Images From ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’ Remastered [UDPATED w/ Exclusive New Shot]

CBS have released 3 4 images from "Tomorrow Is Yesterday " (airing this weekend)

UPDATE: now w/ larger versions + 1 exclusive for image 


UPDATE: Exclusive New Image




From CBS’s description:

The first remastered image of the Enterprise reveals the landscape of the American midwest below the cloud cover. CBS Digital artists used actual photos of Nebraska and the surrounding areas taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The original was a basic composite shot with visible matte lines around the Enterprise.




From CBS’s description:

Remastered version uses high-definition video of the Earth, as photographed from a NASA Space Shuttle, as the background for this shot of the good ship Enterprise around her homeworld, albeit in the wrong century.The original version uses pre-NASA imagery.




From CBS’s description:

For the climax of the episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday" the ship dives dangerously close to the sun, part of Kirk’s desperate gamble to employ a "slingshot effect" to return the Enterprise to her own time.The original shot didn’t feature the sun imagery, just the ship and crew flailing about in space.


Image courtesy of CBS


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Wow, very good.

absolutely beautiful!!

Very nice. Looks like lots of light in that first shot which should satisfy many. Plus the pic of Earth orbit is what I wanted to see way, way back during the airing of “Miri” and didn’t get it.

Awesome, missing miri to see the orbit shot here is probably a plus. I didn’t see Miri either but the orbit shot above is much better than the image I remember seeing from miri(early remastered work).

Love it, can’t wait to see the vfx reel!

I remember watching this episode as a kid and wondering why the hell there was no sun. The “wobbley” E during the “slingshot” sequence was so bad it used to piss me off, again wondering why the E was just sitting there when it should have been flying at very fast speeds towards the sun.

Now everyhting is going to be the way it should. I can’t wait!!!

This is the one episode I’ve REALLY wanted to see since they’ve started this project.

I record them all. I watch very few (mostly the effect heavy ones) and I will definitely be watching this.

#4 My apologies Skippy 2k for my poorly worded earlier statement. I have seen the Remastered Miri and was disappointed by its depiction of Earth. These pics above are more in keeping with what I had hoped Remastered Miri’s Standard Orbit would have looked like – – and it was not the case. On the bright side it looks good for this weekend!


Oh I love the last one, Big-E speeding toward the sun with a lens flare for good measure. Always a fan the lens flare!


I do hope we get a nice POV shot of the E from Capt. Christopher’s position inside the F-104. I’m sure we will.

Looks fantastic. I can’t wait.

Every single one of those pictures is beautiful. Simply amazing work.

I didn’t receive any comments to my earlier post, so will “replay” it here again. Has anyone else ever read about the Mantell incident and thought that it may have inspired the story for “Tomorrow is Yesterday?”


I’m a long-time visitor to this forum, but a first time poster. This has always been one of my very favorite TOS episodes, so I’m very excited to see the remastered version.

I have long wondered if the story for this episode was based on an actual UFO incident which occurred on January 7, 1948, involving Captain Thomas F. Mantell, a Kentucky Air National Guard pilot who was ordered, along with two other pilots, to give chase to a UFO seen hovering over the Godman Air Base, near Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The book “Flying Saucers on the Attack” by Harold T. Wilkins (copyright 1954) describes the incident. The author provides these quotes from Mantell’s radio report: “…I’m going to close in right now, for a good look. It’s directly ahead of me. The thing looks metallic and of tremendous size. It’s going up now and forward as fast as I am…”

And a quote from one of the other pilots: “This strange object is too high for us to catch. It’s going too fast.”

The two other pilots broke off the pursuit, but Mantell continued. The author states that Mantell made other comments about the object’s high speed, tremendous size and its strange appearance.

His P-51 was seen to explode in mid-air, at about 20,000 feet. There is other commentary that the plane went into a dive and began to disintegrate at about half that height above the ground.

The author speculates “that some lethal ray of immense power and unknown type had been directed at Mantell and his plane by the entities in the weird and vast machine, who may have deemed that they were going to be attacked…”

I am not saying there was an actual extraterrestial spaceship involved in this case, just noting the similarities to this UFO case and the Star Trek episode….

