ART thou Shatner?

It has been called “funny and philosophical” by NPR’s Meredith Ochs. It has been utilized in the unique documentary William Shatner in Concert. College professors lecture regarding its lyrics and music to teach students about social issues. It was the focus of dance performed by the Milwaukee Ballet. Now, the William Shatner and Ben Folds musical collaboration of Has Been is the starting inspiration for an art exhibit featuring 76 talented illustrators and artists who represent the entire Shatner experience on canvas and other palettes. Has Been is now art in more than the musical variety.

Janine Vangool and Glen Dresser are a husband and wife team who this summer present The Shatner Show, both a book and art exhibit, at their Uppercase Gallery in Calgary. Known for its unique art gallery, books, and paper goods, Uppercase has featured previous exhibits regarding Posteriffic and The Robot Show.

While most fans of William Shatner glean their appreciation from a certain 1960s science fiction program Glen “wasn’t really aware of Shatner as a personality until Tekwar. Tekwar was very heavily-promoted on Canadian TV, and a big deal was made about Shatner as the creator of the series.” Janine states that she has “always been aware of the man called Shatner. He’s a part of Canadiana.”

While driving across Canada last summer, Glen and Janine listened to Has Been, being fans of the music of Ben Folds. In fact, they listened to it quite often. “It was in this repetition that I really began to appreciate Shatner’s personality as well as his long career. Especially his fearlessness in taking creative risks,” according to Janine. One of the most praised songs on the album is “It Hasn’t Happened Yet.” The song reveals the ennui of Shatner as a man unsatisfied by his success. Both Glen and Janine discuss this song as a favorite. Glen calls the song “a profound statement of discontent with his achievements, despite the fact that his achievements are so many. The discontent is a part of the person, and you get the sense that no amount of fame or success would change that.”

These serious, yet fun, themes of Has Been inspired the idea of The Shatner Show, which starts June 15, 2007 to the end of August at the Uppercase Gallery. All 76 art works will be on display at the gallery or online, and will be available for sale with a 128 page hardcover book. The book features full color presentations of all the Shatner images, an introduction written by Glen, Shatner quotes, and artist commentary. What may be the crowning jewel of the exhibit is the 9,000 LEGOs that make up a Shatner bust by Sean Kenney. 180 hours of work went into this unique Shatner art.

The number of artists was inspired by Shatner’s age. “We intentionally selected artists from a wide range of styles, and encouraged the artists to explore all aspects of his life and career. Naturally, Star Trek is a recurring theme in many pieces, but many of the works delve into his personal life. Some artists have found little offbeat anecdotes about him that they’ve chosen to capture, some reference his French-Canadian heritage, some depict his less-well-known film and television appearances. And several celebrate his now legendary Rocketman performance” says Glen. Shatner supported the ballet version of Has Been and appears to have the same sense of appreciation for the art gallery’s presentation of his career. Shatner wrote a statement of endorsement which Glen calls “classic Shatner, erudite with a touch of ego and a touch of self deprecation.” Shatner writes:

Every artist has their muse. Leonardo was inspired by the ceiling in the great chapel. Michelangelo found his art in the Italian marble. Who am I to stand in the way of all these fine artists and artisans who want to use my lumpy, aging face for inspiration? Some creators love a great sunset; some have in mind my bloodshot eyes. Nevertheless, out of awe, amusement, or pity, you should come and see this unique show.

For more information regarding the art exhibit Shatnerites HAVE BEEN waiting for, please visit

The Shanter Show – The Book

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First. Oh well, nothing to say. shat is the Shit, but…art?

who’s on first?

Any of us should be so lucky. Shatner, the Second Coming?

Canadian Bacon (otherwise known as…) maybe.
Love ya, Billy!


What a great idea. Shatner is a part of our popular culture, and I think a show like this is a great way to pay tribute to the man.

Yes, we Canadians are funny with our art shows. Two weeks ago I went to an art show in Toronto, where the theme was “He-Man and She-Ra: Masters of the Universe.” In fact, I think some of the artists from that show are contributing to the Shatner Show. You can check out some of those artists at

Let’s face it, the Shat is a force to be reckoned with. The man is 76, and I have a sad feeling he won’t be around too much longer. The current madness of his career reminds me of a lightbulb burning it’s absolute brightest, just before it burns out.
Also, the fact that another man is poised to “replace” him as Captain Kirk is also a sign that the torch will be passed ushering in the end of something old, into something new.
Sunrise, sunset.
The man is a legend like the “Duke”
As a child he was my hero and whenever I see him I just smile and think happy thoughts.
I think he deserves ANY accolade we can throw at him.

Shalom (an abiding peace as the savior gives)

I, too, want to congratulate Mr. Shatner for an awesome career. He has earned the tributes.

They have to bring Mr Shatner back for Star Trek XI. I for one have almost no intrest in the film without him.

Also, they have to bring Kirk out of the nexus alive and well.

Has Been is a great CD. Wish I could see this exhibit, from the few samples shown, it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Looks like the “theshatnershow” website may have all 79 images on display in June. I’ll be back for a look at them. By the way, I would still love to see some kind of FAN ART section here sometime please Anthony…

Although it may be familiar to some of you Shat fans already, I just read for the first time on the above site what is surely one of the greatest quotes in the whole of “quotedom”…

“If you make a fool of yourself, you can do it with dignity, without taking your pants down. And if you do take your pants down, you can still do it with dignity.”

