Slow News Day Video Fun

Anthony is busy digging up the latest, so here are a couple of vids I made. First up is "Hairy Bones" based on a video of a girl named Jessica talking about a certain doctor.

Next up is a quick videoinspired by comments from people at Trekmovie on how they would love to see TOS with the more "modern" warp effects.

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Put this (Hairy Bones) on the new Remastered HD-DVD’s and it will make it all worth while! Great stuff! lol

You’ve shown this before! It’s great, but it begs the question, who IS this fetching gal? The camera likes her!

#2 is a nicely done video, I simply don’t believe the “modern” warp effects fit the visual aesthetic of Star Trek. Star Trek should be timeless.
Streaking warp effects immediately screams 80s and 90s to me.
Granted, people can argue fake sets, dayglow mood lights, etc immediately date the show in the 60s, but given that, would you really want such a polar opposite visual aesthetic occuring within one series?

I like the CBS digital approach because of the new effects appear to be matte paintings, impressionistic and colorful, complimenting the “60’s aesthetic.”

I have a sneaking suspicion Abrams isn’t going to incorporate streaking stars either, that phenomenon never appeared in ANY TOS incarnation, whether show or film, and was reserved strictly to the followup series.

The only time I like streaking stars, is during the initial quantum jump from subspace to hyperspace, as is presented in Star Trek- The Motion Picture.

I’m not sure but I believe there is a streaking-star effect in Star Trek VI, either on the view screen, or maybe it was when the Enterprise and/or Excelsior went streaking by (if memory serves, they still had the WOOSH! effect, from earlier films, but they added stars)

Ordinarily I’d check exactly when this occurs, but my star trek dvds are 2 hours away from college :(

Personally I would have liked to see the streaking stars. It adds a sense of speed, puts some energy in the shot, and I think generally looks pretty. Also, I think there’s some note in either the Star Trek Encyclopedia or the TNG tech manual about how the streaking stars aren’t actually stars passing by, so it looks like you are passing more stars than you really are (or something to that affect). The reason they included that was probably because somebody noticed that the ship passes an awful lot of stars on the way to some nearby location. On the other hand, in TOS they literally pass points of light that look a lot more like stars, which makes this explanation slightly harder to believe. (I can’t help noticing how many stars they passed on the way from Earth to the Sun during the sling-shot back to the future). Yeah, you could say the same principle applies, but I personally find it has less credibility without the streaky thing.

Since we saw the streaky effect in Enterprise (that’s where that video came from I’m pretty sure) I’d say the streaky thing is a matter of how the camera is configured to view a ship at warp (which makes more sense than the Enterprise and the Defiant having different warp drives). That explanation also works for the woosh sound in space which should present no sound (it’s not literally there, but an effect of the camera/mic demonstrating the sound that would be there)

Anyway that turned into a long ramble. Apologies, this is my first time posting here.

Hey Michael;
Yes she IS fetching.
She made the video with just her talking and I thought it was so funny and interesting that a young attractive girl would feel romantic feelings for old Doc McCoy that I felt compelled to make the video.
Here is her YOUTUBE page…

Personally, I think the CBS Digital remaster would have benefitted GREATLY from this sense of “fast, kinetic motion” where the “E” travelling in warp was concerned. I could easily see how this brief transition from the original live-action to this new effect gives an improved, “more exciting” sense of speed to the proceedings, surpassing what is actually just being somewhat “recreated” from the original show at present. This is a visually “cinematic” and pleasing effect, and while it may deviate from what was possible in the days of the original series, it is just one example of how today’s effects could have brought the original episodes REALLY up-to-date more than is being done. I think that there is already a distinctly different “visual aesthetic” to the originals occurring anyway due to various CGI work and certain choices being made by CBS Digital, and would rather have seen this remaster given MORE of an upgrade in lots of areas, such as this particular effects “style” forexample. It just goes back to “Apples and Oranges” where folks expectations for this project has been I guess.

Letter to the Powers that Be.

I want to see TOSR in HD.

That’s why I got my HDTV.

How lame is it that the new film transfers are 1080p but they are still being shown in lesser resolutions.

Someone back me up on this.

Season Two TOSR in HD.

That you lass could be the next future ex-Mrs. Kelvington. Love the smart women!

off topic here.. but… how about tossing around some other names for the leads in trek XI. Try this one on…

Keifer Sutherland (24) as Kirk
Nathan Filion (Firefly, Drive) as Spock
I still like Gary Sinese at McCoy

I have to admit, when the first previews of TOS remastered came out and they were using sped up footage of the Enterprise, I thought we were going to be seeing some warp effects. The streaking stars is perhaps a bit too far, but something in between would be good.

As for Jessica Menn, I wish we had female fans as attractive as that in the UK.

Isn’t that second video from “Enterprise”? (The Defiant?)

Very entertaining! – doug L.


Yes Jim.
Looks nice huh?

Very funny, love the Bitch Slap of the E.

I guess the next thing we’re going to see is “Doc in a box”… ala Justin Timberlake on SNL.

