May 2007

Behr on Voyager, Trek XI & Future of 4400

Deep Space Nine executive producer and showrunner Ira Steven Behr has been spending the last few years running the time travel related show The 4400 on USA. attended a press round table discussing the premiere of season 4 and the subject of Star Trek came up. Behr was asked if he had a view about J.J. Abrams taking over Trek and the return to Kirk and Spock. At first said that he didn’t have any strong feelings, but then went on to talk about the franchise, saying…

Quinto Still Hoping To Be New Spock

Last December we reported that Zachary Quinto had expressed interest in being the new Spock for Star Trek XI. Now in a new interview with Starburst magazine he again states his interest. The actor who plays the villain Sylar on the hit show Heroes stated after being inundated with e-mails about playing Spock he started to ‘open himeslf’ to the idea, stating: "the exploration and immersion to be done with such a character would be amazing." Specifically on this role of the quintessential Vulcan, Quinto stated…

This Week In Trek

Trek XI: EW listed Trek XI as one franchise Hollywood is trying to ‘reboot’, writer Roberto Orci notes that the Trek comes with ‘preexisting expectations’ Trek Merchandise: IDW sent out Issue 2 of Klingon: Blood Will Tell Comics Hallmark have released their 2007 catalog with their two new Star Trek ornaments

Review: Errand of Fury (Books 1 & 2)

Star Trek: Errand of Fury – Book 1: Seeds of Rage (Kevin Ryan)Following up on his successful Errand of Vengeance trilogy, Kevin Ryan returns with "Seeds of Rage", the first book in the three-part Errand of Fury series set before the TOS episode "Errand of Mercy." It’s a difficult time for the crew of the starship Enterprise.  With a substantial casualty list in the wake of the events of the preceeding series, Captain Kirk is forced to take on new crew members and consider the futures of some who remain on board.  While his security supervisor, Leslie Parrish, struggles with deciding about remaining on duty, Michael Fuller boards the ship, intent on avenging the death of his son.  Both situations meet head-on in the midst of the Enterprise’s security department as the crew investigates System 7348 where a primitive Klingon culture is faced with their planet’s impending obliteration at the hand of ‘unknown’ agents.

Review: “Patterns of Force” Remastered

TRIUMPH OF THE BILLKirk & Company save us from the Nazis and proves we can all get alongSantayana once said “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it,” but in the case of John Gill, he didn’t forget, he just made a really, really bad call. It was a bad call, John, a bad call. Thus goes “Patterns of Force,” in which a Federation historian (this time not an unhinged captain, commodore or woman who wants to change bodies with Kirk for a change showing that even academics can get into the act of nearly destroying, not only one planet, but possibly two) uses Nazi German as the template for a brave new Ayran world. It’s such a great idea that the neo-cons watching this episode as kids probably thought what a great idea this would be oneday…but I digress.

Orci: Trek XI Under A ‘Critical Eye’

Star Trek XI is mentioned (with a brief quote from Robert Orci) in a feature titled ‘Deja View: Hollywood reboots some familiar movie franchises in hopes of finding the next box office monster’ in the May 25 Issue of Entertainment Weekly. The article starts off discussing how franchises like Spider-Man, Pirates and Harry Potter dominate the box office and notes that ‘Hollywood is keener than ever on cultivating bankable brands out of old properties.’ It also points out ‘Batman and James Bond ‘reboots’ – featuring new stars and behind the scenes players – reaped big bucks.’ EW then ‘checks on the status of a few high profile reboots in the works’. These are The Incredible Hulk, Terminator 4, Star Trek, and The Mummy 4. Star Trek XI writer Roberto Orci is quoted in the blurb on Trek, full text below

This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week Trek XI: George Takei expressed his confidence in JJ Abrams and tells thinks the new film will be ‘fantastic’ . Heroes’ Masi Oka stated he would be honored to play a new Sulu Gary Sinise denied the rumors he was to play McCoy Trek Merchandise: The first season of Star Trek Voyager was made available on iTunes last week, but today it was removed due to technical issues. We are told it should return soon. Trek Toy distributor Diamond Select has purchased Trek Toy maker Art Asylum

Stewart: Work In Hollywood Lacked Substance

Last weekend Patrick Stewart dropped by ITV’s Parkinson  to talk about life back in the UK. TNG’s Picard stated that his return was permanent and that by the time he was offered the opportunity to return to the English stage had had grown "bitterly homesick." Although he did not mention Star Trek specifically, he did seem to be derisive of his time working in Hollywood. When I went to do all this exciting and thrilling work in Hollywood, and remunerative work too, and sunshine and palm trees and all of that, it was fun but there was a substance that was lacking in it. Because what I’m doing now is all that I wanted to do and I increasingly began to feel panicked.

