Remastered “All Our Yesterdays” Airs This Weekend

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy take inadvertent time traveling vacations into a doomed planet’s past

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This second to last episode of Star Trek is actually one of the better 3rd season episodes, mostly due the McCoy/Spock interplay. Very little for CBS Digital to work with beyond the usual establishing shots of the ship and planet, with the exception of the final supernova.


…to keep you entertained until the episode airs, Rick Kelvington has a new video 

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Where is the dancing baby?

Rick rocks. Well done!

Attention WDKY-56 Lexington Kentucky Viewers
Plus my Comrades: FishDS9 & steve623 – – –

“All Our Yesterdays” will Not air today at STAR TREK’s normal time (5:00pm)!
Airing Rescheduled for Earlier!!! Today, Saturday the 21st, at 1:00pm.
Very Nice, We can thank Major League Baseball for the shuffle and Rick Kelvington for his Video!

Nice work.

Blue Suede… just when you thought it was safe to listen to music again after 35 years….

“Oobah chukka, oobah chukka” Captain?

An obscure Earth dialect, Mr. Spock.
Oobah chukka, oobah chukka.
If you’re curious, consult linguistics.

Used to love that song by Blue Swede as a young lad, especially with the Oooga Chakas.
That “What’s for Dinner” part is very funny….and funny.
Wish I had some video editing capabilities on my computer so I could attempt to do something like that.

Could have used the David Hasselhoff version.

I really needed this after reading the Berman article LOL . Very well done. I always felt their was something was wrong about this episode. Spock gets the hot babe and Kirk rescues a wench…lol

Greg Stamper, you are the king. Thank you, sir, for keeping me from missing Star Trek, week in and week out. I’m gonna pin a medal on you one of these days.

I always thought it strange that the people on this planet decided to all escape to the past instead of sending only one or a dozen people to the past to tell the people to start building spaceships to evacuate everyone. I mean, what if someone they sent into the past upset the timeline and the time machine was never built? Doh!

#8 steve623
You are certainly Welcome. I’m glad I could help in a small way.

“All Our Yesterdays” just finished here in Ky. Had to get on and say “Wow – Incredible – Impressive!!!” Sure there is very little to do here. Indeed the effect shots “bookend” the episode with a Great Approach to Standard Orbit at the beginning and then BANG — what may be the greatest effect sequence CBS Digital has done thus far. “The Death of Sarpeidon” is Spectacular. I could only see it in SD and it was still something. What a Rush!

Hey Greg, you help in more than a small way – if it weren’t for your updates, I’d have missed 4 or 5 shows. So massive supernova kudos to you, sir.

Not much to change in this week’s installment. I was happy the Atavachron effects were left alone. And I agree, the opening orbital approach was very nice and the Beta Niobe nova was really impressive, down to seeing little Sarpeidon vaporized right at the very end. Also nice to see Spock get a little lovin’, especially from the leather bikini clad Mariette Hartley. Grrrrrrrrowl.

Anybody fondly recall Ann Crispin’s sequel to this episode, “Yesterday’s Son”?

#12 steve623
Quick Tip – – We’ll be on for 1:00pm next Saturday as well if the schedule holds up. I’ll post later for sure.
Yes, I remember “Yesterday’s Son” and its Sequel, both were big sellers. I also remember the large number of “non-fans” that borrowed the books from me to read and really liked them. Just proving that a “Really Good Trek Story” is a “Really Good Story” period.


I’m certain that someone else would have invented something like a flux capacitor, and put it in a stainless steel bodied flying car.

/”Great Scott, Marty!”

Two possibilities…

One, it could be that Sarpeidon isn’t located near other stars with planets capable of sustaining life.

Two. That would make sense, and wouldn’t be quite as interesting a 1960s sci-fi story — and lend itself to a serious cheesecake moment in the form of Ms H. and her leather wraparound.

I wonder if Mr. Atoz uses the dewey decimal system. But so very little on recent history. You would think he’d have Reader’s Digest condensed versions at least.

Steve and Greg, glad you guys got to see it. Time Warner cable here in Winchester had a technical glitch which prevented me from seeing the ep. GRRRRRR!!!!!

#16 FishDS9
I’ll contact you privately by your insightbb address later tonight to resolve your problem. If your email address on the spacestationk7 website is still good????

#17 Greg
Yes, that one’s fine to reach me at. Thanks!

I wonder why Kirk didn’t introduce himself and the landing party to Mr. Atoz when then first encountered him? Granted it was a double but it might have saved alot of incorrect assumptions. And it would have killed the plot too. LOL

For those of us in the Seattle area, the episode will air at 1:30am Sunday instead of our normal 6pm Saturday.