Seeing were going off track a little… as anyone come up with the ultimate redesign of the Enterprise for Star Trek XI, I know from reading these boards that some of you have dabbled in CGI, you even might be CBS employess….. either way some one out there must have had there own ideas how to subtlly bring the big E upto date with out losing the essence of the enterprise.
I saw recently that Dennis Bailey had his view on this and I like his ideas although the engines still could do with a bit more detail (anyone provide a link?) with the spinning nacelles needing to be put back in.
Not to crazy with Kobe’s design (to battlestar for me)
Come on Spockboy you must have an ace up your sleeve!
over to you

Great stuf!!!

#18…. You see the ultimate redesign each week on a show called Star Trek.

I think there are some subtle touches they can add for the movie without needing a complete overhaul. Giving the hull plating more texture would be a good start. As many have pointed out here, numerous audio bites indicate the the E had aft phasers, so adding a little more definition to the rear dome above the shuttle bay would be a good move. It would also be appropriate to add some aft photon banks either along or within the nacelle supports or underneath the shuttle bay doors. Some cosmetic improvements to the impusle engines is also in order.

I know she’s hard to beat, but common sense says the new film will have some slightly new interesting take on the old girl, I just wanted to see if anyone can beat them to it

Found the link myself…hope this works

as before I want to see the spinning nacelles put back in and a bit more detail for the engine tubes maybe a touch of the NX 01 engines as Dennis as done at the front of the tubes (please don’t flame me it’s just a suggestion)

I think that the scene of the E rushing by like that looks gorgeous. Of course taking it old school would be really awesome. let’s just hope they don’t fiddle with the little things too much or we’ll all be nitpicking it instead of enjoying it

RE: #10 Interesting choices, but that dude from Firefly is too funny to play Spock and I just can’t see Kiefer Sutherland as Kirk. The best bet would be to go with unknowns for Kirk and Spock and definitely try to get Sinese to play Bones, although I am biased because I’ve loved him since Forrest Gump. Anyone got any better ideas? c’mon I’m bored and don’t have to go to work for two more hours…

Thanks Spockboy! Excellent work as usual. =) I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d love to hear an extended version of McCoy’s “Putta Stop To This!”. I can’t seem to get it outta my head!

#17, That’s hilarious! I’ll think about that. You know when I first saw it on SNL and found there was an unrated version out there, I thought sure it was going to C##K in Box, as it ‘sounds’ funnier than D@@k in a box. Because you have two x sounds. I can’t believe they missed that one.

And I can see the spinning box on now …. Great idea Ztoa

The streaking stars add a dynamism that is missing, I like it, as it adds more of a realism that TOS lacked that the later series had. Plus it adds some continuity between the series.

I know I’m outgunned on this one, but I see no harm in it.

#28 – Your not alone, I would like to see the new warp effect as well. I wish they had the time/money to sit down with a nitpickers guide and fix ALL the problems, both big and small. Plus if they could find the footage BEFORE optical printing they could do some amazing updated effects in about half the time.

Just wishful thinking I guess, but the new warp effect rocks!

The “Hairy Bones” chick:

I’d hit it with my Lirpa with some Ahn-woon pn the backside . . .

Possibly in “That Which Survives” when the E is going WARP 15 we’ll see some streaking stars go by. :D

We definitely need an extended version of Putta Stop to This!

I absolutely LOVE that design!
Extremely well done.
It’s close enough to the original but with a little “attitude” thrown in.
Show some more pics please.

: )

Not my work unfortunately…. but some how I think you might know that!!

Although I quite liked the modified design of the “E” for “Star Trek:TMP”, I remember badly MISSING the illuminated, moving NACELLE CAPS at the time. I hope that J.J.’s designers don’t OVER re-design the TOS era “E” too much this time around, as I KNOW that those “domes” will look amazingly “cinematic”, and impressive when done in a big budget way for the big screen.

I read somewhere that Roddenberry got into a big fight with Paramount while making Star Trek the Motionless Picture. Apparently he INSISTED on keeping the spinning nacelle domes but Paramount wouldn’t do it for some reason. Maybe it was money, or time or something.

Actually I didn’t know that : )

Who did it ?

My apologies…It was I believe done by Dennis Bailey (names at the bottom of the picture) whom might just be the same Mr Bailey that reviewed the latest remastered “All our yesterdays effort in the latest trek movie article

Obviously Mr. Bailey is quite multi-talented. : )


hmmmm… am I on the outside of an inside joke – is Mr Bailey and Spockboy one and the same?

#35 – Actually, those nacelle caps don’t make a bit of sense. What do they do?

Back when TOS first aired, I can see why they put them on — so people would understand those things in the back were engines, they essentially put jet turbine intakes on them. Not that turbines in space make any sense, but oh well…

Today people know better. I think they were right to leave them off in TMP. I’d prefer they remain absent in the new film.

What do they do? They LOOK good…
Actually as a very young youth I used to think that they were some sort of representation of the “dilithium crystals” being churning up up somehow to power the “E”. Hey, I was only little…but I still love ’em design wise. :D

The wonderful thing is the act of people trying to “figure out” how fictional devices work on Star Trek (ie- nacelle caps) has created ACTUAL inventions. Technologically speaking, Trek points to the destination, and clever, creative, scientific people take the journey.

And no I am not Mr. Bailey.
I am Spockboy.

Actually the name Spockboy came from an idea a friend and I had for a superhero named “Superkirk” with his sidekick “Spockboy”
The name just stuck.