This episode has some of the best lines in any Star Trek episode. Note that when Captain Christopher is describing the Enterprise to his base, he says “two cylindrical projections on top, one on the bottom, ” (leaving out the saucer section, as everyone assumes it is a flying SAUCER !!! )

Later after he’s aboard the Enterprise, on the turbolift on the way up to the bridge, Kirk says the reason his ship is there is that it’s an accident, to which Christopher replies: “You seem to have a lot of them.” And as they enter the bridge, Christopher says he’s never believed in little green men. Spocks comes back with “Neither have I.”

Two excellent short-story follow-ups to this episode can be found in STAR TREK – STRANGE NEW WORLDS, volumes three and seven.

Thanks for a great site! It’s always interesting and informative.

Best regards to all,

Steve Johnson

#11 Steve Johnson –
I did hear about this incident over the years being in Kentucky myself. However I was unaware of these details – Thanks for posting. They do seem very similar and I would not be surprised if the Mantell incident turned out to be this episodes inspiration.
Perhaps if Jeff Bond is around he might shed some light on this issue.
Sorry, I did not see your earlier post – Welcome to the Community.

Gorgeous…. Love the subtle touches like “real Nebraska land” down under the clouds…

Jim J… that your house on the lower left?

Thank God they put in the Sun. Much much better. Thank you CBS!

oh, heck yeah! This episode looks like its going to kick ass. Thanks CBS-D!

Cool, cool, and cool. Okay so this episode may have some plot holes here and there.;) But hey it is only a show and a damn fun one at that!! Also I am into UFOs big time so this one hits the spot just perfect. Dig it!

#12 Greg Stamper

Yeah, growing up in Kentucky (Hopkinsville – not far from the landing site of the famous “Kelly Little Green Men” – but that’s another story…) I had heard about the Mantell incident and have read about it in several UFO books. Thanks for the welcome.

By the way, that’s a nice web site you have!

#16 Rick – I totally agree with you – the fun and adventure of this episode outweigh the plot holes!

I have to say this is impressive work. This is light years ahead of what they have been giving us. I want that first shot as a wallpaper…I think they are going to pull this one off quite nicely.

They are showing the slingshot around the sun! THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!!

Thank you CBS Digital.

Does Spock say something like “We have just passed Mercury” or something along those lines? A shot of the E passing Mercury would be a very cool shot indeed.

Go for it CBS!!

Those new shots are beautiful. Even though I already have the original version of TOS on DVD I’ll probably spring for the remastered sets when they’re finally released.

I’m all for the widescreen version as well – – maybe one day – –

Captain Mantell is buried less than 20 miles from me at Zachary Taylor national cemetary off Bardstown rd.

The case of Mantell is highly publicized and documented, and probably served as the inspiration for this episode.

The man was literally blown out of the sky by an unknown object and the debris that reigned down was distorted and abnormal, not indicative of an explosion or crash debris and wreckage.

Fascinating case.

Next Stop…..Earth….1969…
Done superbly this time with the first picture as proof. I live in Nebraska and let me tell you that view of the Big E over the Cornhusker State is highly credible. Astonishingly good.
Could anyone estimate, based on the cloud tops, how high the Big E would be in the first picture?
I’ve waited for this episode since the beginning of the remastered run, and if the stills presented here are any indication it will be magnificient. Thanks CBS-D!
Jim J-hope KXVO broadcasts this episode for us(as their website indicates) Saturday night at 7pm!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing this episode… one of my favorites from childhood. I do have a stupid question, however… to throw out to all you experts:

The way the Enterprise is designed, if it was in such a close orbit of a planet like Earth, wouldn’t gravity literally pull the engines off the pylons and rip the saucer section completely off the main body of the ship? I always imagined that the Enterprise was designed for deep space only and would never have to survive the structural stresses that Earth’s, or any any other M-class planet’s gravity would put on the ship.

Now that I’ve asked my totally geeky question, let me reitterate that i’m looking forward to seeing this episode very much. :-)

#13-Hey, you weren’t supposed to see that! lol

#25-They’d better! I’m so psyched for this, and after seeing REAL Nebraska pictures. Fabulous.

Yeah, when I (as a former Kansan) saw the fields below the clouds, I busted out into a huge grin, which made my wife think I was looking adorably at a photo of my daughter. For some reason she found it amusing that it turned out to be the Enterprise….

