Star Trek: The Mego Picture

Fun new YouTube find, enjoy [note: contains some adult situations]

I contacted the guys behind it (LO Andrews and Henry Laurence) and it turns out they are big fans of the site. They describe themselves as "two long time TOS fans with a new Mac, some editing software and too much time on their hands." Their inspiration was watching Thomas The Tank Engine with their kids surrounded by all their old Trek toys. Then again they say they just wanted an excuse to play with all their toys. The pair are already at work on a sequel tentatively titled "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched Your Thigh."

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Oh My Gawd! The Magatu looks better here than in “Private Little War.” I wish I knew how to Mac Attack things like that. Yes Yes, bring on the sequel!

This is better than Robot Chicken! Seth Green should buy this for the show!
But, I cringe at the damage inflicted on these collectible action figures!!

“blow shit up and get laid”. Now there’s a line THEY HAVE TO fit into Star Trek XI!!!

Those redshirt death was just to funny.

Wow, I thought for sure that was Robot Chicken until I read the description.

Oh look look!

The Enterprise looks better than the CBS Digital Enterprise!

I rather enjoy pre-emptive sardonic irony don’t you?

Is it just me, or is there a problem with the nacelle caps. Curses to you, CBS-D. Where is “D.D.” when we need him???!!!

If it’s gonna be that good, I don’t care if the nacelle caps are plaid.

That was awesome.

whats up with those nacelles…they look cartoony…hehehehehehhe

lets see what other smartarse comments i can come up with lol
1…..doesnt henry sound like norm macdonald?
2….they should have had a lil part that said no Megos were hurt in the actual filming of this..
3…I came up with the idea to do that a few years ago and approached them and they decieded to do it in house so im gonna redo it how i SHOULD have done it….lmao

LOL-I salute you “DD”. I agree with you, too. Amazing how even as a Megio, “THE SHAT” is still the man!

The “Lucy” music video is priceless.

Absolutely Robot Chicken worthy, all they would have to do is add post production talking mouths and you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Very funny, and very well done!

good but not as good as this:


James T Kirk….dis boy LOVE dat leftover roast beef!

#15, you are so right, I love those ST2.0 spots. The mouth movements are so well done also.

“SPOCK! It’s solid roast beef, BABY!” “Scot-tey, bring’n the POWWHA!” I love that stuff.

I think the Mugatu one is funnier and more in character, but the doll movement on that ST2.0 spot is really cool.

The music vid is awesome.

It was fun =)). I found something even funnier:

“I’m the only one who brought a gun” CLASSIC!!

Wow! A big thanks to Anthony and all the kind commenters here. We had such a blast making it, getting posted here was like having our cake and eating it too. Far more attention than we ever anticipated, or indeed, probably deserved. You guys rock!

Well done, you can tell you guys really love the show.
More please…

Oh, boy.. this is great. Wonderful job on this episode. Great use of original music. Can’t wait untill the crew visits Risa! Watch out for the planet “Stooges 3” I’ve heard of some crazy things going on there. Hummm I wounder, will Britney Spears make a guest appearance? The possibilities are endless….

Wonderfull, the next Star Trek XI Movie could not be so nice and really fantastic. Ad maiora!

“Hoserlu Productions” :-D

I loved the part with James Bond. It’s ironic that Scotty says you can’t outdrink a Scotsman when, well, Sean Connery is one.