Galactica fans, you are practically rabid if anyone even makes a passing comment that you think might be the least bit negative about the show. I didn’t say, “You obviously don’t like good writing, or, Star Trek does have balls, new Galactica does not .” I say a tiny thing about Adama and Galactica and people come unglued and start ripping Trek, on a Trek site.

IMO, PATHETIC!!!!! Chill out!

#40 – In other words, you don’t like to be challenged. You prefer Superman, the square jawed hero who is does nothing wrong and is perfect in everyway (yawn….) than Batman the hero who has depth and is interesting… Well, that’s your prerogative. Thank you for having a civil discourse with me unlike other’s on this site. Have a good day.

I apologize to everyone, if R. Dawson likes both, good for her. I do, too. I just haven’t been able to get into the direction Galactica has gone lately. Just an opinion, not mean tto make people name call and get into the “my dad can beat up your dad” debate!

back to the topic,Rosario would be wasted as Uhura,she should play a more dynamic and sexier role.

I’ve always thought Rosario Dawson kicked ass as an actress (25th Hour esp). She’s hotness and way cool all wrapped up into one. But to actually hear her say that she watches Star Trek is like the icing on the cake.

Rosario Dawson, you gotta put me on.

“I’m Rick James, p’tagh”


Ahhh hell… there’s a Trek/Battlestar bar fight goin on! Rosario Dawson was hot on MIB II and would be out of this world in the trek movie as either Uhura or for alternate casting of Nurse Chapel.

As for Battlestar vs trek. Battlestar is beyond verse in greatness and in no way can be compared to a soap opera or star trek. While Battlestar is a great drama that takes place in outerspace, there is very little true sci fi writing in the show. Trek on the other hand had much-much better sci-fi writing, but the drama was weak. The characters were to sterile to be believable. DS9 came the closest to introducing dualities to its characters or even a sense of desperation.

Trek & Battlestar are both necessary viewing, but for different reasons and the shows can be in no way compared. However, TOS needs to be re-imagined and relaunched for TV with the original characters. Taking a few lessons from Battlestar would make these new adventures for Kirk and crew a stellar event for sure. Sci-fi channel… are you listening… because yours is the only network that could bring back trek in the proper way.

Someone still watches Conan?

If you think Star Trek is to clean then you should go watch the episodes in the Pale of Moonlight, Damage, and a few others.