April 2007

Review: “The Immunity Syndrome” Remastered

The Enterprise crew are on their way to some well-deserved R&R when Starfleet orders them to investigate the radio silence from the billions of inhabitants of the Gamma 7A system, as well as the loss of the starship Intrepid, crewed (despite being named for a U.S. aircraft carrier) by Vulcans. The Enterprise discovers a huge black splotch, which Spock identifies as “a zone of energy which is incompatible with our living and mechanical processes.” Worse, inside lurks—I kid you not—a giant space amoeba, some 11,000 miles wide (the metric system having fallen by the wayside for this episode).

Joe Carnahan Calls Out JJ Abrams – Six Degrees Cancelled

Before JJ Abrams was selected to write and direct Mission: Impossible III, the job was in the hands of Joe Carnahan. The director of such films as Smokin’ Aces spent around 15 months working on the film until he had a falling out with Paramount and Tom Cruise. When Abrams came on board he threw out the Carnahan script and started from scratch. Now Carnahan claims his version would have "kicked the s**t out" of the Abrams version. Carnahan touts how his M:I:III would have had a gun toting Carrie-Anne Moss, a sexy Scarlett Johansson, and Kenneth Branagh playing the villain (none of whom were ever officially signed on to do the film). Although Abrams’ film did fall short of hopes, it still grossed $400 Million before DVD sales and was regarded by most critics to be the best of the franchise. 

Star Trek Auction Update: Week 15

Week 15 of the Star Trek auction was not a particularly strong with a total of just $52,898. There were a couple of strong costumes, but otherwise there was a poor selection (especially with props). However, there were some great bargains on costumes in the $1,000 range. The two big costumes were a Klingon outfit worn by Neelix and Crusher’s old style navy uniform from Star Trek: Generations.The Neelix Klingon costume went for  $4,127.25, which is almost twice what the previous high for a Klingon uniform. This is certainly way overpriced considering what the previous ones have sold for. The Star Trek:Generations Crusher stunt costume went for $1,825 which was probably about right considering it is a stunt costume. It is a beautiful costume none the less and will look great in someone’s display. Too bad there was no hat with it.

Shatner Wrestles, Doohan Soars, Nichols Auctions, Takei Re-Heroes…Oh My

Want to know where your TOS stars are this week, well here goes. William Shatner had a very busy weekend. His first stop was Detroit where he was to induct Jerry Lawler into the Wrestling Hall of Fame. However Shatner was met with boos and controversy, more at Slam! Sports. On Monday Shatner traveled to nearby Toronto to help Rogers Telecom promote its new video phone service. Shatner pitching a product, who would have thought? More at CTV.ca. After a long wait the ashes of the late James Doohan are set for his final voyage. The remains of Doohan along with 200 other people, including astronaut Gordon Cooper, were loaded onto a Celestis rocket in New Mexico yesterday. Doohan is set to launch later this month, more at MSNBC.

Review: The Tholian Web Remastered

"Bring Back Kirk!"Enterprise finds one of its sister ships, the Event Horizon – uh, Defiant – floating dead in space. Everyone important beams over and finds the crew dead with their hands wrapped around one another’s throats. After much investigation and careful consideration, "Bones" rules out natural causes and concludes that they killed each other. He also discovers that props and corpses aboard the ship are becoming immaterial. Fortunately, whatever’s going on doesn’t affect deck floors.

Trek XI Design Sketch Debunked

Earlier today TrekMovie.com posted a supposed ‘leaked design sketch’ of a reimagined Enterprise for Star Trek XI. Word of this sketch spread around the Internet like wild fire. It is being discussed on StarTrek.com, TrekWeb,  TrekBBS, SomethingAwful, WordForge, Bethesda, and even in the TreksInSciFi podcast. After thorough research TrekMovie.com has learned that this sketch is indeed an Apirl Fool’s Day joke. The scheme was hatched by TrekMovie.com owner Anthony Pascale who was unavailable for comment but was seen walking the streets of Los Angeles giggling maniacally. We have also learned his accomplice was artist Jason Lee (who also goes by the name ‘Vektor’) who actually created the so-called leaked sketch. When questioned Mr. Lee would only say "we just thought it would be kind of funny." Funny indeed.