Today Is A Good Day To Watch The ‘Errand Of Mercy’ Preview have put up a preview for next weekend’s "Errand of Mercy" Remastered.

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First comment–awesome!


At last! They have expanded the battle stuff that you just know they would have shown if they had had the budget! Top marks CBS-D!

This looks amazing! I can’t wait

Yep, this is quite nice. I’m starting to think, though, that the posts solemnly informing us that this looks like TAS or like it was done in crayon are even more fun than the effects themselves.

I love the crayon drawn Kilngons. It IS a good day to draw!!!! LOL

Looks great.

Holy frak, that looks awesome!

And do my eyes deceive me, or does it look like they re-rendered the “proximity phasers” effect from “Balance on Terror” with the new E model? If they did it gives me hope for the Season One Remastered HD-DVD release.

Seriously now, this looks so great! I was pumped up for “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” but WOW! It’s going to seem like a long 10 days to wait. CBS-D, you are doing such a fine job under tough circumstances.

I have a problem with the Klingon fleet being so near the Enterprise. Shouldn’t they be separated by tens of thousands of kilometers during a battle at warp speed? Sure it makes a better virtual-camera composition, but they shouldn’t be that near to each other.

Oh, brother!

Yes it does look very good and certainly wouldn’t the battle scene be one
of the biggest (most Klingon ships) and so on in TOS or ever in the first 3 seasons? Does anyone have a clue when they’ll have a the first remastered season out on HD-DVD? Just curious. Also…as far as I know even IF you had a HD Tv now nobody could actually see any of the episodes now in TRUE HD

New effects looks great. But why klingon weapon are blue. Klingon weapon in Tos is green.

I feel there is an issue. (Aren’t there are always issues with this project?)

IIRC, the Enterprise is attacked by a lone Klingon ship beyond visual range. And when the Enterprise is confronted by the Klingon fleet, she is escorted by other ships of Starfleet and before a battle could commence the Organians step in.

So, why do I see the Enterprise being attacked by a Klingon ship in visual range surrounded by other ships of the Empire?

Sorry for being such a sour puss.

I think I need to straighten out my understanding of Remastered weapon colors:

green = stun – handheld (“Wink of an Eye”) and ship (“A Piece of the Action”)
red = disintegrate/kill – handheld (“Friday’s Child”)
blue pulse = proximity phasers
red pulse = photon torpedoes
blue beam = full blast – ship

I saw a blue beam from a handheld phaser in this promo. What’s a blue beam from a handheld, some middle ground between “stun” and “kill”?


re 5

You know, i am as excited as anyone to see new effects and new angles on the Big E, and it’s all good fun, but once I get past the excitement of actually having new effects shots, I start to look at them more objectively…

Michael Hall, I’m not really directing this at you, but I don’t appreciate what reads to me like a passive aggressive put down to anyone who isn’t as thrilled as some of you seem to be with the new effects.

I look forward to these previews and everyone’s comments too… but honestly, Every time I or anyone else comments on the effects from the new episodes, those comments are met with some ridiculous retort suggesting that we aren’t capable of discerning the obvious quality in front of our eyes.

I’ve never slammed CBS-D, it’s not that I am incapable of enjoying what’s in front of me, it’s not an unswerving love for the original that makes me incapable of viewing the new effects objectively, it’s simply my take on the new effects. I think they are average.

There is obviously more volume of effects shots than the original, which is cool…, but they’re not all necessarily good. (not all bad either) If you want to tell me that you’ve never seen better, and you are truly blown away, that’s fine. Be blown away and love every minute of it. I don’t need to hear how funny you think it is that I and others are disappointed.

If I took the approach so many of you choose, I’d respond with equally useless and banal comments suggesting that the people who really dig the new effects are probably equally happy consuming bologna sandwiches and a bud every day being perfectly content with all things bland.

(my apologies to bologna and bud lovers everywhere)

Sorry to be so increasingly annoyed by this, but if anybody wants to seriously discuss the pro’s and cons of the new effects on Trek enhanced beyond belittling the opinions of others or offering their unswerving devotion to the wonderful work that CBS-D has done, I’ll look forward to it…

For what it’s worth, the preview looks good. I reserve judgement til I see it on the tube tho.

Doug L.

re 5…

Again, Michael Hall, really not directing my previous thread at you. It’s just what set me off on a tirade. Sorry bout that. dl

im just impressed at how the pendulum has swung the other way in such a short time…originally it was CBS isnt doing a good job…nacelles…blablabla,,,yaddayaddayadda…and now its the other way around…good work CBS at overcoming adversity ;)

Well said.

