Berman To Write Book On Trek Experience

In the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine, Trek’s longtime producer Rick Berman has a sort of ‘exit interview.’ The interview was conducted last December, shortly before he packed up to vacate his offices on the Paramount lot after 22 years with the studio. When asked if he is considering writing about about his experiences not only did he say he would, but he has already started…

I have started writing a book because I realized that in 1986, when Gene Roddenberry asked me to get involved  in work with him on this thing, the number of stories that I have accumulated is amazing.

Berman says that the book (which does not yet have a publisher) will be ‘warts and all,’ but says the focus will be on all the ‘wonderful and bizarre and funny things’ that happened during his 18 years with the franchise. Trek’s former honcho is also reaching out to former colleagues to help him recall certain events. Berman has witnessed more Trek history than just about anyone, and so a candid chronicle of that time could be a good read.

In addition to the book Berman says he he has some some other projects going, but provided little in detail:

There are two projects that are possibly in the works here at Paramount and two that are not connected to the television business, but time will tell. 


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