#26 Stefanbkk,
Structural Intregrity Fields help hold her together as well as welds, bolts, bailing wire and for the Red Green fans… the handy mans secret weapon, Duct Tape!


..forgot the last, thing that’s holds ‘er together. Scotty’s sweat.

Jim J…. where originally in Iowa?


@26: Yeah, over the years I thought the same thing; realistically, the Enterprise could never be there… :) Perhaps, if all her systems and engines were working at 100% efficiency, one could dare such a low flight on a planet but in this episode she barely had speed to outrun an old jet fighter… ^_^ Artistic licence is what keeps her there and I guess we must be happy on how beautiful it looks now. :)

I’ll throw in my vote for a widescreen edition of TOS as well…would be nice.

Now THAT’S more like it!
That Earth shot is excellent, the light is just right and the Earth looks perfect, and hey look……. A LENS FLARE.

; )

In your face buddy.

wonder if the slingshot effect is going to be similar to Voyage Homes??

The new images look awesome! Like that earth texture!

I’m sure the slingshot effect will be similar, as long as there enough of the original effect to replace and pull it off. I just hope the crews heads don’t turn to marshmellows.

CBS-Digital have done some excellent work in this particular episode, where the big “E” / “Earth shots are concerned. It is gratifying to see the “Earth” look realistic now, and the sequences involving “cloud” work look great. I too like “lens flares” effects when done well and not overly. This episode is now a LOT better.

Oh, and great to see that fine MOON too.

im so very hopeful/excited about this episode, and the dvd news both.


#30-Northwest Iowa, near Onawa, which is south of Sioux City about 35 miles.

Every time I look at these shots, I smile!!!!

re 11:

That’s a fascinating, (if not also somewhat disturbing) story. I’ve never heard it before. I think I might Google it, and see what other tidbits of info are out there.

This is one of my faves too. Can’t wait to see it. Enterprise over the clouds is great.

Doug L.

#22 Anthony

I’m sure the powers that be WILL give us “full widescreen” versions sometime…hey, there’s MORE money to be made after all. I for one hope that they don’t take TOO long to bring them to us, as every widescreen example shot you’ve put up here in the past makes the show seem very cinematic indeed. I myself would happily accept some “Siergio Leone” style close-ups where the existing live-action footage is concerned, if necessary, if that is the only way for us to see “Star Trek:TOS” in an eventual widescreen format. Let’s just hope that someone with a good “compositional” eye is involved in any psuedo “pan and scan” work of the live-action…

Aw, my kid could draw a better Enterprise on his Etch-A-Sketch. Bleuagh.

Sorry, just had to beat the badmouthers to it. :)

This has the potential to be the best effects-replacement opportunity ever. To actually show an approach to the sun, and a slingshot manuver, and FTL when in normal space…. wow. Let’s hope they went all out on this one.

This is making me feel like a kid again. I remember how this episode felt like a real “event,” and was very significant in that it was the first ship-based time travel (not counting the three day jump in “The Naked Time), to Earth, no less! Now, seeing the remastered effects in place is making me get that old familiar tingle of excitement again.

This was a big deal in the TOS series and to the fans that were watching it for the first time way back then. Now the remastering is helping me recapture the way it felt.

Wowwee wow wow. If that first shot looks as good in motion as it does here, they’ll have topped themselves again. I may have to stay up late for this one to make sure my DVR is functioning as it should. This looks like a can’t miss episode.

When you start to look at the remastering project as a whole, you really start to see the beauty of it. The early nit picks I felt have been outweighed by so many great new images, which will someday become iconic in their own right. Maybe not “canon,” but still memorable, as the above shots are.

re: #46
Yeah, as a kid seeing it for the first time, remember how at first you thought maybe there was a mistake, the wrong show was on. This isn’t star trek! It’s some old boring war movie or something. And as your eyes start to glaze over and you ponder getting up to change the channel, BOOM, there’s the Enterprise in the clouds, and your skips a beat! Huh! WOW! Awesome!

Man, I can’t wait to see these episodes in :::cough:::: HIGH DEFINITION.

No, the Enterprise cannot fly in an atmosphere. I have the shattered remains of the Estes rocket model of the E to prove it.
Having said that… aw hell, I’ve suspended my disbelief for 40 years, what’s one more night? I love this episode!