What a great gift… and so unexpected. I didn’t think CBS-D would fiddle with the eps like this, but I honestly think most of the original creative team would have gone this route, had they had the budget. This is the first ep with Klingons, right? It took a while before we saw our first cruiser. (In Tribbles, writers here quibbled because they’d scripted an EXCUSE to not see the Klingon ship. Here there’s no reason not to see them, except we just don’t. NOW we do!)

14 – I think it’s just the trailer cut up. They show the fleet confrontation and butt it to the earlier one on one encounter in the episode’s teaser.

This looks freakin’ awesome!

Well said ” Doug L.”
Brady snuck his in when I wasn’t looking
The one thing that bothers me is that the people who make these promos are always using shots that aren’t even in the episode. That shot of the red photon torpedo was obviously the OLD model with the cartoon nacelles. Let’s stick with the NEW and BETTER model guys.
And yes the Klingon disruptors are GREEN. Why would you want to change that?

#14 colin —

I haven’t watched this ep in a while, but aren’t there at least 2 separate scenes with space combat? From the preview, I only see one shot which shows both the E and the Klingon ship/fleet — in other words, I don’t see any indication yet that the lone Klingon ship is necessarily in visual range, or that it is surrounded by other Klingon ships. It looks like they’re mixing FX shots from different parts of the episode in the preview.

Also, #10 Robert Bernardo — I thought the fleet vs fleet battle happened in orbit of Organia and not at warp. Am I misremembering?





Doug L–

Thanks for your take on what constitutes banality. It’s about as useful as anything else you’ve posted here, frankly.

I wouldn’t speak for everyone else here, of course, but any cursory look at my postings over the last few months would show that I haven’t blissfully swallowed everything that CBS-D has put on my plate. I went out of my way to note my unhappiness with the work in “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” a seminal episode that fell victim to a series of artistic choices that in my view were very unfortunate. I also chimed in, as many did, with my disappointment in the re-do of “The Tholian Web”–not a disaster in that case, but still pretty flawed. And (since they were aired before I began posting here), let me add I don’t think all that highly of much of the work in “Balance of Terror,” “The Naked Time,” or “Mirror, Mirror” either. Very unfortunate, since they’re all top-notch shows that deserved the best remastering work possible.

What important to note here, however, is that criticism should be constructive. It simply isn’t useful to come here, time after time, making the same statements over and over: the effects are “average,” or the lighting is “too flat,” or the CGI looks like CGI, or that the Battlestar team at Zoic manages to blow you away each week and CBS-D doesn’t. (Zoic’s work blows me away, too, but it’s absurd to judge the remastered FX in such a context, when the work not only has to be done on a much tighter schedule but must also walk the fine line between Nostalgia and Cutting-Edge, without overwhelming the live-action footage shot forty years ago on what was a fairly modest budget even for the time.)

So yes, we got it, Doug. You think the work is disappointly “average,” and you also think that Zoic and Dochterman do it better. Got anything else? Personally–as I’m sure you’re sincere in your disappointment–I think at this point you’re just taking a little mean-spirited pleasure in raining on everyone else’s parade.


There is one space battle.
Kirk had ordered Sulu specifically not to engage the Klingon fleet when it entered into orbit above Organia. The captain had ordered Mr. Sulu to rendezvous with the fleet. Considering the odds (8 to 1), the orders were sound.


That group of Klingon cruisers in front of the E is bad ass to be sure!… I’m just trying to remember such a scene in this episode.

re 26

Like I said man, wasn’t directing it at you really. And you’re right, I think you generally have been pretty even handed. Said myself, that it’s not all bad as well…

I take it on an episode by episode basis, and hope for the best. I attempt to be constructive in the best way I can without having any technical skill in creating effects, and that’s by comparison to what else is out there now.

You’re right, I might be broken record about it, but definitely not mean-spirited dude. My comments above are reflecting that others tend to washover what might be a more interesting dialogue to me about what’s cool and what isn’t with really dismissive comments that don’t represent what I and some others were trying to say.

Doug L.

finally a good space battle

#26 Amen, Michael!

#29… there WAS no such scene…. that was the problem. No budget meant it was only inferred. Now, we FINALLY get to see it!

Three cheers for CBS digital crew! They finally relented and put in scenes that weren’t there before for the sake of what it should have been. I was expecting more of the same, but at least we do see the Klingon ships. Heretofore we had not seen the Klingon ship until “The Enterprise Incident.”

Of course, most of the Klingon scenes are going to be from a distance as we saw in the trailer… no close up shots from their angle. That would be too much of a departure, and I figure they would not want to go that far. But at least we do see the fleet in some form and it looks good.

