Meet Trek XI Composer Michael Giacchino

The latest Lost video podcast centers on composer Michael Giacchino, who also happens to be Abrams choice for Star Trek XI. He shows off his orchestra including Emil Richards, a percussionist and veteran of ST: TMP. Giacchino tells Richards that he will be working on Trek XI too (seems likely other musicians in the video are destined for Trek as well)

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I just love that little ‘I’m not doing the next Trek’ ”you are coz i am’, oh right’ moment!

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE Michael,make sure you reference a lot of the VERY “Star Trek:Original Series” atmospheric “cues” by Fred Steiner! If you can weave some of these in periodically into your own composition, then this Movie with a least have a terrific soundtrack to it. Oh, and if you are planning to reference the iconic Alexander Courage Main Theme more closely than has been done for any of the previous big screen “Treks”, then please have a very good listen to the fantastic full blown re-imagining that was done a few years ago by John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra. It was fabulous.
Thankyou…I feel very strongly about this… ;)

I’m sure MC will probably reference a little something or other in his score — but it could wind up being something very minor and hardly noticeable. He’ll want to make his mark by coming up with something fresh and new for Star Trek, just like everyone else working on this movie will.

So new cues from “Amok Time.” ;-)

He had to incorporate the Mission Impossible theme for that movie–it was the second sequel and he couldn’t break the template. Besides, it’s just not Mission Impossible without Lalo.

Star Trek XI’s a bit different. There really hasn’t been that much referencing of the Alexander Courage theme so that proves you can get away without it.

Anyway, I doubt we will hear all that much to harken back to music from TOS. This WILL be mostly original work by Giacchino. I suspect the man has too much integrity and pride to just recycle other people’s work.

I love this guy–especially his Secret Weapons over Normandy soundtrack. Brilliant. I would love to see original series cues referenced–Steiner, Fried, Kaplan.

Hey, #2: Where can we get that John Williams “re-imagining” you talked about?

I can’t think of a better choice to helm this project.
He’s talented, intelligent, and VERY versatile.
His involvment represents a thankful end to the Berman era of the concept of “sonic wallpaper,” which went against every tenant of film music, and consequently, sucked.

I first knew Giacchino from his work scoring the Medal of Honor games. I always thought he was great and wished him a great career. Little did I know I didn’t have to worry! The Incredibles, Lost, MI:III, and now Star Trek? He could hardly have it better…

Wow… what a great insight into this very talented guy… I feel very good about him taking up the reins of the Trek music… He says he is inspired by the sound of 60s music, and by the classic film scores of the past… and that certainly comes through in his work. His score for “The Incredibles” works on several levels, from the blatant spy parody, to cues which show depth and feeling. His statement speaking about “feeling 10 years old” is a very promising one. Not on an intellectual level, because his work shows a very trained and adept artistry… but on an emotional level… since I think this is a good point to be at. Have I mentioned that I’m excited about the prospect of him doing Star Trek? :)

Oh, and I thought his work on Mission: Impossible was glorious. He didn’t only weave in the main theme that everyone knows so well… but adroitly rendered “The Plot” theme that was featured so heavily in the actual series. Makes me think that he’ll do well by the TOS music as well. Oh, and he grew up in New Jersey and is the same age as me… so we have a couple things in common. :) We were probably watching the WPIX re-runs of TOS at the same time! lol So nice to see our generation finally making their mark. Cheers, Michael!

Oh, and #6, that version of the Courage Trek theme by John Williams and the boston pops is on their album “The Very Best of the Boston Pops” and you can find it at amazon.

Daren–Thanks! Will look for it now.

Wonderful , eerie music on Lost. Very reminicant of TMP and certain parts of Horners work in Khan (especially that chilling music when Khan unmasks in front of Chekov). I think we have the right guy. A conductor/ composer who loves real instruments!!!!!! No syntho-techno muted crap. I love it. Lots of bombast and pomp.

#1 …

I really liked that too.

“Nope, I’m not on the next Star Trek movie.”

Well I got news for ya — yes you are.

That guy just seemed very genuine as did Giacchino himself and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can come up with. I’m hopeful now when it comes to the music. There’s a certain amount of Star Trek theme that MUST be in a Star Trek movie score, I prefer the Motion Picture theme, which I think we have a better chance at seeing than TOS theme.

And it’s good to realize that he’s already been known to incorporate classic theme into movies like Mission Impossible — so good for him, that’s the way to do it.

If I find out he’s using the TMP theme for the end credits I’m taking a change of pants into the cinema :D:D:D

It would be great to finally have a Star Trek movie soundtrack worth purchasing! But I’ll believe that when I hear it…

I have all three Star Trek TOS soundtrack CD’s and the quality of the original series music still amazes me to this day.

I really hope this composer can come up with a truly memorable soundtrack, one that is more than just standard background music.

Mike :o

The guy looks like a nerd.

I’m assuming he’s a fan.

This is good, because a fan will give the music needed to give us that nostalglia feel. I mean, it goes beyond the casting, or the characters. The thing that harkens back to a Star Trek that everyone loves is the music.

He has a good track record, and if he’s a fan he will know what he has to do, and it still leaves HUGE amounts of creative license for him.

#6 Imrahil

Just read your query. Go to “Trek Music” on the “Categories” section on the right hand side of this site, then go to comment No. 8 on the “Redone Theme For Trek Remastered In Good Hands” topic thread for other info. and a link to an MP3 snippet.

I knew that he would do it, but now that it’s been confirmed, I’m really excited to hear what he comes up with. Mr. Giacchino is easily my favourite living composer, his work is great and whatever he scores provides for an oasis in the desert of boring, generic scores from some overrated hack who scores more film’s in one month than what most composers do in a year (you know who I’m talking about- *cough* Hans Zimmer *cough*). But I know the score, like the whole project itself, is in very good hands. If there anything about this new film that I’m most excited about, It has to be Giacchino’s score. Just listen to what he did with Mission: Impossible III, he did what I considered the best arrangement of the classic theme plus he did some new arrangements of Schifrin’s other themes plus he did his own stuff that combined made for a great score. I just know he’ll do something similar with Trek, doing a awesome new arrangement of Courage’s main theme, plus a few new arrangements of other themes, plus an arrangement of Goldsmith’s classic TMP theme in addition to a lot of new stuff he’ll do, we’re in for a real treat next Christmas! (in addition to the new movie).

For me, personally there is only one Star Trek theme and it ain’t Alexander Courage’s TOS theme! Well alright sort of, but if JJ Abrams, Michael Giacchino or anyone else on the creative staff is reading this, take a leaf out of Bryan Singer’s and John Ottman’s book and look (or is that listen?) at what they did with the score for Superman Returns – basically re-using John Williams iconic original theme (master stroke – it worked, well!)… Please, please you must use Jerry Goldsmith’s version of the Star Trek theme (or at least incorporate somehow), truly in my mind the definitve Star Trek theme. and yes it will have the hairs standing up on the back of my neck – not to mention a fitting tribute to the late genius who helped bring the Star Trek universe to life….