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TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week

Trek XI:

  • All quiet on the Trek XI front, but this week marked the one year anniversary of the first report from Variety of a JJ Abrams Star Trek film. That was well before this site existed, but my first comment on the news can be seen at TrekBBS (under my alias ‘PowderedToastMan)
  • There actually was some fake news, ‘reports’ that Vice President Dick Cheney has accepted a role in Trek XI. will have a Trek XI Update in the upcoming week

Trek Merchandise:

  • IDW Editor Dan Taylor lays out plans for future Trek Comics. Taylor provides more details on next 3 series:  Star Trek Year 4, Star Trek Klingons Blood Will Tell, and Alien Spotlight. Details at IDW. should have some reviews and previews of Trek comics in the upcoming weeks

Where are they now:

  • Patrick Stewart was presented the Jules Verne Award in Paris last weekend, video here (he speaks French and talks about being an English actor playing a French captain). Stewart appears today at the opening of the RSC, details and more recent Stewart news at The Patrick Stewart Network.
  • Lady Magdelene’s, a new film starring Nicelle Nichol’s failed to find a distributor by being sold on EBay, But MovieWeb reports that producer Neil Schulman is pleased with the ‘publicity bonanza’ the sale garnered…uh right.
  • Avery Brooks is recording the audiobook for Roots and is soon to release a CD of ‘ballads and love songs’. Brooks talked about his recent projects with the The Adelaide Review, excepts at TrekToday
  • The Wells Fargo Hollywood Charity Horse Show hosted by William Shatner was last night, he talks about the event at ShatnerVision. In other Shat news, a Canadian Art Gallery is doing an exhibit called ‘The Shatner Show’, reported here. Lastly it was announced that The Shat will be one of the drivers in the ABC reality series Fast Cars and Superstars, more at Gillette Young Guns.
  • Kate Mulgrew will appear in a campaign for Alzheimer’s awareness, more at TotallyKate
  • The Ashes of James Doohan were finally sent into space. The event was covered by CNN and
  • Battlestar Galactica co-creator (and former Trek writer/producer) Ron Moore talked frankly about Star Trek Voyager, the show he left after being frustrated with producers. He states a lesson learned from VOY is that producers should ‘not talk down’ to audiences, more at MultiChannel News.
  • John Billingsley guest stars as a blind man in this week’s NCIS

Trek YouTube Clip of the week

Robot Chicken takes on the eternal struggle of Star Trek v Star Wars fans

Bonus Clip: Masi Oka does George Takei impersonation on Conan

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Hell Yeah first to comment.

Glad to hear Trek actors are making the news.

Powderrred Toooast Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaann!
Leave everything to me.

*splutter* cough*…PowderedToastMan?…you’re just kidding us Anthony, right?…RIGHT?

Oh, that “fake news” about Cheney was a real hoot. *rolls eyes*

Damned socialists.


Can’t wait to see what the Trek XI update will be this week!

Hmmm, a Star Trek XI update? Ooooh! I can’t wait to hear what it is!!

Conan is such a geek…

Amazing a year since the movie was anounced.