Sir, if you had been born here in the U.K., you would have been “knighted” by the Queen long ago…

>> Sir, if you had been born here in the U.K., you would have

Shatner is Canadian. Canadians are also subjects of HM The Queen. Plenty of Canadians have been knighted. I think they should knight Stewart and Shatner and make Bakula a Count. ‘cos then he’d be ‘Count Bakula’. He he.

#12 jimsmith

In that case I’ll be sending her a very strongly worded letter about this serious oversight…

#13 and #14
This is a very serious oversight indeed….. why hasn’t anyone thought about this before! Those of us in the UK should start sending letters!

This man can teach us, and does, so much about how to live life with humour, determination, and that you are never to old to renegotiate our agreements with reality,,, way to go Bill,,,LONG LIVE WILLAM SHATNER.

Shatner is the only Star Trek superstar.

Good lord. Shatner as Art? I think he’s ok and all, but as Art…ummm, not for me.

Some may need Shatner IN the film to help them accept it, but I really don’t. If he does..ok… but I won’t stamp my feet if he doesn’t. And while not shared by some, my opinion is that this movie would be wasted if used to “fix” Generations. It’s not needed.. this is a TOS era film by what we can see so far. Why complicate the story?

Awesome! I’m totally buying the book.

xai (one kirk per film)

As much as I enjoy the Shat, I totally agree that I can take or leave Shatner in Trek XI. My main worry is that I do not want the new actor playing Kirk to just do a Shatner immitation. I want him to make the character his own.

If Shatner appears in the film, it will force the audience to draw immediate comparisons between the two Captain Kirks (the young and the old), which I think will only detract from the new movie and the new actors portrayal.

Oh my, Shat as art. If his ego wasn’t big enough before this. Don’t get me wrong Iike Shat, but let’s face it he’s hardly the invisable man.

Ivory is correct.

Shatner is the only Trek superstar.

It is foolish to not bring back Trek’s biggest and only superstar to a fanchise that needs a huge hit in the worst way.

William Shatner continues to amaze and surprise me. He seems to have reinvented himself and his career in the last few years.

The Shat is a bonafide original and has become quite the comedian. I really appreciate that fact that he can make fun of himself and his image.

I even find myself liking his very unusual style of music. His “Has Been” CD was a very pleasant surprise the first time I listened to it. It’s actually quite good! At times the his music made me laugh, while other tracks were quite sad and emotional.

I guess he’s been doing his brand of “talk-singing” since the sixties, but it’s only been in recent years that I’ve come to appreciate his gift. Maybe years from now Shatner’s unique brand of music will be considered a new art form, and people will look back and see him as the “Grandfather of Shat”!

Whatever you think of Shatner, you have to give the man credit for taking such risks with his very unusual musical projects.

I hope Shatner will be remembered one day for much more than just Star Trek. He really has had an extraordinary life.

Mike :o

No, you and Ivory are not correct…you both have an opinion as I have mine. None of them are wrong or right.
And despite all our musings and pleas, Abrams and Paramount will do as they see fit. THAT we can all agree upon. Yes?
#20 Rastaman,
I agree with your opinion and have posted that thought myself (re: Kirk actor in direct comparison with Shat’s Kirk) IMO, it’s not fair to place someone in that position.


The book is a li’l spendy…wish I had more quatloos to splurge.

Two Kirks or not two Kirks, that is the question. Whether it be nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of TWO outrageous performances or to….ah, to hell with it!!

SOMETHING FROM STAT TREK.COM TO BACK UP MY WHY STAR TREK FAILED RANT IVE HAD ON EARLIER THREADS AT THE BOTTOM..If so, the creative side would have to look to the business side and a game plan just as radical. Gene’s TOS battles with the NBC network were legendary, but off-network TV syndication in 1986 was hardly an option. Game shows, talk shows and old TV reruns were its mainstays, so the idea of an expensive, first-run drama without a network of affiliates to provide uniform air times and promotion seemed ludicrous. But Gene wanted creative control and a safe incubation period without hassles, and the studio backed his gamble that if Hee Haw and Lawrence Welk could attract their own “network,” surely Star Trek could….AND IT DID UNTIL VOYAGER AND ENTERPRISE WENT BACK TO NETWORKS. LETS SEE A NEW SERIES EVENTUALLY BACK ON SYNDICATION WHERE IT BELONGS!!

STAR TREK.COM CONTINUED…..Gene’s faith and sound planning bore him out. Even with a shaky start and some vocal fan resistance, TNG boldly went where no drama series had gone before, starting out before 94% of the country’s viewers on 190 stations and growing to 210 by series’ end, outdrawing the World Series and many network hits like Cheers. In turn, that ratings boom jump-started an industry that not only led to the syndicated likes of Babylon 5, Stargate, Hercules, and Xena but to the coming of original drama on USA, Sci-Fi and other cable nets. And now in 2007, the legacy of TNG-inspired genre television is part of the mainstream — Heroes, Lost, Jericho, Ghost Whisperer, Smallville — and remains firmly entrenched on the cable nets, as evidenced by recent hits Battlestar Galactica, The 4400, and The Dead Zone.

Exeter studios website is gone. Anybody have any other info on this????

exeters website has been useless for bout a year…..get aholda of our resident smartass Dennis Bailey…god luvem lol

Just checked … it’s still there. Maybe it was down for a bit to load the final act and closing credits of “The Tressaurean Intersection”? But, no… I tried that and those two segments are still in post-production supposedly. I wonder what’s up?? Yes, please report Mr. Bailey…

starshipexeter is still there but the studio website is gone


Do you feel if Shatner is not in this film the new actor will not be compared to him?

That’s a weak argument.