AND… AND… we see for the FIRST TIME, a hit on the Enterprise shields! The bolt hits and deflects just away from the ship and not on it. Another departure from the status quo! And a welcome one.

ALSO…. in a nod to the ST:TMP Klingon ships… the bolts are coming from the command module… from what before was the deflector dish, but was in TMP changed to the torpedo tube. Before, the disruptor bolts came from the engine fronts in other episodes, never the front.

I like it.

Checking the screenies…
Looking at the phaser shot of the two Klingon guards, I’m wondering whether it might have been more subtle to use a bazooka. Those glowing beams must light up the evening air like twin beacons. Oh, and they’re blue, not green… that is, if you accept the stun is green. I don’t. I accept that no one policed the opticals in the original. I like blue and red and don’t really care which gets used… as long as it’s not against me.

ps- there’s a thread on the new Andromeda Strain over at Why not visit? Let’s see if we can push a thread above 3 entries.

On another thought, good to see the set that was used in “The Cage” for Rigel 7, one more time.

Okay, Doug. Fair enough. Just so’s we understand each other. :-)

I remember as a kid being dissapointed that the feds and the klingons didn’t fight in the end.not only that, but the whole 2 fleets were assembled and we didn’t get to see it.waah.

This might knock the Doomsday Machine out of the top remastered spot.

Cannot wait!

Holy F*cking Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The nacelles look great. The weapons fire looks great.

I see no reason why this project should ever be finished. These effects are good fun, but already look dated compared to stuff that was done on Enterprise.

I say keep a team of folks continuously employed on a year-to-year basis to update the effects. Each new season of Trek would bring new effects and different stylistic choices. The way to keep it new is to keep mending it like a fence.

Consider how much improved these effects are compared to the test-pattern nacelle caps that marked the beginning of the project.
I say keep a team continuously employed on the project. Bring in different creative teams to take their shot at it. Why stop?

“I remember as a kid being dissapointed that the feds and the klingons didn’t fight in the end.”


Just hope the adult recognizes that the Feds and Klingons not fighting was kind of the whole point. But I’m happy we’re finally getting to see the fleet too. And it corrects a weird anomaly in ST history: in the Remastered Universe, the first time we get to see a Klingon fleet the ships will, in fact, be manned by Klingons.

The old effects where the Enterpirse is first attacked and you see the shots hitting the bottom of the saucer section are wonderful. Even the sound effects. I hope they don’t remaster that.

44- I agree. Unfortunately, I think they’re being replaced.
And the Klingon disruptor fx should be green.
I’m still bothered about the choice to change the photorp color to red. And it looks like lame animation, without the depth and dimension the old practical optical fx had.
Classic phots were ALWAYS blue/white, as were the Fed torps in TMP.
ILM changed the color to red for TWOK for ALL photon torps. A mistake, IMHO.

Classic photon torpedoes were always white/blue. Except when they weren’t.

First time I have commented on the Remastered TOS and I must say this is extremely well done. CBS -D has limited time to remaster and update each episode and they are doing a fine job. The fact that the effects in all episodes are maintaining consitency throughout the episodes and now all Trek series probably brings it closer to Rodenberry’s original vision for Trek. No wonder people are clammering for a revisit to the TOS/Enterprise time period. A TOS story line done with modern effects and technology, wow! And 42. YARN – May 2, 2007 – I agree the effects look dated to Enterprise (personaly I love the effects from the later series) but I must admit that the “dated” effects still sit well with me, this is Classic trek, but I honestly do see your point :-)

I think the reason that the Klingon phasers are blue/purple/whatever is because although we didn’t see the klingon ships in the original, we did see the phasers and they were blue/purple/whatever. So the reason they are not green is so they can be in keeping with the original. Just my theory.

Anyone notice the E has a shield bubble like in TNG on? In TOS and the movies the shields are skin tight. This is retconning.

#30-I hope I’m not the one. If so, I sincerely apologize. I’m kinda like Michael about this whole thing. It’s disappointing to weekly see some of the same people preach the same stuff, even when there has been improvements made. Frankly, you compare the recent work to something like “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “Balance of Terror”…it’s not even close. The new stuff is SO much better, it’s almost frightening.

What “frosts my cake” is when people say things like “looks like crayons or a video game”…or always bring up Daren D.’s name. I really enjoy Daren’s work, too (also like Dennis B’s stuff on Exeter) but they are NOT in charge and they will NOT be. So, to me, it makes me want to scream: GET OVER IT!

Sorry if you think I’ve been unfair, I surely haven’t meant to be.