Of Gods And Men Delayed – New Preview Released

The highly anticipated ‘independent Star Trek mini-series’ Of Gods and Men is going to have to be anticipated a bit longer. The first installment of the 3 part mini-series was to be released for download today, but instead the team announced another delay. The stated reason is that the mostly volunteer production team haven’t been able to put in the time required while juggling their paying day jobs. They did however launch a newly designed website with lots of new features. They also released the first 3 minutes of the mini-series along with an amusing video poking fun at their own delay. For more check out startrekofgodsandmen.com.

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first! this film is gonna be great! can´t wait to see it!

Can’t wait for this and the new voyage episode with Sulu.

I hope they delay it about 40 years.

Seems like Of Gods And Men has just been exetered! *SCNR*

Is Exeter EVER going to be completed? Or is it a completely dead project?

As for this, the only issue I have is that when it’s released, release it completely. As Exeter proved, there is no reason to watch any fan video that is NOT complete.

New Voyages releases their episodes complete, which is a big feather in their caps.

The new preview looks really good! I really wasn’t expecting much to be honest. Based on the kinda cheesy looking older trailer. The first 3 minutes were good too… I’m actually kinda excited now…

#5: “Is Exeter EVER going to be completed?”


“Or is it a completely dead project?”

Not even a little bit dead.



I was disappointed to see that they were delayed, but at least we got some new tidbits.

Hope it isn’t delayed too much longer.

I’ll be happy to wait for Exeter.
It kicks ALL ass.


I ask you then, as nicely and calmly as I can: why has Exeter’s discussion forum now disappeared, too? I think all of you Exeter team mebers would be a lot more convincing if you could throw us a real bone rather than a doggie biscuit of “yes, it will be completed” and “it’s not even a little bit dead”. I say this as a huge fan of the work I have seen up to this point. You need to understand the reason why we are all so frustrated is because we really did like it and hate to see if just sit there, for what might end up being years….incomplete. Please give us more than the standard, “be patient, it’ll be out real soon”” line….please? Quite frankly, you were outdoing ANY of the other fan films with this latest episode, until it hit this seemingly brink wall.

Commander Balok’s voice is OUTSTANDING! I thought it was Ted Cassidy at times with its perfect pronunciation and inflection!!!

As the saying goes, “You can’t rush Art.”

I’ll gladly be patient for an effort of this scope. Hey critics: YOU try to put on a show like this and see how far you get. I don’t compare this to TOS, because it can’t be the same. I take it on its own terms. It may be comparable to New Voyages. I’m hoping they lay off the barrel rolls. Can’t wait to see the finished project though. Eat your quadrotriticale and keep your strength up guys!

#10 (Jim J)

[ Sorry, off-topic discussion … just answering Jim’s question ]

> Why has Exeter’s discussion forum now disappeared, too?


In March, Dennis migrated his forum site to a new domain:

The old domain name, subspacebbs.com, continued to work
until this past weekend. Unfortunately it then expired,
and Dennis decided not to renew it.

That’s his choice. He owns the site
(Exeter Studios doesn’t own it). He has the right to
manage his site as he wishes, and to choose
not to renew a domain that he doesn’t want to keep.

Unfortunately the impending expiration wasn’t
announced in the forum until Friday, so there
wasn’t much time to warn people.

And so some number of people were unaware
of the expiration and are now wondering
where the site went …

My thoughts on Exeter–I watched the first episode and liked it. It was solid work and a decent effort for a fan made film. I watched it when it first came out, which I believe was at a time when New Voyages did Come What May.

But when they started with the second episode, they only released a small portion of it. I didn’t watch it, instead choosing to wait for the completed work.

It has been over a year and a half later, and the episode still isn’t complete. For me, there’s just no reason to watch what they’ve done, no matter how good or bad it is because it’s incomplete.

Notice I am not demanding anything. I realize this is a free piece of work. What they do is their business, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I just have a pet peeve about releasing incomplete work. I have no problem with waiting a year for a full episode. But not once it started being released. If it’s not done, I’d rather nothing be released. The only thing worse is if the work is good.

So I’m actually glad that someone from Exeter is a regular poster here. I had no idea. You owe me nothing. I understand that. Not saying you do, but perhaps it might be good to at least update your site every so often just to say, “yes, we’re working on it, but we’re delayed.”

I’m curious if you’ve done anything with the rest of the episodes. If you haven’t, that’s fine, but I’d like to know.

I look forward to watching this episode in its entirety.


Thanks for answering ONE of my questions, but I still feel like I’m being thrown milk bone biscuits rather than a real bone. I loved everything I saw in the 2nd adventure, “but now, IT’S GONE!” “Exeter, don’t go!!!! I need you, Exeter!!!! I want you, Exeter!!!!” (in my best Shatner overacting voice)

The three minute clip looked interesting. Since the anniversary was last year its sorta pointless to call it a anniversary event. As long as it doesn’t take a year….

Love the blood red lines on the Mirror E. HA!

Who else thinks that is Charlie Evans?


It’s got to be Charlie X.

If not, Gary Mitchell?

Nah. Charlie X all the way!

The opening 3 minutes has me hooked!

#19, the fairly obvious answer would be we know we can’t pull it off, so we don’t embarass ourselves by trying. The creators here should have come to the same conclusion. This is better than the first cringe-filled trailer (what was with Checkov’s lame Trent Reznor-esque haircut?) but is still pretty bad (I’m stuck at the butt-end of the universe…? Yikes).

Sorry, I meant #13, not #19.

Let’s give Mr. Russ and crew credit for getting this far.
Putting together a killer website like this takes work-I design websites myself-and then adding a trailer plus informational video is even more effort.
Balancing a fan movie with work/family/other commitments must be a fine art!

#13 – No barrel rolls, I promise. Well… Maybe just one. — Bill

Hey, 41 is an anniversary.

does anyone have new voyages release date for the sulu episode it says spring of 2007…..can anyone narrow that down a lil?

Remind me… who played Charlie Evans? Is he in the credits?

#3 = joykiller

Robert Walker, Jr. played Charlie X Evans.
(He also starred in the sequel to Mr. Roberts… Ensign Pulver.)

He’s not officially in the credits, but if you close your eyes it sounds exactly like him.

Delayed? Why? So they can add more bad dialog to it? It so pathetic.

My thoughts on the 3 minute clip.
Nice looking set.
Use a tripod (or at least a steadicam)
Where’s all that smoke coming from aboard a space station?

Fantastic 3 minutes.
The long trailer looked….

But that’s not what I came here to say. I came here to say, thank you actors and producers of the Star Trek/OGAM world for producing new Star Trek material. And don’t, pull an Exeter on us!

re: 11. Olde Timey Fan – April 16, 2007

“Commander Balok’s voice is OUTSTANDING! I thought it was Ted Cassidy at times with its perfect pronunciation and inflection!!!”

You are kidding, right?

I think I even like the idea of a fake Kirk movie better than this thing. Looks abominable.

Is there a ‘free’ download version available to watch off-line and without having to sign up to anything.