Dinner With JJ

As part of our ‘get to know your Trek XI team’ series, here are some clips from IFC’s Dinner for 5 shot In the summer of 2005. There is nothing about Trek in this, but shows JJ Abrams in a more relaxed setting.

The above are just the clips where Abrams was the subject conversation, the full show is available here: (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

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Can it be? Am I really first?

This guy gets sick and ABC shuts down


did ya catch Hamill scarffin down the food…..poor guy probably 1st desent meal hes had inna while lol….Lucas better be a good guy and open up a rest home for retired Star Wars actors someday….probably everyone but Ford and Jackson will be livin there.lol


Damn…must be an EXCEEDINGLY slow newsweek.

Where’s the pics of the Klingon fleet from Errand of Mercy? Shouldn’t those be out now? LMAO!!!!

James B., Mysterious Stranger, Quirk Trek Modeler

Listening to J.J. talk and looking at his body of work, I can see good things on the horizon for the Trek franchise. At least you know he’s not going to be like Roddenberry and take credit for everyones work.

Color me psyched!

Lord Garth Formerly of Izor

My dinner with Andre (JJ)


this has to be the shortest thread ever.