Go Primeval With The ‘All Our Yesterdays’ Preview

StarTrek.com have put up a preview for this weekend’s "All Our Yesterdays" Remastered.

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

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I love this episode, one of my favorite from season 3.

As far as new effects shots, I was hoping they’d do something with a few of the long shots of Spock and McCoy when they are trapped in the freezing weather. Spock says they are at the base of an ice cliff, so it would have been cool to see that.

any new changes in this episode to look forward to?
all i can think of is the sun going nova..

Love it when Spock grabs McCoy by the throat! Gotcha!

This is one of three TOS episodes that I have never seen before. So, it’ll all be new for me.

This is one of my all-time favorite episodes. But then… I was 12 and had a crush on Mariette Hartley.

Love the new effects shots of the forest and sky outside the library. Very moody and evocative.

#1: Yeah, an ice cliff shot would be cool. Even if they rework one of the new shots from “The Naked Time,” it would still add a feeling of scope.

Looks good…except for the stock footage of the Enterprise orbiting the planet…it’s lit from the wrong direction again.

If you like this episode, you should read both ‘sequels’ by A.C. Crispin. ‘Yesterday’s Son’ and ‘Time for Yesterday’. Well written, great stories.

Somebody should write a review about those…

Oh, and by the way: first post!

Ha! I had a major crush on Mariette Hartley…that is until the Bionic Woman came along! Oh fickle youth!

Mariette Hartley is still beautiful.of coarse she’s older but still very stately.

This is definately one of Mr. Atoz’ favorite episodes. Nimoy does a great job in this one. Love the idea for this episode and wondering if CBS D will have any surprises for us.

The colours in this preview are amazing. Go remastering process!

Really enjoy the moments between Spock and McCoy in this episode.
Love it when (the real) Mr. Atoz tries to push Kirk through the portal on the Home Depot cart and he rolls of and Puts the old dude in a headlock.

“You’re a very agile man Mr. Atoz, Just how many of you are there?”

Regardless of any changes, I will watch this episode any time it’s on.

5 – I’m 44 and I still have a crush on Mariette Hartley.
And, somebody has to say it… she sure looks a universe better in animal skins than Sulu does.
On a higher plane… This is one of several episodes where the audience sees how fragile Vulcan logic can be, and offers a chance for us to be sympathetic to Spock.
Oh, and the colors look good. Thanks, CBS-R.

A fairly plodding third season entry that probably works better on film than it did on the page, due primarily to Mariette Hartley and some decent work by Kelley and Nimoy. Not a whole lot for CBS-D to work with other than the departure of the Enterprise against the backdrop of the Sarpeidon supernova–which actually came off pretty well in the original, but which CBS-D will no doubt improve upon.

It’s funny… I was sooo excited when I got the TOS Season 1 and 2 sets for Christmas… and now that these are coming out, I no longer want to watch the originals! I only want the sets of the remastered! But let’s hope they include the remastered-but-no-new-shots versions as well. Then the sets will be complete.

The only reason I take out the sets I have now are for the extra features. Sad.

“Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool…”

Yeah, that shot is from “City on the Edge of Forever” with the ” OLD ” TAS model.
Nice job on that particular planet by the way.

After the ho-hum “Children shall lead” I hope our friends at CBS have something up there sleeve. I’m looking forward to the Beta Niobi Supernova, but there are some opportunities here to do some things with the “arctic world” McCoy and Spock are caught in. Poster #1 mentioned a wide shot of Spock and McCoy at the base of the cliff is an excellent idea. I for one will be disappointed if we are not treated to some new CG shots of our friends in trouble on an “arctic” Sarpeidon.

Unfortunatley, I have a feeling I’m going to be let down.

I love this episode because it stars my mirror-universe counterpart. I wonder if they’ll show the star blowing up at the end… or was that shot in “The Empath”.

This is one episode they should remake but in order to do it right, they’ll need to air it on HBO… if you know what I mean. They could even send kirk to HBO’s version of Deadwood… talk about a network tie-in… that would rock!!


Beta Niobi is the star that goes nova I think.
Sarpeidon is the planet, right?

The thing that really gets me in all the season 3 episodes is the incredibly sappy music they used.

#5-I was thinking that was there before. Now I have to go watch my dvd and see if it is or not. LOL

At least not a complete utter loss like last week. Besides the lovely Mariette Hartley… I really enjoyed watching Ian Wolfe as Mr. Atoz. I felt that he was a really good character actor. I don’t think its going to have a huge amount of changes..


Some of the music was sappy, but the rest was the best of the entire series. It’s just the romantic moments that sound a little “over the top”.

“Beta Niobi is the star that goes nova I think.
Sarpeidon is the planet, right?”

Ya got me there. (Except, I think it’s actually “Beta Niobe.”) Am I to be formally summoned to appear before the Geek Tribunal for my error? :-)

Nope, it’s the agony booth for you!! :D

#5-That stuff is already there in the original, sorry to tell you.

Casting news! Casting news! Well? Who’s it going to be?? Kirk will be played by…..?


Rich Little

Mariette Hartley? As Jack Nicholson suggested in The Last Detail, “yodelayeeoo!” If you get my drift….yum!

#22: I just checked my laserdisc copy… that matte painting was there before, but either the new HD print of the show makes it look much more convincing, or the CGI artists touched it up a bit not unlike what they did with the matte painting of Delta Vega in “Where No Man…”. Either way, it looks better to me.

I am hoping they have a cool new shot of the star going nova at the end of the episode.

I am also hoping the reason they haven’t shown the approach of the planet on the trailer and instead used stock footage from “City on the edge of forever” is because they have an exciting new view to show off.

The new view could be the star glowing red a (bit like the Genesis planet as it formed) in the distance as the Enterprise approaches the planet that they don’t want to ruin before it airs.

Somebody clue me in on what the deal was with the multiple Mr. Atoz’s. Was it ever explained? Clones? Time-jumped duplicates of himself that he created by using the portal to go back in time to help himself get ready? What?????

I mean “forward” in time to help himself handle the crush of the end-time workload he anticipated… Was it?

Heres the original “REMASTERED” 1998 look for Enterprise warping away from Sarpeidion just as Beta Niobe goes Super Nova on The Scifi channel’s special edition hosted by William Shatner!


I really enjoy all of this episode except for the “Renaissance” segments with Kirk–great Spock on McCoy action! And the Mr. Atoz scenes are fun…the warp-out shot with the nova is definitely the big opportunity; CBSD ought to be able to do something truly spectacular with that…the third season is mostly mediocre to outright bad but there are a few segments I quite enjoy–this, “Requiem for Methuselah,” and “Elaan of Troyius” at least…

Say…here”s a somewhat better resolution and larger shot of the Big -E warping away from Sarpidon!



Always loved that shot… and I’ll always have it.
Looking forward to seeing what CBS D does with it.

This episode defined going back into the past for me (not that I didn’t love “City on the Edge of Forever”) but that whole populations could chose and integrate back into their own culture. The theme has been in several Sci-Fi stories I have read since but this is the original for me.

Here come the flames no doubt, but…oh-oh….The original March 1969 effect looks alot better than the one just posted by Anthony, why cant they come up with something that at least equals the 37 year old shot of the Enterprise leave Sarpeidon as its star gos Nova???


1969 – http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/ba/All_Our_Yesterdays_Nova.jpg

2007-comment image

the cgi of the nova is ok on the new one, but once again the enterprise looks “fake”….compared to the original shot.


This was a cool episode and the books based on it were damn good too.