Remastered “A Piece Of The Action” Airs This Weekend

The Enterprise finds a planet that has taken a book on Chicago mobsters waaaay too seriously

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This visit to a ‘gangster planet’ is certainly a Trek classic. Although high on the laughs, it also deals with one of Trek’s weightier recurring themes of how intervening can effect cultures. For CBS Digital this is another walk in the park with a couple of establishing Enterprise and planet shots, but perhaps they took on the phaser stun effect as well.


…in keeping with the gangster theme, Rick has a new video as well….


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Attention FishDS9 & steve623
Plus WDKY-56 Lexington, Kentucky Viewers – –

“A Piece of the Action” will NOT air at STAR TREK’s normal time (5:00pm).
Airing Rescheduled for Today, Saturday the 28th, at 1:00pm
(I’ve learned it’s 1:00pm for next Saturday also).

In fact it appears that this will be the “normal” timeslot for Trek Remastered for the very near future because of Major League Baseball.
I’ll not post “rescheduling” again unless this timeframe changes – –
we’ll assume that Saturday, 1:00pm will be “the norm” at least for the meantime.

Many Thanks to WDKY for its treatment of the Remastered Star Trek and its viewers.

The new effects definately enhance this fun episode.

By the way…James (Scotty) Doohan’s ashes are boldly going into space today! let’s hope for a succesful launch, and thanks for the memories Jimmy.

Oh, and it’s my birthday… :D

#2 Cervantes –
Yes let us hope the Launch goes well and
Happy Birthday to You – – Peace and Long Life.

The Spockanos… LOL!!!

This is the only way a fifth-rate sci-fi writer like L. Ron Hubbard could have anything to do with Trek. HA! (Does this mean John Travolta’s playing Spock in STXI?)

And a big “HONORS!” for Jimmy.

Thanks SpockBoy!

Actually I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this great video. It was Rick Kelvington, and I think Anthony conceived the idea.
Nice work guys : )

Least we not forget who else is aboard the Legacy Flight with James Doohan. One of the Original Mercury 7 Astronauts – Gordon “Gordo” Cooper and Original Star Trek Series writer/director/producer John Meredyth Lucas.

Watch in “A Piece of the Action” for a record number of Vulcan Nerve Pinches for a single episode. If anyone can find one with more please share. Also, keeping my fingers crossed for remastered Stun effects both hand-held and Ship-side.

Many thanks, also, to the illustrious Greg Stamper for his herculean efforts to keep the Kentucky contingent of trackbackers well informed. You’re the king, Greg.

And yesterday was *my* birthday! Wooooooooo!!!!

Also, wishing safe travels to Mr. Doohan, Mr. Cooper, and Mr. Lucas as they slip the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.

11:58am ET this morning the Legacy Flight was successful per CNN, FOX NEWS, AP

Happy BDay steve623 even if it’s a little late! Another completed trip around the Sun.

That video is a riot, thanks Rick. I think we get more facial expressions out of Mr. Spock in this one episode than in all the rest of the series.

And I’d forgotten about those Dianetics commercials, too funny!

One new effect in PotA that I didn’t like – the blanket Phaser stun. Instead of the the general glow in the original that reinforced the idea of a wide area beam, we now have two narrow beams hitting cars. Have the animators actually watch the episode?

The desired affect was achieved for Kirk. Scotty knows more about the phasers than Kirk. In “Relics” when talking with LaForge, Scotty tells him to give the captain what he needs, not what he wants. And there was a slight lightning effect added as well.


That’s the effect I liked the most. It’s a whole lot better than the “splat” effect of the original. The Enterprise is supposed to firing PHASERS, right? Then wouldn’t it be realistic to SHOW them? The area was still blanketed with the green glow, like the original. So, really the only obvious new part of the effect was the addition of the beams (and the small electrical effect when they hit the cars, which I suppose was supposed to be the replacement for the “splat” effect of the original).

Not much on the remastering side in this ep…

Gangster planet, Roman planet, Nazi planet, Greek god planet, Horror planet, American planet… during the 2nd seaon they dug deep into the back lot and the prop and costume departments… (however, each one of these episodes did have its fascinations…)

You’d think that Spock would have connected the dots and suspected that Bill Gates funded human expansion into the Milky Way Galaxy.

I did like this episode because of the humor.

“The most cooperative man on this bulletin board is a dead man. And if I don’t keep my mouth shut, I’m going to be cooperatin’.”

Great episode…

i love the parralel earth episodes/concepts

# 3 Greg Stamper

Thankfully it did… and thankyou.