This is the episode I want my wife to see. Honey… either period… leather mini or Moll Flanders push-em-ups. Either!

I’ve read some folks saying this is only a mediocre episode, but it’s another of my favs. I like the pacing and the theme of the trio separated trying to save themselves and each other. It’s not a deep-themed story — unless you imagine all that went into how Zarabeth got exiled. For an hour in 1969, it’s good stuff.

Too bad they made one more episode after this one.

What a great concept for a story. The entire population of a doomed world
escapes the destruction by traveling into their planets past. Good Sci-Fi and
good Star Trek. The basic plot would make a great motion picture. This is
some of Kellys and Nimoys best work.

Will be pre-empted in my area by some Harry Potter crapola.

Fortunately my station repeats it the following week.

The 17th run of one of the Potter movies means my affiliate play Trek remastered half an hour later… Now at 2:35am. Is there SOME way to start a letter / email campaign to wake-up these stations? We want our Trek and we want it at a decent hour!! Or we’ll throw you through the Atavachronon a Home Depot dolly.

Portland, Oregon KPDX moves the schedule around to make room for fizzbin tournaments. It doesn’t do any good to complain either. Borgus frat.

> April 21, 2107.
> Notice to viewers at the George W. Bush Mars Colony:
> Transmission of this episode will be delayed until tomorrow
> at 03:30 MTC, due to scheduled orbital relay maintenance.

Dang. Last week it was solar flares, and now this.

We TOS fans on Mars really enjoy these holographically
remastered episodes. We’ll be ordering the UHD-DHDs,
but they’ll take months to arrive up here.

Ironic … As a Trek fan I was proud to find work on
another planet, and in a lot of ways it’s been great …
but now that I’ve been here a while, I’d rather be
back home on Earth.

Don’t envy us. We deal with lots of problems up here on Mars.
Some of them are a lot worse than having to wait another day
to watch Zarabeth in all her holographically remastered glory.

By the way … some of us up here on Mars are getting worried
about some of the fan films we’ve been waiting so long to see.
We were hoping OGAM and maybe Exeter TTI would be finished
before the TOS 140th anniversary last year. Are they anywhere
close to being done?


Now I’ll have to live long enough to see Zarabeth in 3-D UHD.
Notice I didn’t add a political comment like, OGAM was delayed in its delivery to George W. Bush Mars colony because of an upsurge in the Iraqi war, now in its 104th year. Because saying that would be a bad thing.

105th, actually

I agree with whoever said that a people escaping into their own past was a great sci-fi concept, especially for an hour of television in 1969. I suppose, in a way, watching weekly airings of a 40 year old television series is sort of the same thing.

Spocks digs fair complected beauties with strawberry blond hair.
Lela Kalomi
Cloud Minders Chick

Awesome shot of E from over the rear warp engine
Gorgeous Nova explosion with cool lighting effect on E
Great work!!!!!!!!
Kirk can knock anyone out with one punch and whip anyone with a rapier on the ass, what a baddass our most beloved captain is

Lord Garth-
That is why Spock never went for Marta, no matter how much she danced.

30…. But he did go for the mute Tellerite henchman., they edited those scenes out

what garbage people will settle for..the so called remaster was dog shit.

i can do better animation on my lap top in 15 mins.

Ok, Shaye, let’s see it then. and I AM SERIOUS!!!!

# 12 – Yep, Yesterday’s Son was great.

#32 – You are supposed to say, “Look what I did on my laptop in 15 minutes.”

(Anyone wonder why he didn’t?)

#34-Yeah. Shaye is a she, by the way

Hmmm….it’s been hours. What happened to 15 minutes?

i did not do it because spockboy already did …..

plus i am very upset with how this whole cbs/cgi project is turning out for the most part….

someday paramount will hire some artists and do it right…



Some people just need something to complain about, no matter. They’re just not happy unless they’re miserable.

sURE…when see a work of art…turned into SHIT.

You’ve got to be kidding me. The original effect is a work of art? Compared to the new effect? Have you been to an eye doctor lately. AND…the fact of the matter is, Spockboy did nothing but brighten it and that will happen when it is viewed in HD anyway. Frankly, I think we all have a right to our opinions, but not once have I called Spockboy, Darren Doc, Scott Gammons, or anyone elses work SH**. Have an opinion, yes, but cut the crap (pun inended). I say this because you are making it sound like the rest of us aren’t supposed to even enjoy this, you belittle it. Isn’t that called flaming????

Shaye,…tsk, tsk, tsk….have we stopped taking our medication?