Masi Oka Would Be Honored To Play Sulu

At last week’s Saturn Awards Masi Oka won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Hiro Nakamura on NBC’s Heroes and had a chance to speak to him back stage after he won. The character Oka plays on the show is an avowed Star Trek fan who often makes Trek references, however it appears that Oka only plays one on TV. "I am not really as much of a Trek fan. I worked for George Lucas, so I am more of a Star Wars fan." Before he became a break out star, Oka worked for ILM. Even though he isn’t a huge Trekkie, he still got a kick out of working with Trek’s George Takei, saying "George is fantastic…not only an amazing actor but an amazing individual as well". Oka is also up for Star Trek XI, saying "JJ [Abrams] is a fantastic director and will serve the franchise and the audience well." So what does he think about some fans suggesting that he should play the new Sulu (if there is a new Sulu)? "It would definitely be an honor," says the actor. However he isn’t sure he could do it, saying "Heroes is definitely my first love and my first commitment so I don’t think the schedule would allow it"

Takei On Heroes, STNV and Trek XI

George Takei’s role in NBC’s Heroes seems to be expanding. What started as a one-off is turning into a bit of a recurring character who is tied into the shows over arching mythology. Takei appeared in this week’s episode and will also appear in next week’s finale. Comic Book Resources has a new interview with the former Mr. Sulu to talk about his Heroes role (and a bit of Trek as well). Regarding his expanding role on heroes Heroes Takei notes: "it’s been very interesting as with each script I’m making new discoveries about my character." Regarding where it is all headed Takei stated "I’m just as eager as you are to get the next script to see what happens next." might be able to help Mr. Takei out on that one.  At last week’s Saturn Awards, Heroes producer (and former Star Trek Voyager writer/producer) Bryan Fuller told TrekMovie that Takei will appear in Season 2, saying "I understand there are plans, but I cannot say anything more." CBR also asked Takei some Trek questions as well…

Sinise Denies McCoy Rumor

Long ago this site suggested that Gary Sinise would be an excellent choice for the Dr Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. In February IGN took it a step further by reporting a rumor that Sinise was in talks for the iconic Star Trek doctor. They even had a follow-up article detailing how issues were being worked out with Sinise’s schedule to allow him to work during the hiatus of CSI: New York. However, two weeks ago reported that the Sinise rumor was not true. We also reported that IGN’s other rumors of Matt Damon as Kirk and Adrian Brody as Spock were not true and that Paramount was looking at younger actors for the film. Now Sinise himself has denied the rumor publicly, telling the Washington Times it was a "bad rumor." So that’s that. Add Sinise’s name to the growing list of those who have been associated with the film. For a full list see the Cast FAQ.

Review: “Errand Of Mercy” Remastered

Here’s another classic Trek episode that needs no defense—in fact it’s one of the all time greats, and probably ranks among my top handful of Star Trek episodes ever made. Kirk and Spock meet the franchise’s first Klingons and wind up coming up against a far more powerful—but ultimately benevolent—force when the Federation and Klingon Empire begin a rush to war.

This Week In Trek

TrekMovie looks at all the Trek news here and elsewhere for the last week Trek XI: William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy say they still have not been contacted, but are still open to appearing in the film JJ Abrams said he always thinks of Keri Russell when working on a new project and thinks she would make an ‘awesome’ Klingon Walter Koenig advises any actor playing Chekov to ‘stay out of the shadows’ Comedian (and well known geek) Patton Oswalt says he has heard a rumor that Ryan Gosling is interested in playing Kirk. Oswalt also opines that ‘JJ Abrams can do no wrong’ Wizard Magazine has put forward their choices for recasting Star Trek. Choices include Matt Damon for Kirk, Zachary Quinto for Spock and Vin Diesel for Kor.

Interview: Bryan Singer On Trek

At the Saturn Awards this week Bryan Singer picked up awards for Best Director and Best Fantasy Film for Superman Returns. After the show I had a chance to talk Trek with him about his love for Star Trek. Singer said that he is looking forward to Trek XI and thinks JJ Abrams is ‘brilliant’. He said that even though he had ‘bandied about’ some ideas for Trek himself, he never had the time to commit to it. Famous for spending over $200 million on Superman Returns, Singer did note concerns over Paramount giving Abrams enough money ‘to do it right’ and felt that he would ‘go north of $100 Million’ if it were his. The director also revealed how he ended up getting a cameo in Star Trek Nemesis and what it was like to meet some of Trek’s biggest stars, including a surprise guest at Patrick Stewart’s house.