Image From Remastered ‘And The Children Shall Lead’

"And The Children Shall Lead" is not much of an opportunity for the CBS Digital team to show off their stuff, however CBS are showing a new image to tout the quality of the remastering process.

Original image:

From CBS’s description:

…one thing you can see here, in the top remastered image, is the sharpness in both color and detail which provides for a more menacing visage.The original image, seen at bottom, appears faded due to generational degradation.

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Are you kidding? This episode is the worst in the history of TREK!!


Burn the negative and forget it ever happened!

Every actor involved in this episode owes a personal apology to the viewing public for inflicting the pain we had to endure!

In spite of this shitstorm, we managed to persevere and embrace Trek after this debacle!!

The best title for this episode is TURDS2 (that’s turds squared).

I’M frightened.

I’m embarrased to mention I love Trek when people mention this episode!

Okay guys, so this episode isn’t one of Trek’s best. There’s no need to get all foaming-at-the-mouth over it. For me, it’s worth it just to see Melvin Belli in a shiny silver dress. With that hairdo, he looks like Shelly Winters with a baritone voice. This is a bizarre episode, dudes. Have some fun with it.

Michael, what’s up with the spam posts? It isn’t like you at all. You off your Ritalin or something?

I think it is a very bizzare & scary episode that scared the beans out of me as a young girl!

Now that we can see it clear and cleaned up with spruced up FX…we can at the least be looking forward to it, and every single episode with new fx …if needed!

Anthony, thanks again for your site!

Remaster it, yes… but get Johnnie Cochran to play the Friendly Angel!

Hmm…..of course I know you were just kidding but Johnny Cochran is already either high above looking down on us or looking up wishing he had a block of ice to sit upon.

…Shaking my fist… “Friendly Angel Go Away!”

Er…looking for something positive to say here…
Marvin Belli never looked better!

Yeah….Oh sure! Never looked better as he was transforming yell out…I’ll have some bacon and mushrooms with that Pizza and do you deliver? Death To You All (repeated) Hmm……I Guess Not!

Are you guys kidding? C’mon… really!


The story was rippling with allegory and rife with metaphor… it had everything that Star Trek does best… in spades. The casting of Melvin Belli was absolutely inspired and it is my understanding the only reason he didn’t get an Emmy nod was because of some legal dust-up with Desilu at the time.

I can’t wait to re-live this episode over and over again in all it’s Remasterd glory. If only they’d release a boxed set just about this episode with lots of “behind the scenes” footage and interviews… Man, that’d be sweet!

Please help me! I’m being held captive by Zsa Zsa Gabor and Tammy Faye Bakker! They made me write all that crap! They don’t even have a gun but I’m too frightened to move… My god, they are scary broads.

Anthony… please delete this so they don’t see it but send help first… please! I live at… awww, dammit they’re coming back from putting on more make-up… Oh dear God! help meeeeeee!

Save Herbert Eyes Wide Open! Lock onto his Transmission, relay his coordinates to the Transporter Room and Bring him aboard! Use System Filters to remove any residual Make-up which he may have been exposed to! Medical Team Standby!

What’s up with the vitriolic hatred toward this episode. It was hardly the worst in the series. And, I think the worse of TOS is better than the worse of VOY any day!

Beside, this is the episode that gave us “daggers in space” and “old Uhura” and other “interesting” moments. I’m a little excited to actually see the remastered dagger shot.

Wasn’t “Daggers In Space” that Mel Brooks/Wes Craven movie?

Listen up Space Clowns!

I was SERIOUS…I really do enjoy this episode…”and as you remember so shall you do…so shall you do!…. Hail Hail Fire and Snow!..”

This episode has EVERYTHING!!!

The poor Red Shirt…beamed into space!

…sniff…Sulu’s phallic Knifes…!

Git outta here!…Get outta here or wheel kill ya!” -Scotty

Notice the Shatner/Nimoy action in the turbo…”.Iv’e lost command!…”

Damn!…. this episode is where it’s at!

1969! …we landed on the moon and have a Gorgon!…See…it’s not nice to fool mother nature!

Truthfully though EVEN AS I COMMAND YOU to watch this andI laugh,
as a 10 year old girl I was forced to watched the episode by my big mean brother and it scared the LIVING poop out of me!


Anthony, no offense but, isn’t it “AND The Children Shall Lead”?

I don’t know what is more frightening, this episode or the posts I have seen here. Ah, the questions of life.

Not that I’ve watched it much, but the more I see it, the more frightening it becomes. I really wonder what the actors were thinking when they went through this script and had to “act it out.” I really, really wonder what M. Belli thought of the script.

YIKES!! For some reason, I just had a flash of the young lady pretending to be a bee and “stinging” Captain Kirk. There were so many moments like that in the show, where you just kinda sit up and say “HUH?” (in my best Scooby Doo voice)

BTW- Michael…not sure if I got the jist of it. Are you saying this isn’t your favorite episode??? LOL Oh, and for Anthony’s sake, please DO NOT respond to my question…and respond, and respond, and respond, and……

(It’s kinda like the old “death to you all, death to you all, death to you all….)
…fading slowly away

Anthony, my apologies. That handful of rants was due to too much Romulan ale last night! I’m still picking up the pieces today! Mea culpa!

