Gag Reel for A Piece of the Action

While we wait for this weekend’s showing of "A Piece of the Action" remastered one of our resident video mavens, SpockBoy, has made a gag reel. So pump it up and get your gangasta’ on! [BTW: Today is SpockBoy’s B-Day!]

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I’d forgotten how could the radio operator was.
Thanks, SpockBoy.

Spockboy, you’ve got too much time on your hands.

Very funny – good work.

Simply Amazing! I think you’ve taken things to “a whole ‘nother level”. Well done!

Speaking of gag reels, I wonder why CBS/Paramount hasn’t “restored” the original blooper reels from TOS. I don’t know who has possession of the originals (or if the originals/negatives even stil exist) but surely they could take one of the better videotape copies and clean them up a bit. Perhaps include them on the eventual Remastered DVD box sets.

I know we are talking about a LOT of cleanup and restoration here, but if you combine all the blooper reels together we’re only talking about maybe ten minutes of video.

>>cute sted could

It would be such a gift to the fans if they were restored . I remember they use to show the gag reels at conventions. Not as much anymore.

Spockboy real nice lol What kind of program are you using to make your video’s with? I’m rather curious.

Ugh…I think I am gonna pass on this one… I can see the new FX here.

Oh goodness. That was hilarious. Great job Spockboy. Thanks for sharing it. Gave me a good laugh! Loved the sound effects

Nice Job Spockboy-O.! Fun Fun Fun.
No need for concrete galoshes (I mean cement overshoes) for you.

lol that sped up kick from Kirk in the makeshift jail was hilarious, i actually laughed out loud

Watched this over and over. Really enjoyed it – – even though this is supposed to be a “Gag Reel” I felt it was one of Spockboy’s Best Works! In a way it made me feel all “60’s Batmany”.

Excellent! You’ve got talent!

Happy Birthday Spockboy and rock on

Thanks Spockboy this is great stuff. You’re spoiling us and not even getting paid for it. You must be a video editor by trade to knock out somthing like this.


Awesome work, thanks for the laughs. Happy Birthday too!

Fantastic! I laffed and laffed. You’re a dangerous, dangerous, man, Spockboy. Happy birthday to you!

Excellent Spocko! Happy B-day!
Only, shouldn’t it say “KOIK”?

Great Job!

What did you use? Final Cut? Avid? Premier? and what plugins?

Thanks a lot guys : )

I used Sony Vegas 6.0. No plugins.

Spock Boy and Rick Kelvington, Love to watch your videos!

Don’t care for the slash stuff, but love the rest!!!

I’d love to work with you on a project!

This one didn’t make me laugh as loudly or as often…but a funny thing happened over the last 5 days: this thing grew on me. Now, I imagine I have watched it more often than any of the other gag reels. It has staying power! Frankly, I love the sound effects. The Vulcan neck pinch especially. The other sound effects are hilarious, too, though.

Jim J-
Thanks buddy,
I’m really trying hard to do something different with each one so it doesn’t get boring and formulaic for you guys.
(Trekkies are quite picky you know ; )
James B-
Cool, what kind of stuff do you do?
Do you make Trek models?
If you do the CG thing then I, and I’m sure Rick, would love to get together on something.
Drop us a line.
P.S- what’s the “slash stuff”?

Yes, I make da models, no CG for me.

Slash stuff….. didn’t one of your films remind of “Love Trek?” Perhaps I’m mistaken.

Anthony is authorized to give you my e-mail.

Basicly, I was thinking of a TOS Music Video based on the song Radar Love, by “Golden Earing.”

Scenes of the Enterprise shwooshing through space, Kirk Running down the halls, kicking a$$, kissing the ladies, talking on the communicator…. That kind of stuff. You know, REAL Captain stuff.

Happy Birthday SpockBoy! A little late, but there it is.