Jason Alexander’s Star Trek Spoof

On the improv show Thank God You Are Here, Star Trek fan Jason Alexander had a chance at the captain’s chair. 

here is a bonus scene with Star Trek’s George Takei

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i thought it was pretty funny…

I used to hate it when people made fun of Star Trek. Now that I am older and wiser, I like the fact that they do. Proves it is a cultural icon, otherwise no one would understand what is even going on.

Was that Star Trek, or was that Quark? lol I’d still love to see Quark come out on DVD. He did ok on his (Jack Benny) Shatner, too. You can tell Jason is a Trek fan and he seemed about as enthused as any Trek fan about the Star Wars reference.

Good for him for showing his Star Trek pride. This show is an interesting concept and a challenge for actors. The part that made me laugh was when the alien said we must fight to the death. I would had been funny if Jason responded by saying naturally.

At least they got the turbolift in the correct position for the TOS model.

I really don’t know JA as a director. As an actor, he’s a one-trick pony. Even on the Voyager ep he was George. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… (He’s certainly made more $$$$ than I have!)

Cute concept for a show. Wonder if they’ll have Drew Carey on.

It was a nice tickle…. and Jason did well

Why, oh why, didn’t they fit Jason with a cheap $2 toupee/wig to poke fun at Shatner?

Jim J. wrote:

> I’d still love to see Quark come out on DVD.

Quark is out on unofficial (pirate) DVDs.

I want legit DVD’s of Quark.

Anyone remember Jason Alexander in the best of Star Trek special. He played Kirk in that as well and was vrey funny… Oh come one you know you loved it! “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRGGG!!!!!”

Aaron R.

This was kind of weak – the rest of the cast knows where the sketch is going and steers it along. All the guest does is try to fit in and say something funny. There’s not that sense you get from regular improv that the sketch could go anywhere.

As amusing as this was, this appearance on the same show by George Takei (whom we all know as Sulu, of course) was funnier, I felt:


Watch it all the way through.

Thank god for Shannon Elizabeth.

Oh, how my blue balls flash when she is on screen.

Bah, silly Americans, this is not how to do “Thank God You’re Here” (in case you don’t know, Thank God You’re Here is an original Australian show imported into a US version, such as this). The objective is to put comedians and actors and such into situations that they have very little knowledge about or are unware about the subject (such as putting Jason Alexander in a spacesuit uniform, was not the right choice to go, whilst putting a comedian in say a normal everyday business suit, would probably give them some clues, but still leave lots of potential situations they might end up in).

Check out some of the australian episode clips on youtube.

Tom Greene is the unfunniest person ever.

Wow the Star Trek XI sets never looked better LOL (J/K) They were both enjoyable to watch. It looks like they are having fun. When is this show on anyway?

It’s an Australian Concept, the show was sold to the US after 3 seasons here. Pretty much the same, same music, set etc… Has been a huge hit here.. i really like the “all in” section where all guests from the night get thrown in to one sketch together.

JA was quite well, he does a good Shatner rip off :)

Humour is a difficult concept. Apparently.

The famous story is that JA got into acting school by doing an impression of Shat believing they wouldn’t know and think him an accomplished actor. They then congratulated him for doing a great Shat impression and he was accepted.

BTW Where can I see the solo Takei skit?

Despite his rather lackluster performance in this improv? skit, Alexander is about the only actor I could accept as the fake Kirk. :)