As I eventually, sort of, (gulp!) matured….There I said it!…I came to the realization that this episode is a crap-fest. (See? Very mature.) But I’m with Shaye…as a kid, it gave me serious willies! Knowing the poor red shirts are about to get beamed into space…I would always talk to the screen… “Don’t do it, unnamed Transporter Technician. Don’t beam the unnamed Red Shirts down without checking the readings on your dohickey!” (I don’t think that guy had been influenced by the Children of the Corny yet.) Poor guys. Beamed away to nothing! Of course, the daggers and old hag Uhura made me cover my eyes. And that Gorgon make up! (I’m not sure I want to see it again. It’s better in my inner child’s minds eye.) Creepy!

And what was with the 3rd season’s scoring anyway. Horrible!

Dear Anthony…please change the title?, Jim’s right …

it is…

..”And The Children Shall Lead..”

Shaye…a Friendly Angel Admirer (against my will at first!) since 1971.

Pretty dull and silly episode, but that ginger kid gave me the creeps.

This is the episode where a sweaty and feverish Sulu hallucenates that he’s flying into a swarm of prickly phalic symbols, is it not??? Oh my!! I wonder what our remastering team will do with that scene.

Whoo-hoo, thank you Anthony. All is right with the world!

Just a thought. I wonder if CBS-D decided that the weekend right after Friday the 13th would be appropriate for this episdoe? Things that make you go “hmmmmmmmmmm???”

“…one thing you can see here, in the top remastered image, is the sharpness in both color and detail “.

Really? Sure, it’s more saturated, but how are we supposed to see improved detail in an image that’s just 405 pixels wide?

How about some love for Melvin The Friendly Lawyer?

This episode was rewritten as “And The Children Shall Sue” years ago in the magazine Trek. The parody was better than the episode.

Today’s kids are acutally more frightening and “fun at all costs” than the ones that the Gordon seduced back then.

28. Decker’s Stubble – April 13, 2007
Pretty dull and silly episode, but that ginger kid gave me the creeps.

Hey, that’s the future Peter kirk your’e talking about (and according to Star Trek New Voyages, he’s gay now too).

C’mon people, there’s one CGI remastered scene we should be anticipating:

“Giant Space Daggers” ™


“..And aaas you believe so shall you do, so shall you do…”

Man! Melvin creeped the shit out of me when I first saw this– in a bizzare cultish way. Yeeesh. Then it literally becomes too embarassing to watch.

And how does Kirk know his name is “Gorgon?” The kids never said it, did they? Had they met before? Over drinks?

Actually, the name Gorgon is simply an acronym for “go Gorn”. Melvin, in his youth, was a member of the Gorn Junior High Cheerleading Squad! No wonder they won the Championship every year!

David B. — It would take more than remastering to have Johnnie Cochran play the Gorgon.

Actually, this episode scared me as a kid. But then, so did the episode where Gilligan becomes Mr. Hyde. “Food!”

I don’t care how GREAT the remastering is… this episode will still rank 79th in my book. Yes, even lower than the space hippies and Spock’s Brain (which is a giggler, but still a FUN episode.)

I won’t be staying up late for this one, but I’m curious about the space daggers. And if you really want to treat the fans, when Uhura looks in the mirror… it should be present day Shatner looking back. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Now that I think on it, Gorgon the Friendly Angel kinda looks and sounds like Jerry Falwell.

That’s it.
I’m starting work tomorrow on my Friendly Angel costume, which I will wear not only to bed, BUT to work, EVERY day, until CBS-P acknowledges the brilliance of this episode and awards it…something…retroactively.
Watch for me on…Inside Edition…or Letterman…or at least, New Voyages.
But seriously, WHAT can we all watch to cleanse our brain pans after viewing this magnum opus? Perhaps an old Andy Griffith episode…

aw, crap!

i’m a gay nerd. please forgive me!

To make this stinker look better, first watch “The Great Vegetable Rebellion” episode of Lost In Space. It will make even this episode seem great.

45 – Stanley Adams — Cyrano Jones / Tybo!

I happen to like both… but for very different reasons. One thing the campy-silly Lost ep has… is fun. And the Children Shall Lead is silly but dull. And I hates them pesky kids to pieces!

Brady Bunch in Space…ugh.

oh c’mon #47, lighten up…it’s just a tv show….


I forget who it is in here… but, someone has pointed out that they really like the way the uniforms improved in season 3. They’re thicker, cleaner cut material. I think this episode made me dislike the uniforms by association. Wrinkly shirt Kirk: good episode. Smooth shirt (and girdle) Kirk: bad episode. It’s not 100%, but it’s getting there.

dont be a “shirtest” #49, your as bad as Imus.