“And The Children Shall Lead” Remastered Airs Today

The Enterprise goes to an outpost where all the adults are dead and all the kids are being manipulated by a sparkly space lawyer

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What can be said about this one? A prime example of how the 3rd season just doesn’t stack up. Also practically a week off for CBS Digital, expect to see

  • various Enterprise in space shots
  • various planet shots
  • improved shots of the Gorgan
  • Space daggers!


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Heads Up WDKY-56 Lexington Kentucky Viewers
Plus my Comrades: FishDS9 & steve623 – – –

“And the Children Shall Lead” will Not air today at STAR TREK’s normal time! Rescheduled for Sunday the 15th at Noon. We’re getting bumped around lately but at least they’re finding nice early (in the day) time slots for us. As for this episode, I have no problem waiting an extra day for this particular segment but I will, as always, see what CBS Digital has to offer. I promise not to hold them responsible for this story effort – – “Okay Boys let’s put some Lipstick on this Pig!”

This episode sort of reminds me of a Double Quarter pounder with cheese- even though it’s completely bad for you, offers nothing, and has been labeled and deemed “unsafe”, it’s still good going down Mmmmmmmm.

Translation: Even Star Trek at it’s worst is still Star Trek and it’s fun to see Kirk and crew ham it up clearly taking shitstained material trying to do SOMETHING with it.

“The adults are dead and the kids are being manipulated by a space lawyer”.Sounds pretty relevant.like the enterprise is serving a a tiny microcosm of what was going on in the 60’s.where society was braking down and cult leaders and the counter culture was taking over.

There are soooooo many better episodes that they could remaster before they got to this one. Even Spock’s Brain would be a better choice.

Josh T. – While I would agree there are small “guilty pleasure” moments in this show…”good going down Mmmmmmmm” doesn’t really describe it to me. Maybe more like a double quarter pounder with an entire bottle of tobasco sauce on top. If ya get it down, think of the heartburn you’ll have after eating it. But, in spite of all that, TOS is still my favorite and always will be. BURP!!!!!

I repeat my post from April 9:

“There is no episode called “And the Children Shall Lead.” There is no such episode. There never was an episode called “And the Children Shall Lead.” You are all making it up.
There is no such episode. There are only 78 episodes. Not 79.
There is no episode called “And the Children Shall Lead.”

Well not every episode can be “The City on the Edge of Forever”. This is like the fat in a nice juicy steak.
The precursor to Wesley Crusher, Jake Sisko and Noami Wildman. Cute lovable and often downright annoying.
They couldn’t just phaser the kids could they? At least last weeks episode was a science fiction story.

Guys this one has been bashed to death already over the last week. Just give it a rest already. Yes we know it sucks. We know it sucked in the 60’s and the special effects aren’t goin to help much. It has been said and no more needs to be said on this one as far as bashing goes. If you are sooooooo offended by the eppisode and your feelings are soooooooooo negative JUST DONT WATCH IT…. Give the bashing a rest already. Whatever you think you need to say to bash it’s been said……..

Aaron R.

They *have* to sprinkle in some the bad (really bad sometimes) in with the good. They’ve got 79 episodes to do and if they did all the bad ones at the end no one would care.

There wouldn’t be any buzz like “why this episode now instead of…”


No amount of remastering can make Melvin Beli’s costume better….

Wasn’t Melvin Beli the lawyer who defended the Rolling Stones for using the Hells Angels as security at the Altamont speedway,which untimately led to the stabbing death there and as some say the end of the so called ,summer of love?

#10 Sirhan Sirhan may be his most infamous client –

Oooops – – – or Jack Ruby

This episode is a fetid stinking mephitic pile of space poop. It almost
borders on noxious. It is honestly unworthy of a kind word. It is feculant
and offensive. So right after I watch the program I shall bathe.

there is one thing worth looking forward to: seeing how they redo the daggers on the viewscreen that sulu is brainwashed into seeing …

Was this episode really the 1st place the UFP banner was seen?

RE: # 3. Jon:
“The adults are dead and the kids are being manipulated by a space lawyer.”

Sounds like the U.S. Justice Deparment in the Bush Administration.

#16 Spock’s Brain.

Just a word to the wise. Anthony tends to dislike these threads going political. Tread lightly.

What happened to the (previous) latest article? It was up for a while then it went Poof……gone.

# 19 – Thank you for timely and kind response. Keep up the excellent work.

Oops……that was suppose to be for your timely response. Horse before the wagon….

4. Crusade2267…

Spock’s Brain will actually require quite e a bit more remastering than this piece o’ crap. It has that really silly looking alien spacecraft sequence before the “brain and brain, what is brain?” bimbo arrives to steal Spock’s brain. It also has potential for nice modern computer graphics on screen during the search for Spock’s brain.

I wonder why they’re remastering garbage like this already, though. If they
‘re picking effects-poor episodes now and then, there are several first season episodes with little or no visual effects to remaster (Court Martial and Conscience of the King come to mind.)

Thank you, Greg Stamper! You are my hero on this whole WDKY scheduling thing. If you didn’t post these updates, I would have missed like 3 or 4 episodes already. You’re champion of the world, sir! Hearty thanks indeed!

They didn’t change the daggers. Why didn’t they change the daggers?

The planet looks nice, though.

I don’t like kids on airplanes, I don’t like kids starships. ’nuff said.

I’m mildly confused.
Could anyone shed a little light on this?
I was under the impression that Season ONE was to be released on DVD later this year.
So why are they wasting time with these vacous mounds of season 3 turd?
Let’s devote ALL of our time and resources to perfecting the effects for Season ONE, which to me, was the best Star Trek ever made.

Any responses?

I believe, SPOCKBOY, the reasons are about how much work different eps are… the more space shots, the more work. And The Children Shall Lead is an easy ep to finish since it has few FX shots. I believe this affords the CBS Team time for other efforts. :)

Children and science fiction (almost always) don’t mix.

re: 24. Kyle Nin – April 14, 2007
“They didn’t change the daggers. Why didn’t they change the daggers?”

What? No change in daggers?
I just started watching and that was the only part I was looking forward to.
I’m switching to Lost in Space. ;)

Seriously, that IS the only part I was watching for.


The second thad the third season had the best Treks ever aired…minus the LATE 1st season City on the edge of Forever, minus the Romulian Episode HIGHLY over rated.


damn it Jim!

Worst episode…

#28 Anthony

But will there be time for some hoped for “tweaks” to their original work first I wonder?…
I am not expecting you to answer that by the way. ;)

Not yet anyway…